PING G15 Driver Review

Ping prides itself as the most forgiving club in golf. Has the Ping G15 continued that tradition?

G15 Driver HeroAmong the giants of the golf industry, PING has always remained one of the quietest in the business. You never see commercials on TV. They only have a select number of pros which they endorse. They rarely even release new clubs. It seems like the word “hype” just isn’t a part of PING’s vocabulary.

But something felt different when PING announced it would release two entirely new lines of clubs. PING actually seemed excited. In fact, PING was going out of their way to tell anyone and everyone that would listen that its new clubs had monumental improvements. Even if you didn’t like PINGs in the past, you start to wonder, what did they come up with?

After putting the driver through a full battery of tests it has certainly made an impression on me.

Design and Technology
Like its predecessor, the G15 is a 460cc titanium driver meant for golfers seeking maximum forgiveness. This is where the similarities end, however.

PING G15 Driver Forgiveness
The G15 is probably the most forgiving driver – on all types of mis-hit – that PING has ever created.

The G15 has numerous technological improvements over the G10. The G15 attains a higher MOI by lengthening the head from front to back. Additionally, a 7% larger face increases ball speed and provides consistency across the entire hitting surface. Lastly, weight savings from the ultra thin crown are positioned as an external sole weight to optimize the center of gravity for higher trajectories and reduced spin.

G15 Driver Sole
Weight saved by using an ultra-thin crown aids the forgiveness with unique sole weighting.

The improvements don’t end at the clubhead though. The new PING TFC 149D shaft allows for a five gram increase in head mass without increasing swingweight or overall weight. All of these seemingly small changes should result in higher ball speeds and an increase in MOI.

I would count myself among one of the many golfers who have loved the way that PINGs feel but were less than inspired by their looks (remember the PING TiSi, anyone?). With the G15, and for the first time, PING’s esthetics may have matched their technology.

G15 Driver Address

Although PING did not change the crown finish for the G15, there are two noticeable differences between the PING G15 and G10 at address. First, PING abandoned the half moon alignment aid of the G10 in favor of a sleek yet subtle red arrow which first appeared on the PING Rapture. Second, lengthening the club from front to back to increase MOI makes the driver look more triangular in shape than the G10. Overall, I found the simplicity of the new look crown to be improvements over the G10.

The sole of the G15 is what I would consider among PING’s greatest improvements. The chrome treatment on the sole isn’t new but the technical changes gave PING the ability to make significant esthetic changes. Rather than rubbing your face in the fact that there is a ton of new technology, PING’s red, black and chrome paint treatment highlights the technology while remaining understated.

Esthetically, the hitting area remained nearly identical to the G10 with white groves and a v-shaped grooveless sweet spot. The only difference, for which you would have to be looking to notice, is a sightly larger face.

G15 Driver Sole

With a black crown, a silver, black and red sole, PING chose to continue the color scheme to their shafts. While there is a slight difference in color between the two stock shafts both shafts are shades of red and grey.

Although the word classic never came to mind when I was looking at the PING, the engineers’ new appreciation of subtlety has made the PING a much cleaner and simpler looking club. Personally, I find this to be a dramatic improvement.

Describing their design process, PING says:

Utilizing finite element analysis and the latest in design software, PING engineers develop metal woods in a virtual world to ensure the highest level of performance before the clubs even reach the first tee. Factors such as moment of inertia (MOI), center of gravity (CG) location, crown structure and face thickness are carefully studied with the goal of designing longer, straighter and more consistent metal woods. Even the club’s acoustics are analyzed to ensure a powerful sound and feel.

Clearly, to say that PING engineers take the performance of their clubs seriously would be an understatement.

If you have been playing a Titleist or one of the other “softer” sounding drivers on the market the first thing you will notice is the PING’s sound. I am in the middle of a back rehabilitation program so my swing speed has been hovering at or slightly above 100 mph. Even at that speed though solid contact sounded and felt like an explosion. This was not obnoxious but it certainly made me believe I hit the ball a lot farther than I did.

G15 Driver Toe
The G15’s lower, deeper CoG is obvious in this shot. The G10 is much more rounded from this view.

