My Dip Into Tournament Golf: A Whole New World

For years I’ve been playing a game called golf. Only now do I embark on something completely different: competitive golf. Boy do I have a long way to go.

Thrash TalkLast week, for the first time in a decade, I dipped my toe into a round of golf where every swing mattered, every three-foot putt had to fall, and I needed to sign my scorecard (and attest someone else’s) at the clubhouse. A week later, my head is still spinning. Yet I can’t wait to dive into more stroke-play tournaments, to feed that thirst for golf that really matters.

Staying Cool In The Summer Heat

It’s HOT across the majority of the country, but don’t let that keep you away from the course. Though the record-breaking heat may seem overbearing, we’ve got some tips on apparel and accessories to help you beat the heat – and hopefully your playing partners!

Bag DropIn case you haven’t heard the news, it’s friggin’ hot outside! With a few exceptions, this summer has been really brutal for everyone, no matter where you live. The heat index has been so high here in south Louisiana, I’m ready to catch the next plane back to California, just to enjoy the same weather I did during the U.S. Open. Unless that’s a feasible option for you, you’re probably suffering through the oppressive beatings the sun/high temperatures/high humidity every time you step foot on the golf course. Though I can’t help you to outfit your golf cart with full blown air conditioning comparable to that of an refrigerated trailer, I may be able to give you a few tips on some equipment and apparel that might make it a little more manageable.

With This Sad Crew Chasing, Tiger’s Safe at the Top

If anyone in the Top 5 had even a sliver of killer instinct, Woods would be long gone as king of the rankings.

Thrash TalkDoes anyone want to be number one in the world? It certainly doesn’t seem that way. Not the way Tiger Woods has been downing mediocre pills this season, leaving the door wide open. Not the way Phil Mickelson has been squandering one opportunity after another to take over the top spot. Lee Westwood is playing the best golf in the world, but his wins come when the rest of the field collapses.

The title of “Number One in the World” has been so elusive for so long that it would be like England declaring they’re holding a contest to replace the Queen. Would anyone be prepared to step in? The same is happening right now, as Tiger has obviously abdicated his throne. Sadly, no one wants to take over.

Volume Two Hundred Forty Two

Ricky goes orange for the Scots, the Europeans look tough, and Tommy Gainey gets a new nickname

Hittin' the LinksHello and welcome to another edition of Hittin’ the Links. I hope everyone enjoyed watching the British Open as much as I did. There is something about watching golf at St. Andrews, its like no other golf course on earth.

In this newest volume of HTL we begin by looking again at Ricky Fowler’s wardrobe choice, the peruse the real top 10, and look at some celebrity golf. Also we check out Tiger’s putter of choice, find out what Monty thinks of his possible Ryder Cup team, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events.

Staff Predictions: 2010 British Open

Tiger Woods says his fantasy major lineup would be St. Andrew’s four times. Will the legendary links be the site where his mojo returns?

Thrash TalkSt. Andrew’s is as classic a major venue as you’ll find, and provides a familiar scene for Tiger Woods. He’s won here twice, and the wide open design may be perfect for his wild ways off the tee. On the other hand, he’ll also have to stare down the British media, which make American tabloids look as inflammatory as the New York Times.

As for world number two, can Phil Mickelson finally solve his links blues at the birthplace of golf? And just who will emerge with the claret jug?

Titleist Launches Vokey WedgeWorks; Cobra Releases Baffler Rail Fairway

Former sibling companies Titleist and Cobra push forward through the hot summer months – one with a cool new customization service and new wedges, and the other with a hot fairway wood.

Bag DropThis week, we bring you some good news from the world of wedge craftsman extraordinaire Bob Vokey. Have you ever seen the pros’ bag pictures from various tournaments, and noticed various stampings and other little unique markings on their wedges? If so, you probably thought to yourself. “That would be pretty cool to have!” Well, you’re in luck! Titleist’s launch of the new WedgeWorks service gives you the ability to do that and more.

If that weren’t enough, further down we have some news on a new fairway wood release from Cobra. You didn’t think a little thing like a change of ownership would slow them down, did you? Of course not! From the looks of the new Baffler Rail fairway woods, we’re still talking about the same dedication and quality engineering we’ve grown to expect from Cobra. Of course, don’t take my word for it, follow along and see for yourself!

Volume Two Hundred Forty One

The wind is back at St. Andrews, Tiger is teeing it up with Justin Rose, and #1 eludes Lefty once again

Hittin' the LinksGood day to you golf fans, and welcome to yet again another volume of Hittin’ the Links. It’s British Open Week, the week where all Americans have to wake up at the crack of dawn in order to watch the action live. I know I have my alarm set for 6:30am.

In this edition of HTL we begin with a peek at Tiger’s first round pairing, find out what showed up at St. Andrews, and investigate Matt Every’s brush with the law. Also on tap we look at Watson’s bid for a repeat performance, see what distance is doing to the British Open rotation, and do a recap of the week’s events. Read on!

Not Much Difference Hunting For Homes or Birdies

Just like golf, real estate’s a painful process that you can only hope pays dividends in the end.

Thrash TalkThe wife and I just wrapped up the six-month process known as buying our first home. It was an eye-opening experience, and one that paralleled the game of golf in so many ways.

From the frustration to the obsession to the joy of finally finding what you’ve invested so much time and energy into, the similarities are eerie, for someone as mad about golf as I am. Two weeks into the new house, the most pressing question is just how much all the lawn mowing, pool vacuuming, and bathtub caulking will cut into my time at the course.

PURE Grips Review

Golf grips with a one-year guarantee and no tape or solvent required? Sound like hocum? It’s not.

PURE GripsTake a moment to consider the grips on your golf club. Odds are they’re the most unappreciated piece of equipment in your bag. I know guys who care more about their ball markers, their divot repair tools, and their towels than they care about their grips.

What sense does that make? The only way you can control the golf club is through your hands, and your hands touch the golf club via the grip only. In some ways, the grip is more important than whether you’ve got a game-improvement cavity back iron on the end of the shaft or a 1970s style muscleback blade – if you can’t grip the club properly you’ve got little chance of success with either.