Volume One Hundred Eighty Four

Tiger is back in the winner’s circle. We didn’t even have to wait long.

Hittin' the LinksHello, and welcome again to Hittin’ the Links. Well Sandtrappers, I think its safe to say, Tiger Woods is still good. How about that last putt? Anyone else have a sense of déja vü? If nothing else it definitely sets the stage for the Masters.

In this latest edition of HTL we look at why Tiger’s non-political stance is not a bad thing, take a peek at his new international playing schedule, and investigate John Daly’s recent lawsuit. Also, we find out what the PGA Tour wants to do to the caddies, meet the pro who turned amateur to make it to Augusta, and do a wrap-up of the PGA events of the week. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Eighty Three

Goosen makes a comeback, Annika’s with child, and Tiger’s getting some big bucks from the folks down under

Hittin' the LinksHello again everybody and welcome to Hittin’ the Links. I realize it can be hard to turn your attention from basketball this week but there is still some good golf going on around the world. And just remember the Masters is just around the corner. Amen!

In this week’s edition of HTL we look at the record-breaking effort on the Asian Tour, see why Rick Reilly has Tiger Doubt, and investigate the big money Tiger is getting down under. Also, we check out the Shark’s new equipment company, congratulate Annika on her pregnancy, and do a wrap-up of this week’s events. Read on!

TaylorMade R9 TP Fairway Wood Review

TaylorMade puts out yet another solid club

R9 FairwayFor years now, TaylorMade has been one of the industry leaders in golf club design and manufacturing. They continually put out some of the best golf equipment available. Though they are probably best known for their drivers, with such past beauties like the r7, they also have made some absolutely fantastic fairway woods over the years as well.

I still think back to when my father first came home with his first Raylor or his Tour Spoon. They were great clubs and well ahead of their time.

I’ve never had a 3-wood I’ve completely trusted. Many of my playing partners have that “go to” fairway wood that they know will find the short grass when the chips are down. Such a club would be a great find as it would take some of the pressure off my driver. So as you can expect when I heard I had one of the new R9 TP 3-woods coming my way I was full of anticipation. I already had a Burner TP 3-wood in my bag and I was ready to put the new one to the test to see if I needed to switch.

Volume One Hundred Eighty Two

Lefty is tops at Doral, Stenson takes it all off, and the U.S. PGA Tour still reigns supreme

Hittin' the LinksHappy Monday Sand Trappers and welcome to another installment of Hittin’ the Links. How about that Philly Mick – he has a better righty swing than most of us! There is nothing more entertaining to watch on a Sunday afternoon than a good back and forth duel, and Watney and Mickelson delivered the goods for sure.

In this newest edition of HTL we investigate Henrick Stenson and his tendency to streak, see why Phil had to go to the hospital Saturday night, and find out why the PGA Tour is still on top. Also, we look into Prayad Marksaeng’s long road to the PGA Tour, take a peek at golf destination Biloxi Mississippi, and do a full wrap-up of this week’s events. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Eighty One

Titleist vs. Callaway, Round 2

Hittin' the LinksHello again and welcome to Hittin’ the Links. The PGA Tour season is well underway and spring is right around the corner. Those of you out there in the colder climates, keep your heads up, golf season is almost here. But until then…

In this latest edition of HTL we first check into the next round of litigation between Callaway and Titleist, investigate the best way to stay dry and quiet, and find out why the seniors get it. Also, we look into post bail-out tournament sponsorship, see where Tiger will play next, and, of course, do a full wrap up of this week’s tour events. Read on!

Nike Dymo and Dymo2 Driver Review

I think Nike is finally starting to get things right

Nike SQ Dymo HeroWhen I first saw that Nike had come out with another set of drivers I have to say I wasn’t all that excited. My experience with Nike’s golf gear has been favorable for the most part. I have carried their clubs in my bag from time to time, but I have always found myself going back to the manufacturers that have been around a little longer. I am a traditionalist at heart, and Nike’s drivers just always seemed a little “out there” for me. They had these goofy two tone crowns and the noise, the sound that emitted from them was ear shattering at best. There was always that one little thing about my Nike club that bothered me. Not bad equipment, but just not my cup of tea.

So when these two new Dymo series drivers arrived at my doorstep, I gave myself a little pep talk in the form of “Let’s give ’em a shot!” I am happy to report that I’m glad I did. Nike seems to have read my mind and improved on their drivers in virtually every way they could have (to me). It looks to me like a great deal of good traditional golf club design went in to the making of these. And out came what I believe to be the best product I have seen Nike put out to date.

Volume One Hundred Eighty

Tiger’s comeback is cut short, Sir Charles is getting some needed help, and The Shark suggests a pay cut

Hittin' the LinksWell Sand Trappers, Tiger’s comeback was a little anti-climactic but fortunately for us there were some good golf stories this week that didn’t include Mr. Woods. So sit back, relax, and let Hittin’ the Links take you for a tour of whats what in golf.

In this new edition of HTL we investigate Luke Donald’s ailing wrist, find out what Jim Thorpe forgot to do, and look into the upcoming Barkley-Haney joint venture. Also we see what Greg Norman thinks about PGA Tour purses, review which sponsors are in or out with the Tour, and do a full recap of this week’s winners. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Seventy Nine

Phil Mickelson finds his game, Tiger is back, and argyle is cool again?

Hittin' the LinksTiger is back! Tiger is back! Hey Sand Trappers, in case you haven’t heard yet, Tiger Woods is again playing golf professionally. Jeez, next to the inauguration this news has to be the biggest story of the year. We do love our Tiger Woods, and here at Hittin’ the Links I am no different. I mean I am as happy as anyone to see Eldrick again, but there are other things going on in the golf world.

Speaking of other things, HTL is again on the job bringing you the best golf stories from around the world. In this volume, we first get Tiger’s return out of our systems, then we turn our attention to an amateur champion at the Johnnie Walker Classic, and check out some golf fashion. Also, we see how Mickelson did at Riviera, look into Freddy’s sad week, and do a recap of the rest of the events around golf. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Seventy Eight

The Masters is growing the game, Wie is denied, and has anyone see Mickelson’s golf game?

Hittin' the LinksHello and welcome to the President’s Day edition of Hittin’ the Links. With any luck this column finds at least a few people out there with a day off and weather good enough to get in 18 holes. To those in the cold places, – spring’s coming, so hang in there.

In this holiday edition we look at Mr. Honesty, see how the Masters is growing golf, and investigate what has happened to Mickelson. Also, we do a weekly Tiger update, see what went wrong for Michelle Wie, and do a recount of this week’s Tour events. Read on!!!