The distance you achieve with the G15 is going to have a lot to do with whether you are fitted or not. As stated above, the new external weight pad is meant to produce optimal trajectory and spin. At 100 mph, I want my launch angle to be between 15 and 16 degrees and my spin rate to be between 3000 and 3300 RPMs. I achieve those numbers with my 10.5 degree Titleist 909D2 so I assumed that a 10.5 degree G15 would be appropriate. I was wrong. Within a few shots I could tell that I was hitting the ball much higher than normal. That higher trajectory resulted in me hitting between half iron to full iron more into nearly every hole.

Once I put the PING on a launch monitor I could easily see why I had lost distance. Even though my spin rate was staying around 3500 RPMs, my launch angle was between 18 and 19 degrees. A few degrees may not seem like much but it certainly was enough to lose 5 or 10 yards. I would recommend not repeating my mistake. You should not assume that the loft in one brand will be equal to a PING’s playing characteristics. PING prides itself on fitting a player with the club that is exactly right for them; a PING fitter should be able to tell you exactly which loft is right for your swing. Ignore the loft on the bottom of the driver and just focus on your launch angle if you really want to squeeze as much distance out of the G15 as possible.

Aside from the slight distance loss caused by trajectory, I was pleasantly surprised by the clubs extremely consistent draw. If I tried to hit a draw, the ball would draw about 10 yards. If I tried to hit the ball straight, the ball would draw between 5 to 10 yards. If I tried to hit a fade, the ball would fly nearly straight. Only when I tried to hit a hard cut could I get the ball to fade.

Even though I was aggravated that I could not hit my normal power fade on the range, the predictability of the G15’s draw was quite an addictive weapon on the course. I could almost guarantee that if I could aimed down the right side of the fairway the ball would end up dead in the center. When playing partners tried the club, they didn’t find that the club drew as much but they definitely noticed an increase in the straightness of their drives.

G15 Driver Face

If you are considering buying a PING driver – particularly the G15 model – you are likely more interested in how the club performs for off-center shots. PING claims to be the most forgiving driver on the market and, to be extremely thorough, I grabbed a roll of impact stickers and a few hundred golf balls and parked myself at a launch monitor for an entire day. My findings were as follows:

  • On all shots within a dime of the sweet spot, the ball lost less than 10 yards of distance and exhibited minimal curve.
  • On the majority of shots hit off the toe of the driver, the ball also lost less than 10 yards of distance and had a hard yet controllable draw.
  • On all shots hit high or low on the clubface, there was a slight trajectory change which resulted in minimal distance loss.
  • On the majority of shots hit off the heel of the driver, the ball lost between 25 to 30 yards of distance.

After an exhausting day of testing, I was impressed that the driver performed extremely well for any shot hit within a dime of the sweetspot and was shocked to see how well the driver performed out on the toe. My one concern was the heel of the driver. The sound, the trajectory, and the distance all seemed like a completely different driver. The best way to describe it was dead. Still, because the driver performed so well on the majority of the face it absolutely is the most forgiving driver I have ever played.

Specs and Extras
The G15 drivers are available to righties and lefties in 9.0, 10.5, 12.0, and 13.5 degree models. The lie angle is 58.0 degrees and the head weight is 205 grams.

G15 Serrano Shaft

Stock shafts for the G15 are the PING TFC 149D and the Aldila Serrano 60. Their specs are as follows:

PING TFC 149D                        Aldila Serrano 60
Flex       Torque   Weight           Flex       Torque   Weight
--------   ------   ------           --------   ------   ------
L           7.0      47 g            Regular     4.0      57 g
Soft R      6.2      52 g            Stiff       4.0      60 g
Regular     5.8      55 g            X-Stiff     4.0      60 g
Stiff       5.3      60 g
X-Stiff     5.0      63 g

The G15 comes standard with the “dog-bone textured” PING ID8 grip. The ID8 is available in six color-coded sizes ranging from +1/16″ to -3/64.”

All G15 drivers come with the black and red slip-on headcover you see here. The G15 has an MSRP of $350.00.

The G15 performed as advertised. It was long. It was straight. It was forgiving. But my problem with PING has never been performance.

My problem with PING equipment has always been esthetics. PING has created some clubs that only the PING man could love. The confidence that a beautiful looking club inspires in us before we hit a shot down a tight fairway can be crucial. PING never made it into my bag for that reason alone.

The G15 is different though. Rather than screaming technological superiority at the world with its “interesting” designs, the G15 incorporates its technological advances in a much more subtle design. The result is a driver that both performs and looks great.

