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Volume Three Hundred Thirty Eight

Feb. 11, 2013     By     Comments (0)

Hittin' the LinksHello there golf fans! So think about this statistic, Brandt Snedeker is a whopping 82 under par so far this season. Yes, 82 under! He has two runner-ups and a win in his five starts, and has made over $2 million. That's a good season for most people and we haven't even gotten to the first major. This could be the season to remember for Mr. Snedeker.

In this edition of HtL, we start with a look at Condoleezza Rice's game, then see how Tiger helped out a "friend", then investigate whats going on in the Vijay Singh probe. Also on tap, we watch lefty fall on his heinie, find out what Hunter wants done to slow players, and check out the results of this week's tournaments. Read on!

I’m Caddie Tour GPS Review

Feb. 4, 2013     By     Comments (19)

I'm Caddie 3I subscribe to the K.I.S.S. method (Keep It Simple Stupid). On the golf course I rely on my stock ball flight unless I am absolutely forced to move the ball one direction or another. My first thought on every short game shot is what is the simplest way to play it, and I always try to err on the safe side with any shot decision. So it's safe to say I am not exactly Phil Mickelson. So when I was asked to review the I'm Caddie Talking Golf GPS, one if the simplest golf GPS devices on the market, I thought this gadget might be right down my alley.

Volume Three Hundred Thirty Seven

Jan. 20, 2013     By     Comments (0)

Hittin' the LinksHello golf fans and welcome to the 2013 Golf Season! I am back again with a collection of all that is interesting and golf related. This is the beginning of my sixth year here at The Sand Trap, and I have enjoyed every minute. Here is to another great year of golf!

In this first 2013 edition of HtL we begin with a look at Bubba's charitable side, then investigate what Tour players think of Rory's switch, and find out how that switch worked out for him. Also, we check out Stricker's semi-retirement, look into Rory's decision for the Olympics, and do a wrap-up of the weeks events. Read on!

Volume Three Hundred Thirty Six

Dec. 12, 2012     By     Comments (0)

Hittin' the LinksOh, the weather outside is least it is many places in our great country right now. Heck, I even had to put on a long sleeve pullover to play golf this morning. The weather looked pretty nice in Naples, Florida this weekend though where they played the Franklin Templeton Shootout. Oh, the life of a PGA Tour pro, free money on sunny golf courses while many of the rest of us freeze our tails off. If only I had begun playing golf earlier!

In this edition of HtL we begin with a look at Tom Watson for Ryder Cup Captain, then check out the top 100 to watch, and investigate some caddy fisticuffs. Also on tap, we look into a rather unconventional long drive, peruse some interesting Twitter pics, and do a rundown of the week's events. Read on!

Volume Three Hundred Thirty Five

Dec. 3, 2012     By     Comments (1)

Hittin' the LinksHappy December golf fans, and welcome to Hittin' the Links. Q-School is heating up with one round to go. There are several big names fighting for their card this year including non other than Camilo Villegas. And it's not looking so great for Camilo right now, we might have to watch Spiderman on the Tour in 2013.

In this edition of HtL we begin with a look at Micheal Phelps' aspirations, then look at the belly ban, and check out what Tiger did to keep his World Challenge afloat. Also, we investigate an idiot calling someone a cheater, look into some golf games, and do a wrap-up of the week's events. Read on!

Volume Three Hundred Thirty Four

Nov. 19, 2012     By     Comments (0)

Hittin' the LinksBizarre as it was to watch on Friday, I have to give props to Charlie Beljan for getting it together over the weekend and winning at Disney. I saw him play a couple times in college as he and I both attended the same University. Good for him, from second stage of Q-School to two-year exemption in two tournaments.

In this edition of HtL we begin with a look at another golfer making a painful but correct decision, check out one great season for Rory McIlroy, and take a peek at the final PGA Tour Money List. Also we say goodbye to Jim Flick, investigate a golf tax, and do a wrap-up of the week's events. Read on!

Volume Three Hundred Thirty Three

Nov. 5, 2012     By     Comments (1)

Hittin' the Links$200 million dollars, people! That is what Nike is reportedly paying Rory McIlroy to become a member of their staff. For that kind of money I imagine they could get him to go back to hickory and gutta percha. I can hardly wait for the first commercial where he tries to convince all of us he switched to Nike for the better equipment, yeah right!

In this edition of HtL we begin with a look at Rory's big move, then check out the youngest Masters qualifier ever, and find out why people were resentful to Adam Scott. Also, we investigate Nike's new red driver, look into the 5 easiest golf shots, and do a wrap-up of the week's events. Read on!

Odyssey Metal X #7 Belly Putter Review

Nov. 4, 2012     By     Comments (1)

odyssey_metalx_7_belly_sole.jpg Nothing brings about a heated discussion in the world of golf today quite like the long putter debate. Although the long putter made its debut on the PGA Tour way back in 1980; the controversy really did not heat up until the last few years when the belly putter started becoming more prevalent, and started winning big golf tournaments. I, myself, have been using a belly putter for two years now. Because of this I was the lucky enough to be chosen to try out the Metal X #7 Belly Putter by Odyssey. Lets see how it went.

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Volume Three Hundred Thirty Two

Oct. 29, 2012     By     Comments (0)

Hittin' the LinksThere are 25 very happy guys tonight after they received their 2013 PGA Tour cards following the completion of the Tour Championship. Now we sit around and wait to see who makes the top 125, then watch how Q-School shakes out to find out who we will watch do this whole thing over again in 2013.

In this edition of Hittin' the Links we begin with a look at the top 25, then find out why Nick Watney needs to send flowers to his wife, and check out the cash Tiger and Rory got in China. Also, we look into Graeme's dilemma, check out some Jesper style, and do a wrap-up of the weeks events. Read on!

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