Volume One Hundred Ninety

Michelle Wie still wants to play at the Masters, Ian Baker-Finch comes out of retirement, and another Amateur wins on the European Tour

Hittin' the LinksHello golf fanatics and welcome again to another round of Hittin’ the Links. Maybe it’s me but golf this weekend seemed a tad bland. I didn’t even watch any of the final rounds. Perhaps I am just gearing up for the U.S Open next month.

Anyway, there was still a lot going on around the world of golf. We first say goodbye to longtime on course commentator Bob Rosburg, then see what ridiculous thing came out of Michelle Wie’s mouth this time, and check out the player turned caddy, turned player, turned caddy again. Also, we investigate some Asian Tour problems, see what Ian Baker-Finch is up to, and do a wrap-up of this week’s tour winners. Read on!

Lessons Learned Last Week

Last week gave us plenty to ponder.

Trap Five LogoLast week was a pretty good one in golf. With the Players Championship for the PGA Tour and the Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill taking place concurrently, there was a lot of good golf to watch. And even if you can’t follow it on TV, the college golf season is building to a climax.

In a way, it was the perfect lead-in to the summer. There are a lot of questions waiting to be answered. Last week may have raised more than it answered and that means some interesting months ahead.

Here are just a few of the topics that came to light last week.

Only Two Majors

The FedExCup formalizes a hierarchy of tournaments. Why not take it a step further?

Thrash TalkPerhaps, it has happened in a somewhat ham-handed fashion; nevertheless, it has happened. With the advent of the FedExCup, the American public has been presented with a formal ranking of PGA Tour tournament prestige, or worth (at least with reference to this particular system, which, given its ten million dollar annual prize, is a pretty influential system).

The merits of the system itself aside, I propose that there are really only two “Majors,” and that the rest of the tournaments are filler. Really, though, every tournament ought to strive to create its own culture, history, and prestige (in short, marketability). However, the absence, presence, or overabundance of such does not necessarily make any particular tournament a Major.

What does then?

Golf Talk [Episode 114]

If Tiger used to be about a +8 handicap index, what is he these days?

Golf Talk PodcastHenrik Stenson wins at TPC Sawgrass while Tiger Woods and Alex Cejka play their final rounds like a pair of muni-course choppers. Also, Cristie Kerr wins, Lorena stumbles, Michelle Wie finishes 15th, Tiger’s drug tests, smoking on the golf course, and a whole lot more in this episode of Golf Talk.

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Bag Drop’s Business Page

Here’s a business section you might actually want to read.

Bag DropAfter a brief sabbatical to welcome another future golfing buddy into the world, I’m back to deliver the goods. Or what passes for “the goods” in my sleep-deprived, dirty-diaper-disposing state. Nonetheless, I’ve got a few tidbits from the business side of golf from the past month or so to get your through your morning latté.

So kick back and read some random business dealings from the golf world.

Volume One Hundred Eighty Nine

The key to John Daly’s comeback; day glow pants!

Hittin' the LinksGood day ladies and gentlemen and welcome again to The Sand Trap and Hittin’ the Links. Has anyone seen Tiger’s swing? I’m pretty sure he’s looking for it. ::rimshot:: Maybe it’s off hiding somewhere with Alex Cejka’s game. Hopefully both are reunited with their proper owners soon.

In this newest edition of HTL we look into what’s got David Feherty in hot water, take a peek at John Daly’s latest fashion and finish, and investigate what’s wrong with Sergio. Also on tap, we find out what’s going on with The Skins Game, check out what’s happening at Titleist, and do a review of this week’s winners on tour. Read on!

The Fifth Major? Please.

The Players is here. Time for the annual “fifth major” nonsense!

Thrash TalkI think we’ve all heard the banter of talking heads, players and enthusiasts revolving around whether or not The Players Championship deserves to be evaluated in the same way as a Major, or formally considered such by golf’s governing bodies. My argument, which will be laid out in the succeeding paragraphs, is that it doesn’t.

Further, I believe the only two legitimate Majors are The Open Championship and The U.S. Open. I wasn’t sure any golf literate or marginally sentient being could make such a claim when I took to my easy chair to massage my temples and consider this issue. However, I am now convinced that it is the most historically honest and consistent evaluation of the golfing calendar, even though I am neither beating the drum of reform or expecting any semblance of change, save for that of popular perception and (add this to Jon Stewart’s list of “Sh*t That Will Never Happen) media sensationalizing.


Stop the press! What of Augusta… and the Masters… Amen Corner, patrons and not fans… Sarezen’s double eagle… Green Jackets… Champions Dinners… Magnolia Drive?

Fear not. I’ll deal with those concerns in another article. The beast in the trap is The Players. I’ll approach Major classification next week, maybe. Before any of this, however, we need clarity and, alas, defintions.

TaylorMade R9 TP Driver Review

We’ve finally had good enough weather to test the latest drivers, and the R9 may be the most advanced of the bunch, but does “advanced” warrant consideration?

R9 DriverWe’ve all seen the ads. We’ve all seen the large number of TaylorMade staffers with “R9” sewn on the sides of their hats or visors. We’ve had it beaten into our heads that TaylorMade owns the tee box. Oh, wait, that was a few years ago. What are they saying these days?

“Until now.”

That’s their new slogan. “Until now, you’ve never had a customized driver.” Or something like that.

Logic aside (I’ve had customized drivers because I’ve gone to get fitted for my drivers), the message is clear: TaylorMade is big on customization, and the R9 not only offers “MWT” for “Movable Weight Technology” but their new hosel adjustment feature, dubbed “FCT” for “Flight Control Technology.”

Suffice to say even if TaylorMade doesn’t own your tee box, they own the most acronyms. Does all of this FCT and MWT make a difference in the R9 driver? Read on to find out.

Golf Talk [Episode 113]

By the time you read this, Sean O’Hair will have finished his 72nd hole at Quail Hollow. Maybe.

Golf Talk PodcastSean O’Hair catapults over a stalled Tiger Woods, a failing Bubba Watson, a gutsy Lucas Glover, and a headache-affected Zach Johnson to take the biggest win of his career at Quail Hollow. What’s wrong with Tiger and a whole lot more in this episode of Golf Talk.

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