In conclusion, if you have always liked PING, the G15’s improved performance should be in your bag soon. If PINGs designs have always caused you to shy away, perhaps now is the time for you to take another look.

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  1. Great review. I can’t begin to tell you how much I like this driver. I’ve been playing with it for over two months now and have seen increased average distance and much better control. Your comment on the draw bias is dead on. This allows me to really go after the ball. I also dropped from a 10.5* on a TM to a 9* on the G15.

  2. I love my 10.5 Burner and this club sounds like you could have substituted Burner for Ping G15 through out the review, but, this is probably the best review of any club I have ever read. It is so nice to read a review that is not constrained by space or impacted by agenda. The addition of the impressions of other players is especially valuable as a validation of the reviewer’s thoughts.

  3. One more thought, your comment on the sound at impact was what I experienced as well. It reminds me of a whip cracking. While this may not affect distance, it surely affects confidence.

  4. GREAT Review.

    You talked about the differences between the G15 and G10/Rapture V2. I was wondering if you have reviewed the Rapture V2 like you did the G15 and if so which got the better review?

  5. Had a chance to hit one of these with the Avixcore UST shaft in it… very nice feel and sound. Was able to really swing at it and get more distance without losing the shot. The 3-wood, also with the UST Avixcore shaft, was an awsome club as well. Titlesit has some serious competition with this line-up.

  6. I love mine! I have the 12 degree soft regular,and wow the difference in distance to my old driver is amazing. Still keep ing up with the big hitters in my club. over 60’s of course lol. Seriously forgiving ~Go try one.

  7. Great review. Looking forward to reading the reviews for the rest of the G and i series woods and irons. I currently have the i15 irons and love them.

  8. Best review I have ever read, Congratulations! I do not even need a new driver but I am going to buy one…might even get two 🙂

  9. Did you try this with the Aldila Serrano or the Ping TFC ? Differences in playability? I hear the stock TFC is an amazing shaft with the g-15 head.

    thanks for the review !

  10. Hi I’m a beginner, but I tried the G15 Wood 3, sweet as butter.

    Now the big problem is I bought a supposedly EXTREME MOI driver, the Cleveland Monster. Do you think I should trade it in and top up some cash for the Ping G15 or its not a major difference?


  11. I also got one yesterday – got it with my favorite shaft the PL Axis Red. The driver impressed me more than any club I’ve used. I have always been an inconsistent driver and I never know where the ball will be going when I look up on my follow-through. Generally though it is a right push and gets me into trees and other hassles which take strokes off my score. The G15 though just kept going long and straight. By the end of the round I started to relax and that made me hit it even better. I used it on holes where I would normally take my 4 wood for accuracy and I was even straighter. This club will definitely lower my score!

  12. Have the G-10 complete set for 3 yrs. Will purchase the G-15 driver in 3 days. Have used their demo g-15 driver and absolutel love it I added 20 yards with this club. I wasnt fitted 4 the g 15 but was with my g10 clubs. The feel of the g15 driver great. I also agree that they have made the clubs look alot better.

  13. I did a Trackman Driver fitting 2 weeks ago at Miles of Golf, Ann Arbor, MI. Have been playing Titleist D2, but gave fitter brand flexibility. No combination of 909 Titleist Heads/Shafts would get the spin under 3000. Adams Speedline dropped the spin rate and picked up 15 yards or so.

    Fitter had a thought. Pulled out a G15 9 deg, but screwed it onto the shaft from the I15, a TFC700D Stiff. Magic. Very tight dispersion shot after shot. Spin around 2800. 101 clubhead speed with -1.5 AofAttack. Picked up a total of 24 yards over my current 907 D2 10.5.

    Strongly recommend getting fitted. Pay the money. Find a fitter with a Trackman unit. The numbers don’t lie.

    It arrived today. Can’t wait to give it a try on the course.

  14. I play the 2007 rapture driver (first one), and was wondering if the G15 can be my next one. im 29 year old with SS of 105 to 109 mph, i cant quite hit super consistent all the time. Has anyone out there previosly owned a rapture driver and what the conclusions compared to the g15 were. Any comments are welcome.

  15. I owned the Rapture and now have the G-15 driver…I highly recomennd it. Much more forgiving and I hit an additonal 20 yards farther.

  16. great reviews…

    I’m waiting for my g15 driver. has anybody tried a g15 driver with a diamana blue board shaft on it?

