Volume One Hundred Eighty Eight

The second time’s a charm for O’Hair

Hittin' the LinksGood Day Sand Trappers and welcome again to another volume of Hittin’ the Links. Another fantastic finish on the PGA Tour this week, and what a nice course: Quail Hollow has it all.

In this most recent edition of HTL we begin by investigating the LPGA and their efforts to stay afloat, look at a sad occurrence in amateur golf, and find out where Seve showed up this week. Also on tap, we see how the swine flu has affected the Nationwide Tour, check out the PGA Tour’s changing policies on booze, and congratulate Sean O’Hair for winning in Charlotte. Read On!

TaylorMade r7 Limited TP Driver Review

Is the last r7 the best of the lot?

TaylorMade r7 Limited TPMore than four years after the original TaylorMade r7 brought movable weights to golf, TaylorMade released what is most likely the last of the line this winter – the r7 Limited TP. It emerged a few months after the non-TP model, which hit stores in mid-September. TaylorMade also produced a limited edition of the Limited for Patriot Golf Day, which sported a Patriot Golf Day logo on the toe, the image of an F-16 jet etched onto the sole, and a specially-designed headcover in red, white and blue.

TaylorMade is known for releasing many models of clubs in rapid succession, which is why we have the r7 Limited TP review after the R9 driver’s release (which will be reviewed, itself, shortly). Every time a new model comes out it tends to lower the retail price and resale value of the previous models. This can be frustrating to TaylorMade owners who want to upgrade and find that their old model has lost resale or trade-in value. On the other hand, virtually any golfer can find a recent model of TaylorMade driver that fits their game for a relative bargain.

So what kind of golfer will most benefit from the r7 Limited? Read on to find out.

Nine Holes with Doug Ford

Does Doug Ford deserve a spot in the World Golf Hall of Fame?

ProfilesLanny Wadkins was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in April 2009 for induction next November. It was about time. Wadkins has been passed over on the list of candidates for most of the last 10 years.

Still, Wadkins election wasn’t without drama. He was the only player elected from the PGA Tour ballot, which requires 65 percent of the vote from Hall of Famers, media, and golf executives. Wadkins got 61 percent of the vote. He made it in because of a provision to the 65 percent rule: if no one receives the minimum vote, the player with the highest percentage (provided it is over 50 percent) is elected. (Vijay Singh got in the same way in 2005.)

Wadkins absolutely deserves to be in the World Golf Hall of Fame. He’s earned it as both a player and a commentator. He should have been in long before this. But I want to talk about Doug Ford.