Callaway Announces Big Bertha V Series

Building upon the success of the recent re-release of the Big Bertha, Callaway Golf introduces an even faster version; the Big Bertha V Series.

Bag DropThe name Big Bertha is arguably the most well known in the golf equipment industry, and for good reason. When the company recently re-released the Big Bertha line-up, it was a huge success. Many players found more distance with the company’s latest and greatest in the bag and now the company looks to add a few more yards with the fastest Big Bertha yet, the V series.

The new Big Bertha V Series includes both drivers and fairway woods. The clubs feature many different technologies, some of which are new and others which have been found on previous Callaway clubs. To start, the clubs have the same OptiFit Hosel, which has been in use since the release of the FT Optiforce drivers. One of the most versatile adjustable hosels on the market, the club can be adjusted in 8 possible configurations, -1°, standard, +1° or +2° in either draw or neutral settings. The hosel is also easy to read, making it quick for golfers to make adjustments on the fly and fine tune their ball flight.

Big Bertha V Series Driver

While the hosel is nice, what the V Series is all about is speed. This starts with the company’s Speed Optimized Technology which is comprised of many different components. To begin, the club stats with a 290 gram design with the simple thought that a lighter weight club can be swung faster. The club also has aerodynamic shaping which reduces drag during the entirety of the swing further enhancing club head and therefore ball speeds. The Big Bertha V Series, like the previous Big Berth and the RAZR Fit clubs before them also feature a light weight forged composite crown. What it boils down to is this, if you can swing it faster, you can hit it further; and the company says this is the fastest Big Bertha yet.

Big Bertha V Series Driver - Face

The club also has Hyper Speed Face technology, which is lighter and hotter than ever before. With the variable thickness of the face, the company was able to create a club that produces fast and consistent ball speeds across a larger portion of the face, meaning those slight mishits won’t suffer much at all. Included with the new driver is a high performance, light weight shaft. However, the exact stock shaft will depend on which head you get; the 9° head comes stock with the Fujikura Motore Speeder 565 shaft while the 10.5° and 13.5° heads come stock with the Mitsubishi Bassara.

Big Bertha V Series - FW

Along with the new driver are new fairway woods. Like the driver, the woods are designed with speed in mind and have many of the same features including an aerodynamic head shape and Hyper Speed Face. The club also features a modern version of the War Bird soleplate. With the new design, Callaway says that it has increased the clubs playability from nearly everywhere and that it is one of the most versatile woods ever created. Righties will have 3-, 5-, 7-, 9- and Heavenwood options while lefties will be limited to just 3 and 5 woods. The stock shaft for the fairway woods is the Mitsubishi Bassara E-series.

Both the driver and fairway woods are available for preorder now with products shipping on 8/22. The cost is $240 for the woods and $400 for the driver.

3 thoughts on “Callaway Announces Big Bertha V Series”

  1. Has the same concave depressions in sole heel and toe as the Warbird 4 wood – with bore-through hosel – leaning against the wall in our overflow room.

    Might be tempted to reshaft it if I could find a Bassara E-series that didn’t cost a fortune.

  2. I checked out the driver — incredible feel, soft, bot and quiet — well done, Callaway!

    Very easy to launch, very light – may cause inconsistency for me. Would order with the Speeder 565 which is approx 14 gr heavier and then cut a half inch to get it to 45 in.

    I haven’t hit a 10.5 degree driver in 5 years — typically I go 12-12.5, and this 10.5 was launching well. Another shaft may calm things down. I needed to tee it lower than normal. Ball seemed to go far in my short time with the club.

    Fairways set up wonderfully. Size seems between GBB and X2Hot. No problems hitting 15.5 3 wd off tee. Heavenwood is marketed as a substitute to a 4/7 combo setup — one wood does it all — it’s 43 in and 20.5 — would probably work more consistently with a slightly shorter shaft length. Heavenwood also looks slightly deeper than the 5 wood — it does have more volume than the 5 wood…

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