  17. I have hit both the I15 and the G15. I really, really liked the G15 9* with the Serrano shaft. I had the most consistent hits ever. I did not like the TFC shaft at all. It seems like the grip is larger on the Serrano but not really sure. It seems to fit better in my hand. With the Serrsano shaft the kick point is unreal for me. I can really feel the “kick point” and know when to release it in my swing. My SS was 101-110 and had 12-14 launch angle. Spin was 2800-3800.. Could not achieve these numbers with any Titlelist or TM drivers.

  18. tried the g15 with the diamana blueboard- thought it was a great combination- long and straight and very forgiving…. any one compare it to the new r9 taylor driver?

  19. How does the Serrano compare to the TFC in flex ? I’ve heard it plays a little stiffer; generally I’m always on the edge of Reg vs Stiff. Definately prefer the TFC in stiff. Just interested how the Serrano (Reg vs Stiff) would compare.

  20. I bought a stock G-15 with the ping shaft a couple of months ago. I has a Nike Sasquatch before that. It is hard to hit it anything but straight and I think I have picked up 10-15 yards over the Nike. I’m now outdriving the guys I play with all the time and I’m hitting a much higher percentage of fairways.

    I love this club. It hits high and long but you can lower the ball flight by changing the ball position a little. Definitely a keeper.

  21. I just got fitted for the G15 5 days ago…went with the 9 degree…hit alot of balls with the 10.5 also and a bunch of different shafts….Club felt awsome and can not wait till it comes in and I can take it to myrtle beach with me in march. loved your review….

  22. I have seen the G15 in the pro shop. Have not taken one to the range to try out just yet. I am only commenting on the asthetics (looks). From what I see this appears to be almost an exact copy of the Mizuno MX-700 driver. The shape of the head, the face height, shape and heel to toe apperance of the face look identical to the MX-700. Even the view of the head looking toward the toe where you can see the aerodynamics of the crown/sole and length and overall shape from face to rear look identical to me. The only diffrence I can tell between the two from a looks standpoint is that one has the Mizuno name and graphics and the other has the PING name and graphics. Other than that they look like they were made from the same mold (so to speak).

  23. Thanks for the review T. M. This club has everything I want:

    1. square face
    2. forgiveness
    3. aesthetics
    4. good price
    5. awesome distance

  24. I am a beginner, played 3 times a week with wooden shafts of mixed variety in the pauper days 30 years ago but then career came first so no golf. Just started again. I struggled with a 10 degree loft Maxfly driver ; low trajectory and hooked well to the left : right handed (hit a cow far in the field next to the driving range, still alive so no fillet steak regretably!). Read Ping web site and decided I needed a 13.5 soft or regular shaft TFC having gone through their ‘web fit’ assessment. Phoned local Nevada Bobs who said no 13.5 available, why did I not come in and try the 12 degree. Went with trepidation worrying as a ‘beginner’ how pathetic I would be in this ‘test arena.’ Staff were brilliant, set me up with the computer and ‘I’ll leave you alone for a while, hit some shots and I’ll come back later’ After a few nervous dodgy shots things improved. I knew by the sound and more importantly, the feel when I had hit a good or poor shot, before even looking at the computer read out. I eventually hit a consistent 15.6 launch angle and the maximum draw/fade was 6. So what have I learned :
    1. Even a beginner is welcome at a Ping assessment centre (thankyou Nevada Bobs, Chestnut Ave, Southampton UK)
    2. It feels odd to hit a ball against a white screen 20 feet in front of you without being able to view the trajectory and define the draw or fade (hook or slice last week!) of a ball but this club has a great ‘feel’ and I did not realise the importance of the sound of a shot in telling you how well you have hit the ball.
    3. Yes I bought it!
    4. Tomorrow I have a lesson for the first time ever and I know I am going to be able to listen and hit the ball with confidence and a lot further than the computer suggested today although even that readout was good for me.
    5. Ping irons and a fairway wood are on the horizon once I have negotiated with my wonderful wife (getting in the groove with the compliments in preparation)
    6. If you have a high handicap and enough dosh (although you can spend far more on a club than £179 but I am lucky to be able to afford £179) then I seriously believe this is the club for you. I play a lot of tennis and squash and the quality of a more modern technological expensive racket without doubt improves your game and I believe this Ping G15 to fit you will do likewise.
    7. I thought the review above was excellent and the punter feedback endorsed what I believe about this club.

