Back in Black: Adams Releases New Idea Pro Black Hybrids and A7 Select Putters

Shoot to thrill with new putters and hybrids from Adams Golf.

Bag DropHave you had a look at any of Adams Golf’s equipment lately? If you haven’t, maybe it’s time you check them out and see what they’ve been bringing to the market. The #1 hybrid company on the PGA, Nationwide, and Champions Tour has been hard at work, designing some very attractive new equipment that will likely appeal to all types of players.

Adams Golf has recently released four new A7 Select putters, as well as brand new Idea Pro Black hybrids. Maybe you’re saying to yourself “hybrids just aren’t for me.” Maybe you also forgot about Turnberry this year, where some old guy named Tom Watson kicked the crap out of players half his age with his trusty Adams hybrids for the majority of the Open Championship. If that doesn’t make you at least consider giving them a try, fear not, because we’re also going to take a look at some affordable new putters that may suit your eye better. Kick back, relax, and put the TPS reports to the side, as we take a look at the new hybrids and putters from Adams.

A7 Select Putters
First up are the new A7 Select putters. The A7 Select will be available in four models, 3 of which are blades, and a single mallet. All models are made of a soft stainless steel head construction and have precision micro-milled faces. Each model also makes use of Adams’ CUT Design (Co-molded Urethane Technology) face insert to provide a soft feel.

Tim Reed, Vice President of Research and Development at Adams Golf said:

The CUT Design inserts on the new a7 Select putters deliver an extremely soft feel and pure roll, especially with today’s golf balls,” said Tim Reed, Vice President of Research and Development at Adams Golf. “Golfers everywhere will also appreciate these putters not only for their quality of construction but also their value.

The three blades are the 60 Series, the 61 Series, and the 64 Series. The 60 Series is a 345 gram heel/toe blade, featuring a plumbers neck with a full shaft offset. The 61 Series uses a high-toe design and weighs in at 345 grams. A half shaft of offset is provided by the S-neck hosel. The final blade is the heel-shafted 64 Series. As the lightest of the blades, the 64 Series is only 305 grams of stainless steel, and has a three-quarters shaft offset.

Adams A7 Putters

The lone mallet is the 62 Series and is the heaviest of the bunch, tipping the scales with 355 grams of soft cast stainless steel. The weight has been pushed out to the perimeter of the head, giving this putter a high amount of MOI. Multiple alignment aids are also carved into the cavity. The 62 Series uses a plumbers neck with a full shaft offset.

Options and Availability
All four models will be available in 33″, 34″, and 35″ variations. Only the 60 Series and the 64 Series will be available to both righties and lefties. Unfortunately for the lefties, the 61 Series and the 62 Series are for right-handed players only. The A7 Selects are now available, and priced to move at $69.99.

Idea Pro Black Hybrids
Earlier this month, Adams also rolled the new Idea Pro Black hybrids out the door. This latest release in the Idea line of hybrids expands on the Pro Black muscleback irons, and appropriately comes with a sleek black nickel finish which will help to reduce glare. While the previously covered A7 line works well for the average player, the Pro Black is geared more towards the more advanced players.

Adams Idea Pro Black Hybrid

For starters, 25 grams of weight were pushed to the lower back portion of the head in order to help the player get the ball in the air faster. Weight distribution can also be further tweaked via the forward weight port so that these hybrids can be dialed in perfectly to give you the perfect feel and launch conditions. The thin stainless steel crown and a Maraging steel face produces lower spin, while the minor amount of offset gives players the ability to work the ball as desired.

Adams Idea Pro Black Hybrid SoleTim Reed had this to say about the new hybrids:

Like the Tour pros, low-handicap golfers everywhere will appreciate the Idea Pro Black hybrids because they not only look great but the weighting system will give them the control and workability they are missing in their long irons.

Options and Availability
Adams offers many viable options for this hybrid, as it is available to both right-handed and left-handed players, with two different shafts to choose from, and in multiple lofts, including 16°, 18°, 20°, 23°, and 26°. The shafts offered are the 85 gram graphite Aldila Voodoo, and the 95 gram Matrix Ozik. Beware of the Ozik though, it will delay your order until November 15th.Though the MSRP is $249.99, realistically, expect to pay near $200 for the Pro Black, which is available now at your favorite retailer.

Final Thoughts
The A7 Select is an extremely affordable putter, and would more than likely do a great job for anyone looking for a nice, cheap flatstick. Though I’m not wild on the appearance of the yellowish urethane insert, don’t let my opinion sway you. I do believe the Pro Black hybrid is gorgeous though. This is an Adams club I’d definitely try. While I don’t think anyone would go wrong with either club, there’s a reason Adams Golf is the #1 hybrid maker, and the Pro Black looks like another great option in their long line of quality hybrids.

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