Adams Golf Launches Idea Pro Hybrids

As hybrid clubs find their way into the bags of better golfers, manufacturers like Adams are responding with models specifically designed for the stronger player.

Bag DropAdams Golf is one of the established leaders in hybrid clubs. This latest addition to their line comes to market after considerable testing on the PGA, Champions, and Nationwide Tours where a number of players have had them in use for several months now.

The Idea Pro hybrids were designed from the ground up to appeal to top amateur and pro golfers with a look, specific materials, and inherent performance characteristics that match up well with the preferences of most strong players.

While we’ll have a full review of these clubs in The Sand Trap soon, here’s a first look at Adams newest hybrid line…

The Design
Adams Idea Pro 3The shape of the new hybrids is something different. They look to be a little smaller than other Adams offerings and are reported to have an iron-like topline and no offset.

To optimize the center of gravity, they’ve positioned an adjustable weight port forward in the sole. This is to promote a lower spin rate while still allowing for adjustments in swing weight and shaft performance.

The “pull face” construction and steel insert are designed to increase ball speed off the face and also contribute to less spin.

This combination of no offset, a more iron-like look, and less spin seems right on target for strong players who want a club that’s going to perform well off the tee, from the fairway, and out of the rough.

The Specs
As I’ve written before, it’s just personally irksome that there’s no standard numbering/loft scheme for hybrids. One maker’s “2” is another maker’s “3”, and so on. Here’s how Adams is designating the clubs:

The Idea Pro hybrids are coming out in five different lofts: 16° (1 iron), 18° (2 iron), 20° (3 iron), 23° (4 iron), and 26° (5 iron). The stock shaft is the Aldila VS 80-gram hybrid graphite shaft. The stock grip is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet.

The choice of the Aldila VS “By You” shaft seems a good one since it’s really taken off on the PGA Tour with multiple wins to its credit this year.

Tour Experience
The hybrid is no longer just a crutch for older players and slower swingers and Adams’ success on the three major men’s tours seems to bear this out.

Adams Golf set the single event hybrid count record on the Nationwide Tour with 59 in play at the recent Northeast Pennsylvania Classic. There were 74 in play at the Senior PGA Championship and it was the most played hybrid at The International on the PGA Tour.

Allen Doyle had two of them in his bag when he won the U.S. Senior Open and long-hitting Bubba Dickerson is also playing a couple of these clubs on the PGA Tour.

In the End…
This season Adams has managed to make its Idea Pro hybrids the number one hybrid on the combined three tours. That’s impressive when you consider that the vast majority of the players using these clubs aren’t paid to do so (even if they are getting them for free).

Unfortunately, they’re not free for you and me. The Idea Pro hybrids are scheduled to hit stores on September 15 with a suggested retail price of $249.99.

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