  25. Thanks for this excellent review. I hit the G15 just after christmas and plan to go back and try different lofts and shafts. I really liked the 10.5 in regular flex but thought i hit it a bit too high. I have been playing a launcher 460 in regular and i hit it way to high so i want to get a more boring trajectory if possible. Anyway, great review. Thanks.

  26. I have been a Ping man for the past 4 years–my total golfing career–and now at age 64, I have a new G15 13.5 degree driver fitted with a stock soft regular flex shaft. My handicap index is 12.9 now–down from 18 a year ago. I hit the new Ping out to 230-yards now, but the average tee shot is closer to 215. My old driver was a G10, 10.5 -degree, offset, regular flex shaft. After a long period of frustrating pop-ups and short-driver distances off the tee, I have been learning over time how to gradually increase the length of my backswing and get the club properly into the ‘slot’ position at the top. I’m nearly there now, but I was pleased to notice that I am hitting the new G15 about 30-40 yards longer then my best shots with the G10. I am now within range of GIR on every hole, whereas in the past 4 years, I needed to hit a wedge into the green on almost every hole as a third shot on all par 4s. The G15 is just dead straight now and although my ball flight is high, it just carries longer down the fairway and comes down hard enough to get a lot of bounce and additional roll. I love this driver. I also have a new Ping G15 10.5-degree fitted with a soft regular flex shaft and am curious to see which club hits longer. I suspect the 13.5-degree will be the winner. Anybody have a similar experiences?

  27. Just purchased a set of Ping I 10 irons but have only played one round with them. (Still winter here in Colorado). The trajectory was amazing, much improved over my Cleveland CG 4’s. I currently have a Taylor Made Burner TP and while I get great distance, it is not as forgiving as I would like. Have read many reviews on the Ping G15 and will get fitted for one in the immediate future. Great article and review. Thank you for your “in depth” analysis, can’t wait for summer!!!

  28. Very informative and comprehensive review. I wish I had read it and been fitted before I bought my Ping G15 draw driver 10.5 R with the TFC shaft. I had read one other review of that model that said, “swing too fast and the ball will go left.” They weren’t lying. I consistently pull this hard to the left causing some OB shots and penalty strokes on tight fairways, and bad lies on others, unless I consciously take a slow downswing. Also, it’s really difficult if not impossible to play a fade on dogleg right holes. My old 2007 Taylor Made Burner draw driver was much more consistent and predictable albeit a little shorter. Getting an extra 10 or 20 yards doesn’t mean squat if you can’t put the ball consistently where you want it to go. I’m going to get fitted and will probably end up putting this club on the auction block. The lesson learned here…get fitted before you buy any driver.

  29. the one thing you didn’t mention was, whenever I tried the G-10 before I bought one, the fitter would always dis the TC_ shaft of Ping’s and say “you need to hit a stiff, Graffaloy, pro-launch red shaft”.

    I bought the stock Ping shaft, but someone said to try theirs with the ProLaunch red stiff, and it was amazingly great, what a difference. What comment would you make on the shaft therefore, in the new G-15? thanks

  30. This club looks awful, I hate ping.

    The ONLY way to go is the Taylormade R9 Supertri Driver, it is simply amazing. Looks wonderful (compared to this AWFUL looking club) and plays great.

  31. Good review. This thing is a beast. Coming from 07 burner 10,5, which i liked other than some ballooning at times. I have never hit a driver that’s hotter off the face and feels more forgiving. It just feels crisp and have had good results so far on the course. Maybe launches higher than you think – I went to 9* with stock TFC stiff 95mph swing speed. The 10.5 was launching arguably too high at 16*. I personally did not like the feel of the Serrano shaft in Reg or Stiff. IT feels very different so I would test on the range/monitor before you buy.

  32. I recently bought the aG15 10.5 Draw w/ Regular Flex TFC149 Shaft. My old Driver was a G5. I was able to compare it with a TaylorMade R9 460 that was the same price. I had the Flight Control on the R9 set with a draw offset as well. I was able to take the clubs to the range where I hit a large bucket of balls between the 2 drivers. I hit both clubs straight however I was hitting the balls about 15-20 yards further with the G15. I can’t wait to try it on the course. I would recommend this club to anyone.

