Ping G20 Driver Review

The PING G20 is a driver that can help players of all levels and delivers on its promise of a high ball flight with low spin. PING has delivered one of its best drivers in a long time.

PINGAfter owning one driver for 3+ years, I have been bouncing around from driver to driver trying ones with different lofts, shafts and spin rates. I struggled for a long time to find something that fit my game just right.

One day on the range, two friends of mine had new PING G20 drivers in their bags. Being the fickle with drivers I thought it would be worth my time to give it a swing. I didn’t have high expectations because, yes, I had tried the previous PING driver with not much luck.

All I have to say is that I’m glad I did. Read on and I’ll give you the details on why the PING I20 became my new favorite club in the bag.

High Definition Versus Live Golf

Is golf better on television or live in person? I give my thoughts on the topic.

Thrash TalkI am very blessed to be able to live in the California Bay Area which has a plethora of awesome live sporting events. We have 2 football teams, 2 baseball teams, a basketball team, a hockey team, a number of college football teams, and even a soccer team. The PGA Tour comes to our parts regularly for the Pebble Beach Pro-Am and now the Fry’ event. Every few years we get a US Open, at Olympic and Pebble.

This past weekend I went out to watch the event a few miles from my house. What is nice about the Fry’s tournament versus the US Open is the total number of people who attend is far less and you can get closer to the action. Even when I spent some time following the leaders on Saturday I could easily find a good spot for viewing. While at the US Open there were so many people there that even with the players not in contention it was hard to get a view where you were not having to look over someone. Then if it were the disaster of the Tiger and Phil grouping then you had a mob on your hands.

New Shoes From TRUE Linkswear

The TRUE sensei are the newest shoes from TRUE Linkswear, and are great for golf, running or just around town.

Bag DropBack in 2010, The Sand Trap started covering a small golf shoe company by the name of TRUE Linkswear and the release of their original shoe the TRUE tour. This shoe was unique in the sense that it was spikeless (there were very few at the time), and even more so because it promoted the foot to work naturally. The shoe was also lighter than pretty much anything else available. Since that time, a few things have happened; TRUE has grown and has released a few more models including the TRUE stealth (and then updates to the tour and stealth) and the TRUE phx as well as a women’s shoe, the TRUE isis.  In addition to that, the market for lightweight, natural motion golf shoes has boomed with nearly every major manufacturer having a shoe in this catagory. At the beginning of the month, TRUE released the next shoe in their lineup, the TRUE sensei, which in addition to being a great golf shoe also doubles as a running shoe. In fact, Ryan Moore won last month in Las Vegas wearing these on the same day that the TRUE Linkswear president, Robert Rigg, ran the Portland Marathon in them.

Volume Three Hundred Thirty Four

One more season in the books.

Hittin' the LinksBizarre as it was to watch on Friday, I have to give props to Charlie Beljan for getting it together over the weekend and winning at Disney. I saw him play a couple times in college as he and I both attended the same University. Good for him, from second stage of Q-School to two-year exemption in two tournaments.

In this edition of HtL we begin with a look at another golfer making a painful but correct decision, check out one great season for Rory McIlroy, and take a peek at the final PGA Tour Money List. Also we say goodbye to Jim Flick, investigate a golf tax, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!

Nine Holes with the Golfing Presidents

We take a look at the most famous presidential golfers.

ProfilesIt’s political season, and if you thought you could get away from it even in the golf world, think again. There’s a long history, stemming back to the early days of golf in this country, of U.S. Presidents spending their down time on the links.

As the business community has shown us, the golf course is a great way to schmooze clients and get business done on the go, and at the very worst it’s five hours of walking and staring at your phone.

From President Clinton’s “footwedge” to the Eisenhower Tree, let’s take a look at the most notable White House golfers.

Volume Three Hundred Thirty Three

Rory signs with Nike.

Hittin' the Links$200 million dollars, people! That is what Nike is reportedly paying Rory McIlroy to become a member of their staff. For that kind of money I imagine they could get him to go back to hickory and gutta percha. I can hardly wait for the first commercial where he tries to convince all of us he switched to Nike for the better equipment, yeah right!

In this edition of HtL we begin with a look at Rory’s big move, then check out the youngest Masters qualifier ever, and find out why people were resentful to Adam Scott. Also, we investigate Nike’s new red driver, look into the 5 easiest golf shots, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!

Odyssey Metal X #7 Belly Putter Review

Like them or not we take at Odyssey’s Metal X #7 Belly Putter

odyssey_metalx_7_belly_sole.jpg Nothing brings about a heated discussion in the world of golf today quite like the long putter debate. Although the long putter made its debut on the PGA Tour way back in 1980; the controversy really did not heat up until the last few years when the belly putter started becoming more prevalent, and started winning big golf tournaments. I, myself, have been using a belly putter for two years now. Because of this I was the lucky enough to be chosen to try out the Metal X #7 Belly Putter by Odyssey. Lets see how it went.