Sneak Peek at Sun Mountain’s Upcoming Micro E Cart

Some YouTube footage of Sun Mountain’s Micro E Cart.

We liked Sun Mountain’s Speed E Cart. We liked their Micro Cart too. So – and I’m going out on a limb here, I know – it stands to reason we might very well like this upcoming Micro E Cart when it comes to market.

Have a look:

Not much is known at this point, but we can tell you that:

  • The cart is early on in testing and, if I were to guess (and that’s all this is), we should expect it in the spring of 2010.
  • It’s obvious in the video that the controls are very much like the Speed E Cart. I’m kind of hoping they added an audible sound to button presses so that you know whether you pushed “60” so you don’t start to worry that your cart’s just going to keep going… I think that was about the only thing I didn’t like in the Speed E Cart.
  • Speaking of the controls, they again appear about the same: 15, 30, and 60 yards, power on/off, and speed up/down buttons. The Speed E Cart maintains the same actual land speed over varying terrain, and this cart should do the same.
  • The handle height adjustments – my lone complaint about the Micro Cart – are reported to be variable on the Micro E Cart.
  • No word on price, but Sun Mountain seems to understand the economy and doesn’t typically set high prices just because they figure golfers have money, so I’d expect the price to be about the same as the Speed E Cart’s (give or take a hundred bucks).

So that’s all we know – or can guess at.

16 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at Sun Mountain’s Upcoming Micro E Cart”

  1. Did the Speed E Cart have a remote? I hope it has a remote! I recently watched someone accidentally push their speed cart into a pond… Funny, but sad at the same time!

  2. How about the battery? What was the battery like on the Speed E Cart? Any word on the Micro E Cart taking advantage of newer high capacity, low weight batteries? Also any word on a retro fit kit if you already have a Micro cart?

  3. I have used the E-cart for 4 years now. Considering I averaged 150 rounds per year, and that it still runs like new, it is very durable. I did have 2 problems with it…one of the links cracked which was promptly replaced by Sun Mountain at no cost even after the cart warranty had expired. The 2nd problem is the plastic clip from which you hang the sand bottle. I am on my 4th clip since they break after about 150 rounds of use. Sunmountain again sent me the replacements at no cost!

    I like the simplicity of design in the E-cart. The motor is hidden INSIDE the front wheel. Fellow golfers don’t even realize I am using a battery powered cart because it is so quiet with no gears, pulleys, belts etc. The longish battery hides nicely under the club bag. With no remote control there are fewer parts to breakdown. The 15-30-60 yard preset buttons are all I need to send cart to the next tee as I walk towards the green to putt. One of my fellow golfers was navigating his remote control cart over the bridge of a creek, pushed the wrong button, and the cart made a 45 degree turn and dived into the water! The E-cart makes no turns on its own, so that sort of accident is improbable.

    My original battery is 4 years old and was good for about 500 18 hole rounds and recharges. I still use it since it is still good for the 6 hilly holes on my golf course. The best part of the E-cart is when powered off with the push of a button, it rolls freely just like any push cart. The motor inside the front wheel is brushless so there is no resistance to rolling. I love the pneumatic tires…so much softer and quieter than hard rubber tires. After 600 rounds, the original tires still look OK.

    I really enjoy walking 18 holes without having to push the cart. The only complaint I have is the cart is heavy and barely fits into the trunk opening of my Pontiac G5 2 door coupe.

  4. I would love to buy the new Micro E-cart except my E-Cart is still working real well! From the Utube video of the micro cart I like the compact size after folding it, and that the sand bottle sits in a hole instead of hanging from a plastic clip. The clips don’ last long and you need the special sand bottle to hang from it. With the new micro E-cart looks like you use the bottles available at the course. The battery looks the same as the old E-cart…should last 500 rounds of 18 holes. I did not see weight specs but my guess is the new cart is much lighter than the old one so my wife can lift it into the car trunk.

  5. Other than the 15, 30, & 60 yard send ahead buttons, how does the cart operate otherwise? ie. can you just set a speed to stay with you as you walk? or do you have to actually steer it while holding some button?

  6. Looks very promising!

    Not being a remote should not be a problem. I’ve had other carts that were remote but I found I was spending more time correcting direction than spending time concentrating on golf which is the reason we’re out there!

    Remote units are prone to damage as no matter how careful you are you will make mistakes and run into things you don’t want to.

    I also like the idea of 4 wheels which should provide greater stability and it also appears that this unit is rear wheel drive for better traction especially going uphill both of which are great improvements on the original Speed E cart.

  7. I’d like to know where you get your battery. I am about to buy my 3rd battery. The first 2 were good for about 70 rounds and 2 years and I follow all instructions about care and charging.

    The cart works well but I also have had problems with plastic parts breaking. My sand bottle clip broke within a month of purchase.

    Either I have a lemon or there’s a lot of air being blown here.

  8. Is the battery in the new cart the same as the old speed e carts and where can you purchase them. Is there any other type of battery that works on the carts.

  9. I’ve been watching the web site to find out when the new cart will be available…early spring, early summer and now I see August 1 2010. Imagine my surprise when I walked into my pro shop today (Redding, CA) and there was the new cart (6-18-10) Our pro was able to talk Sun Mt. into replacing one of our members old power cart because it never worked properly!! Damn….wish I could get a new cart earlier than 8-1-10! IT’S A BEAUTY!!!

  10. I agree with Bob. I don’t see how anyone could get 500 rounds on one battery. The original battery was 7 amps and I went through 4 of those because they wouldn’t power the cart after about 50 rounds. They then produced a 9 amp battery, which did better, but didn’t make it a year. Their latest battery is 12 amps and I now have almost 100 rounds, but can’t make it 18 holes on a charge. I like the e cart, but the battery thing is ruining the experience. I found this site as I’m looking for a new battery. Again!

  11. I’ve owned & heavily used both carts. The Micro is plastic junk opposed to the Speed Cart. Many of these light plastic parts will break on the Micro, especially the bottom support plate brackets.

  12. The day finally came when my club got 3 of the new Micro E carts. I had one reserved. This cart broke by 14th hole. Brake cable broke and locked up entire cart. Plate that holds score card and rubber handles had already fallen off and had to be re-glued (not ready for Texas heat).

    Returned this lemon and club gave me one of the other 2 carts. The bolt to the controls came out by the 3rd hole and controls were left dangling until tools from clubhouse arrived. Sun Mountain has not taken all this time perfecting this cart. Several other features are not as good as the previous model. Count me among the VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  13. I have about 90 rounds on a used 2006 Speed E cart with 3 wheels and no complaints. I still have my 4 wheel micro as a back up. Yes, I have admired having a remote to route the cart. And yes you can get 12 speeds foreward plus reverse with some carts. But I played with two new guys last Friday, one of whom butt-dialed his remote and put a $3500 cart into a lake with $1600 in repairs. My used Sunmountain Speed E Cart cost me $280. KISS

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