  33. I have tried the G-15 and found it to be an amazing driver, very forgiving off the tee. It’s even more forgiving that my old TiSi, and I can generally get about another 10-20 yards on my drives compared to that club. I’ll be buying!

  34. the best driver ever ,and the sound make other golfer take a glance good sound to your ear,its confidence booster definitely! buy one and you will never regret it< i promise you..

  35. I wnt to a demo day at which Nike had the folly of bringing a portable trackman. The G15 performed the best out of the Titleist 909, Callaway, Adams Speedline, and Nike VR Fit. I ordered both the G15 9 degree driver and 15.5 degree 3 wood in the Serrano shafts. Received my driver and 3 wood three weeks ago and beat my best score by 4 strokes that same day–and didn’t have a chance to hit the range before. I could only attribute the lower score to more consistent driving. You can’t help but hit this club straight. one caveat: those who draw the ball will have to be weary of overcooking the draw with this baby.

  36. the only crtiicism i have heard on this club is that the launch angle is too high. is that true?

  37. [EK: “The Only criticism I heard about this club is that the launch angle is too high”>

    That would depend on the loft and shaft you order. I generally hit a high ball since I have a 108 ss, and do have a sharper angle of descent into the ball. However, I tested both the TCF and Serrano shafts and both drivers did not baloon on me like some other drivers which were at the demo day–i.e., Callaway FT, Adams Speedline Fastline. I settled on the Serrano because it is a lower-spinning and launching shaft as opposed to the TCF. You should demo the clubs before buying. Overall, this is the best driver that I have ever hit.

  38. Purchased an i15 on a bit of a whim.. I know always get your clubs fitted.

    Went down to the range and walked in on a Ping demo day.. Yes it was a coincidence! After hitting a few balls with, what I thought were good results, I went over to the pro who was fitting and demoing out for Ping. He watched me hitting the i15 and then offered me a couple of different setups on the G15 15min later I was hitting some of the straightest longest drives I have ever hit. This is an awesome driver. It sits behind the ball and you know it means business. As for comments regarding launch angle, that can be sorted out in fitting.

    I cant recommend this club enough. The golden rule though.. GET IT FITTED and learn from my mistake.

  39. Just got this driver . Good hitting club . Always had a slice problem til recently. This club can ripp a shot if you hit it dead center . Normal swings reveal a big suprise in distance . Head cover looks very cool . I’m a titleist kind of guy …until now . Just got the matching hybrid ….all I can say is …fantastic . Can’t ask for better quality , an looks great . . . . .Go get fitted ( I did ) , and smash one at your local shop today .

  40. Had been gradually losing distance over the past couple of years with my Tour Burner Stiff 10.5. On a whim, walked into a golf shop where I compared it with an R shaft. Hit the old club further. Enter the G15 in a 9.0 R and I was hitting drives further than I did 10 years ago. Beautiful to look at, to boot. This 56-year-old now has hope for the future.

  41. I spent a couple hours on Saturday at one of the big box golf stores with my existing driver, a Taylormade 425 TP, and a bunch of new ones. I’ve been very pleased with the 425TP, but it and I are about five years older than when I bought it. I’m 51, my swing speed is in the mid-90s and I play to an 8 hcp. The 9 degree stiff with the serrano shaft was the only driver I tested that stood out on the monitor, including the i15. It was a little lower trajectory (14 vs 15-16) and consistently lower spin (3000 vs 3200 – 3300) than the other drivers. The monitor showed it only producing about five extra yards, but I went ahead and bought it anyway.

    I took it on the range and found I was generally hitting it well but flaring it to the right on some swings where I wasn’t turning the face square through impact. It has an inch longer shaft than the TP and I may go to the same midsize grip I’m using on my TP, 3 wood and utility club.

    I got out onto some empty holes on my home course last night after hitting balls on the range. First hole was a 530 yard par 5. First ball felt like I hit it ok with a bit lower than normal ball flight. I hit a second, which I hooked and a third, which flared right. The first ball was easily 20 yards beyond where most of my really good drives with the TP end up. I hit a 3 wood into the greenside bunker. The second ball I hooked was maybe 8 yards behind the first and still in the fairway, while the flared right ball was just off the fairway about even with my good TP drives that I normally hit with a draw. Next par 4 was a bit erratic with one well struck drive, but the one after that was a 425, where again I was 20 yards beyond a really good TP drive (133 to a mid-green pin). I ran into some people on the next par 5 so only hit one ball, which I hooked into a fairway bunker. Following hole is the 1 handicap hole, a 430 par 4. Hooked the first shot into water left, but the next shot was again at 130 to the pin instead of the 150 I’m normally left with after a really good drive. I had a similar experience on 18 – a couple balls pulled left and one bullet to a nine iron remaining on a 430 yard hole. I’m convinced that once I get a better feel for this club, I will hit it more consistently. As for the TP, no matter how well I hit it, the ball isn’t going nearly as far as a decent swing on the G15.

