20 Bag Drop Trivia Questions

Over the past year we’ve covered a lot of different equipment topics. How much were you paying attention?

Bag DropI wanted to do something special to commemorate an entire year of authoring The Bag Drop, so I took a peek back at some of those earlier columns for inspiration. As I did, it occurred to me just how much trivial information I’ve blathered on about week after week.

The exercise also made me curious as to whether any of this stuff really sticks with our loyal readers. So here’s a pop quiz… 20 questions to test your equipment and golf industry trivia knowledge based on The Bag Drop columns since last April.

1. Who was the first player to win a PGA Tour event using a Ping putter?

  1. Gene Littler
  2. Julius Boros
  3. Bobby Nichols

2. Who was the first player to win a PGA Tour event using the new Titleist Pro V1x?

  1. Charley Hoffman
  2. Davis Love III
  3. Adam Scott

3. How many dimples are on a Titleist Pro V1?

  1. 382
  2. 332
  3. 392

4. How many dimples are on a Titleist Pro V1x?

  1. 382
  2. 332
  3. 392

5. The former USGA president responsible for this year’s Masters course setup was…

  1. Fred Ridley
  2. Sandy Tatum
  3. Walter Driver

6. Whose putter was banned shortly after he used it to win the British Open?

  1. Harry Vardon
  2. Walter Travis
  3. Young Tom Morris

7. Who is credited with inventing the long putter?

  1. Charlie Sifford
  2. Jim Thorpe
  3. Charlie Owens

8. Toney Penna, a famous club designer, originally worked for…

  1. MacGregor
  2. Spaulding
  3. Wilson

9. Who was the first player to win a PGA Tour event using a metal driver?

  1. Bill Kratzert
  2. Jim Simons
  3. Bill Rogers

10. What makes a rangefinder or GPS unit non-conforming?

  1. Ability to switch between yards and meters
  2. Ability to show distance in feet
  3. Ability to display elevation data

11. Which manufacturer makes a putter with light emitting diodes as a sight line?

  1. Nickent
  2. Cobra
  3. Guerin Rife

12. Which club brand was not represented in any player’s bag at last fall’s Newport Cup competition?

  1. Srixon
  2. Nike
  3. Nicklaus

13. Which airline requires you to sign a waiver of liability when traveling with golf clubs?

  1. Continental
  2. United
  3. Delta

14. When does the USGA propose to begin using a condition of competition rule that will force competitive players to change irons to conforming grooves?

  1. January 1, 2009
  2. January 1, 2010
  3. January 1, 2008

15. A “BirdieBall” looks like a…

  1. Shuttlecock
  2. Napkin ring
  3. Whiffle ball

16. Last June, which two manufacturers were giving away hybrids and fairway clubs with the purchase of one of their drivers?

  1. Macgregor and Wilson
  2. Nike and Bobby Jones
  3. Callaway and TaylorMade

17. Who is the first major manufacturer to sell clubs directly from their own web site?

  1. Callaway
  2. TaylorMade
  3. Titleist

18. Standard putter loft is generally considered to be…

  1. Between 1° and 2°
  2. Between 2° and 4°
  3. Between 3° and 5°

19. Which of four models was dropped from this year’s Scotty Cameron Circa 62 line of putters to make way for a new model?

  1. Model 2
  2. Model 4
  3. Model 5

20. The name of Adams Golf’s new Insight BUL Driver stands for…

  1. Built Ultra Long
  2. Big, Ugly, Long
  3. Bernhard U. Langer

In the End…
Sorry there are no prizes for getting them all correct… this year anyway. If enough people have fun with this we’ll make it an annual event and maybe make a true contest out of it.

While all the answers are somewhere on the site, I’ll have a complete answer list at the end of next week’s Bag Drop.

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  1. What are the answers to these trivia questions? Can you email them to me.
    thanks much…I want to use them at a golf tournament

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