Adams Unveils New Tight Lies Woods and Hybrids

Adams Golf updates the popular Tight Lies line with hybrids and titanium fairway woods.

Bag DropCertain golf companies tend to make one think of certain types of clubs, and with Adams golf, the mind goes immediately to woods and hybrids. Years ago, the company produced one of the most popular fairway woods of all time with the Tight Lies and more recently, they’ve become known for making easy-to-hit hybrids.

About this time last year, the company reintroduced its famed Tight Lies line of clubs and now the company is ready to roll out an update to those clubs. The new clubs still have the features that make it part of the Tight Lies line, however new technology has been built in to add to the clubs distance and forgiveness.

Probably the one feature that makes a Tight Lies club a Tight Lies club is the signature “upside-down head shape” and the tri-sole; two features which aren’t found on other fairway woods. Last year’s version of the club featured a speed slot on the crown of the club, something which has become a regular feature of Adams golf clubs. This year, however, the slot on the top is missing, well, almost missing. The club now has Ghost Slot Technology which is nearly invisible on the crown of the club and uses a refined “barbell” cut-thru slot design. This reduces the stress on the face and allows for faster ball speeds and higher launches.

The fairway woods will be available in two different options. The standard version is made from stainless steel and comes in lofts of 14.5°, 16°, 19°, and 22° models. For those looking for a little bit of a hotter face, the company also offers the Tight Lies Titanium Fairway Wood. This version features a titanium face and crown with a stainless steel sole, and has the lowest CG ever in an Adams fairway wood. The combination of the Ghost Slot Technology and the titanium face allows for a face the reaches the USGA’s limit on spring-like effect. The titanium version comes in 13.5°, 15°, and 18° models.

In addition to the new woods are new hybrids. Like the fairway woods, the hybrids feature the upside-down head shape; the feature which Adams stays makes their Tight Lies so easy to hit, and one that has never been utilized on a hybrid. This face design coupled with the club’s low profile design creates a club with a low center of gravity making it extremely easy to get the ball up into the air.

The stainless steel woods and hybrids come stock with the KuroKage shaft while the titanium fairway woods will have the Mitsubishi Bassara Eagle Series shaft. The clubs will be available starting on October 1st. Hybrids will cost $179, while fairway woods will run $199 or $249 (stainless steel or titanium).

2 thoughts on “Adams Unveils New Tight Lies Woods and Hybrids”

  1. I have an Adams Speedline 3 wood, and I love it. It is the one with the top slot and white head. I also have a Adams Fast 12 Driver, and I really don’t like it at all. That driver is a little over a year older and doesn’t have a slot. I can hit the 3 wood far more consistently and sometimes father (220+) than the driver. I can actually predict a draw and control a fade with the 3 wood. If I don’t swing absolutely perfectly with the driver it might send it anywhere. Both have senior flex shafts. I’ve not carried that driver in my bag for the last 3 rounds and I’ve lowered my score from 4 to 5 strokes (low 80’s). I still need the distance on those 5’s though. If I could get a driver that worked, and felt, like that 3 wood I’d be in business! I also have a set of Adams RPM3 irons with the ultralight shafts, and I’m pleased with those. I just wish clubs weren’t so expensive, and cool. 🙂

    So, if these new clubs are like my fairway wood, or better, they’re probably worth a look. It’s probably time I start looking for a different driver and I wish I could find a smaller head driver, but give me a little more distance than that 3 wood and have the same feel (maybe the idea of 1 wood). I don’t like a 460cc driver, and I think I hit the smaller heads better. Listening Adams/Taylor Made, anyone?

  2. Theropod. Look a little further down the Taylor Made rack, they’re listening and it’s called the SLDR Mini driver. I think it’s exactly what you’re describing.

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