  42. (Index – 5) Have been using a Burner TP 9.5 degree stiff (swing speed ~104) but my launch angle was too low. Got fitted for a new driver and after trying numerous club/shaft combinations ended up with a G15 with the TFC 700D stiff shaft instead of the stock shaft. This is the first PIng driver I’ve owned and based upon one round of golf with it, it’s a winner for me. Shot dispersal much better than with the Burner and I gained significant distance although I’m sure that’s mostly due to a better launch angle. The sound takes a bit of getting used to, but with results as good as I got, it’s a minor issue.

  43. The G15 review is terrific. Lots of great information and helped in my decision to upgrade my driver. Some basic facts: been a loyal Ping user since 1979 (5 sets of irons, Ping Eye woods, hybrids, putters, etc.), yet always in search of the “total driver;” a 65 year-old 3 handicap; and, spent recent time testing Taylormade Supertri, Taylormade Burner Superfast, Taylormade R9 460, and the G15. Ten shots with the Ping and I could tell a wonderful difference – not so much about distance but feel and comfort – instant confidence. Taylormade adjustable clubs did not make a “hard sell” for my game. The last three years, I have been driving a Taylormade R7 Draw 9 degrees with a UST shaft (the stock shaft in the R7 was just wrong); for the three years before that I was using Olimar, Nike and Titleist drivers. After six rounds with my G15 (9 degree draw, stiff Serrano shaft), I have gained accuracy and distance (averaging 240-260 measured with my Skycaddie); and hitting 12 of 14 fairways consistently. It just feels good. Some of you young studs might find this no big deal, but age will get you and orthopedic issues can take its toll. Ping has once again gained position one in my bag. With my G15, I am now saying, “Tee it low, hit it slow, and watch it go.”

  44. My golf shop also does a “ball fitting” which I did when I bought this club. They analyze your swing on a computer to determine the best balls for your swing’s characteristics. I recommend it!

  45. From my own experience with the G-10 and G-15, I must say that this is possibly the most spot-on product review I’ve ever read, at least with regard to golf equipment. Note well the comments about launch angle and draw: I went from a 10.5* Draw in the G-10 to a standard 9* in the G-15, and the ball flight is still a tad higher with the G-15 at the same tee height that I’ve always used. My personal tic is that I occasionally leave the club face open and the G-15 doesn’t seem to push as badly as the G-10 Draw, ironically.

  46. I bought a G15 9 deg with Serrano stiff recently and found the following: the club does set up a couple of degrees closed and that requires some adjustment after hitting neutral for most of my life. If you turn this club out to neutralize the face angle, or if you hold it off at impact, it will flare right as others have reported. However, if you square the face and release it produces a gentle draw with lots of roll. If you swing over the top you can count on an out of control hook. I have learned to aim right side and I almost always hit the fairway. In fact, this driver takes right side hazards just about out of play. Distance is 10 to 20 yds farther than my old G2. High on the face produces high shots, but still long and straight. For me the Serrano shaft is the most comfortable driver shaft I have ever hit.

  47. Loved my Taylor made Burner very forgiving, accurate. But lost some distance. My new G 15 / 9 degree with Serrano 60S shaft equal to Taylor Made forgivness but 20 Yards further. Love it.

  48. Got mine yesterday, wow. Tried the R9, cobra s2, cleveland dst and a calloway big bertha. Settled on the ping, consistently hit further, straighter. The club felt just right so comfortable on address. Got 10.5° regular shaft. Can’t wait to get out and play, which is the most important thing. 🙂

  49. I was wondering if this review was done on the draw biased g15 driver? or is it only draw biased and no other bias is offered?

  50. Have been playing the G2 for the past 5-6 years and am ready for the upgrade. If I liked the G2 @10.50 loft, will I like the G15? Sounds like I will need to go to 9 loft with the G15. Any thoughts?

