Volume Two Hundred Thirty Six

Calc’s retiring, investigating the Mile High Effect, and 12 reasons why golf is the greatest

Hittin' the LinksHappy Memorial Day Sand Trappers, and welcome again to Hittin’ the Links. We have to start this week’s column off with a big thank you to all our men and women in the Armed Forces, we really appreciate everything you do for our great country.

In this edition of HTL we begin by finding out what Jack thinks about Tiger’s major chances, then take a look at the mile high effect, and find out 12 reasons why golf is the greatest. Also, we see who is retiring at the Memorial, investigate two Kiwis playing a lot of golf, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!

Even Off the Course, a Golfer’s Got a Risk-Reward Decision To Make

The chance to buy a limited edition Phil Mickelson prototype putter should be cause for celebration. Until the price tag smacks you in the face.

Thrash TalkI’ve got a really tough call to make – do I play it safe, or do I pull out the 5 wood and try to carve one into a green surrounded on three sides by water? If I pull it off, I’ll have the equivalent of an eagle putt. If I don’t, I’m not just digging for another ball… I’m sleeping on the couch.

Getting Fit, Part One

The problem with online fitting systems is that it really shouldn’t be this hard to get fit!

Bag DropRecently, Golf Digest released the ball portion of their annual Hot List, and as an added bonus, the guys at Bomb and Gouge go further into the ball fitting systems (or lack thereof) at each manufacturer’s website (by the way, if you go there now, you can see a little bit of info about Titleist’s newest driver, the 910). Upon visiting each of these myself, everything seemed eerily familiar. Then it hit me – most shaft manufacturers’ websites have the same sort of wizard driven types of fitting tools. Kind of like the Island in Lost – each answer leads you to another question. With each answer comes more confusion, and next thing you know, you’re at your keyboard, pressing “Execute” every 108 minutes in pure frustration!

While I don’t doubt that these online fitting systems may come close to answering the ultimate question for you (what should I be playing?), it just seems like something is missing here. Can we not get some sort of standard rating systems for each individual piece of golf equipment?

Volume Two Hundred Thirty Five

A 16 year-old makes the Top 25, Tony Romo can play golf, and Elin wants $750 million!

Hittin' the LinksGood morning golf fans and welcome again to Hittin’ the Links. What happened to the Byron Nelson? Poor Byron, he is probably spinning in his grave. Once an event where golf’s best came to pay homage to Lord Byron, has now turned into the Tour stop of the no-names. Is Texas really that bad?

In this newest edition of HTL we begin with a look at a talented 16 year-old, find out what Freddy is up to now, and investigate some Els’ course architecture. Also, we look into Tony Romo’s bid for a spot in the U.S. Open, check out what Elin Woods wants in the divorce, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!

Five Successful Pro Golfers (And the People They Aren’t)

You may have heard of Adam Scott, Heath Slocum, Jim Thorpe, and others, but do you know about their dopplenamers?

Trap Five LogoDespite my sometimes obsessive attitude towards golf, I do manage to find the time for other interests. One of my favorite television shows on the air right now is the NBC sitcom Parks & Recreation. A recent story arc on that series is the introduction of auditors who have been sent to solve the budgetary woes of the Pawnee city government. One of those auditors is played by an actor named Adam Scott, who is of no apparent relation to the most recent winner on the PGA Tour.

As far as I know, there’s no specific term for the phenomenon of one person sharing the same name as another person. Seeing as I grew up wondering how my state’s senator also managed to sing with Art Garfunkel, though, there probably should be. Anyhow, here are five players who happen to have identical names (or at least strikingly similar ones) as other noteworthy people outside the golf world. Are the golfers on this list worthy of being considered “the” ones with their respective names over their non-golfing brethren?

Gambling is Golf’s Kissing Cousin

Our beloved game cries out for a wager (or five) to make things interesting … and a tad more competitive.

Thrash TalkFor a while, I assumed it was just my delinquent friends who needed to place a bet on just about every aspect of a round of golf. Front nine, back nine, overall, sandies, birdies, bobs, skins. As a purist, I couldn’t be bothered, I was there to play my game, post my lowest score. Sometimes it was just easier to agree to the game than argue, and at the 19th hole wait for someone to hand me a few bucks or tell me what I owe.

Over time, I’ve learned there’s so much more to a golf wager than the $2 – or $2000 – on the line.

Mizuno Releases MP-Titanium Fairway Woods and MP 630/630 Fast Track Drivers

Mizuno extends their MP lineup to include new fairway woods and drivers, both of which are designed to accommodate the same type of player suited for their popular MP line of irons.

Bag DropFrom time to time, various news here at the Bag Drop gets lost in the shuffle, and though we may not cover it right around the launch date, it just wouldn’t be right to go on and not cover it. This is especially products from a fan favorites such as Mizuno. That is why this week, we’re going to take a look at the new MP Titanium fairway woods and MP 630 and 630 Fast Track drivers from the guys that have produced some of the most popular irons on the market.

Even though they shipped back in February, they certainly deserve coverage here. Mizuno’s drivers and fairway woods haven’t quite reached the levels of adoration that their irons have achieved, but that just because they’re not as popular doesn’t mean they should be casually overlooked. The engineers at Mizuno spends just as much time with their wood lineup as they do with their irons, and that alone warrants at least a demo. So without further delay, let’s see what these new fairway woods and drivers have to offer.

Volume Two Hundred Thirty Four

Haney quits team Tiger and Jerry Rice thankfully quits professional golf

Hittin' the LinksGreetings golf fans and welcome to Hittin’ the Links. It was a sad week in the golf world with the passing of LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg. Hopefully everyone can take a moment of silence and reflect on the tragedy of someone taken too soon.

In this somber HTL we begin with a look at David Howell, then do some investigating into the Haney-Woods split, and find out what made Jerry Rice see the light. Also, we see who will be at the Memorial, delve into the world of lost golf balls, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!

The Woods-Haney Divorce: Why Hank Had to Walk Away

The latest departure from Team Woods — aka Team Enablement — should be far from the last.

Thrash TalkSo much has been made of Hank Haney’s split from Tiger Woods this week, it brought more attention to the role of golf coach than we’ve seen in many years.

It comes at a turbulent time, with Woods reeling, with the media calling for Haney’s dismissal, and with Tiger suffering through the pain in the neck heard ’round the world.

I’ll always believe that Haney finally had enough of the luke-warm support he was getting out of his primetime pupil. However, the fallout raises an interesting point about golf coaches.