  51. I went to golfsmith last week looking to buy a new driver. I knew i needed a stiff shaft as my old driver (r7 limited 10.5 regular) was going way too high. I hit a lot of drivers at 9.5 stiff like the ft-iz, superfast, s2, zl, and fast 10, and then i hit the g15 10.5 with the serrano stiff and the guy said i was getting perfect numbers. I dont remember the launch angle but the spin was 3100-3200. The club looked good and felt good as well so i decided to order it from my local pro shop. It hasn’t come in yet, but it got me thinking about how i could hit all of the other drivers at 9.5 stiff and then hit the g15 at 10.5 stiff (serrano) and get perfect numbers. My question is could it be just a lucky head/shaft combo or could i have made a mistake?
    Im a 12 handicap with mid-90s ss by the way.

  52. I have a Nike SasQuatch Sumo 5000 Driver that Ive had for 4 years now. I usually hit it about 285-290 average, While I was at the beach last week, I played with a guy who had a demo G15 9 degree driver with the Serrano Stiff Shaft. I played the entire back nine with that driver and hit all 7 fairways and hit the ball longer than ever with a much smoother swing. Got hooked up to a launch monitor after he round hit 30 balls with each driver and here were the results.
    30 Balls 9.5 Nike Sasquatch Fujikura TOur staff Stiff shaft 296.7 yards
    30 Balls 9.0 Ping G15 Serrano Stiff Shaft: 317.4 yards.
    Im 19 years old and play to a 9 handicap and
    I will be purchasing this club soon. YOu will not regret buying this

  53. Just bought a second hand G15 10.5 degree with a stiff TFC 149D shaft. I have had the G5 and the G10 can’t wait to try it out.

  54. I played a round of golf with my brother last weekend at a local public course and in the clubhouse I noticed about 5 Ping G15 drivers that had been in demo service and were for sale. The girl at the counter said they were selling for $150 each and asked me if I’d like to try one. I selected a regular (non draw) 10.5 degree with a TFC regular flex shaft and tried it out on the course.

    To say that the G15 was the best driver I’ve ever hit would be an understatement. My current driver is a Callaway Big Bertha Diablo draw 10 degree and in my hands it’s generally good for about 235-250 yards off the tee although my accuracy is not the best. The G15 cured all that. I hit every tee shot on the course as far as I would normally be able to with my Diablo but I missed only one fairway. The G15 is the first driver I’ve ever used that has allowed me to hit the ball exactly where I want it to go, even on poorly hit shots. For the price the pro shop was asking for this demo I’d have been crazy not to buy it so I did.

  55. Just got my G15. Has 9 degree, stiff, w/ Serrano shaft. I was at the pro shop and found the were selling the demo for $145. Tried it and have never hit my shots as long and consistent as the G15. This club was recommended by the pro to me after trying TM. Never tried the Ping drivers till now and can’t believe the results. AMAZING club and amazing price.

  56. Good review. Really useful comments re launch angle – I have too much loft on my G5 driver and should have got fitted. By the way ‘esthetics’ is spelt ‘aesthetics’

  57. If u put the right swing on this driver then you will outdrive ur prior club by 10-20yards. If you don’t put the right swing on this driver, it is a slice machine. I didn’t find it to forgiving on swings that weren’t to perfect. I’m going back to my cobra l5v driver for the 2nd & last time. For me it the L5V is much more forgiving . I naturally hook or pull the ball & no matter what kind of swing I put on the G15 I was off to the right with mayb one out of 10 going left. I’ve had several drivers in the past 8years & recently I find my way back to the L5V driver. I shoot between 78-82 so its not because I’m a bad golfer that I’m hitting slices with the Ping.

  58. Thanks for the awesome review! I just bought this club yesterday and am anxiously awaiting my first 18 out with it later this week or this weekend!

  59. Played 3 rounds with the G15 – also have a TM R9460. The G15 is a nice club, but not the upgrade I thought based on all the reviews I read – including Gold Digest reviews. I think the Ping is sneaky long – better result than expected when you don’t hit it perfectly – but not longer than my TM – in fact I think the TM is a better distance club once you dial in the adjustment. At this point, I’ll continue to bag the Ping as I need to spend enough time with the club to properly decide if it’s the right club for me or not, but it’s comforting to know I have my R9 in reserve just in case.

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