Volume Four Hundred

Villegas gets a win, I get the shanks, and Santa gets beaned.

Hittin' the LinksEver have one of those rounds where just moving the ball in the general direction of the hole becomes an almost impossible ask?

Over the weekend, I joined a great group of TST members and staff for a little golf in Erie, PA. I’ve been playing pretty well of late and even dropped a couple strokes off my handicap in the last six weeks. So there I was warming up and hitting the ball solidly. All seemed right in the world. Then it happened… “El hoselo. The laterals. You know, the S-word.”

To make a long painful story short, it got ugly. I shot one of my worst rounds in years and only hit one solid iron all day. Most shots were fat, badly pulled, or both. On the bright side, I only shanked two or three. Why do I share this disturbing story? Because the overall theme of HTL #400 is redemption.

In golf, there’s always some hope for the next time you tee it up. You could find that one little swing key that straightens things out, you could make a hole in one or even an albatross, you might birdie or par your nemesis hole, or you could win that $2 Nassau with your buddies. That’s why we keep coming back. Let’s hit the links.

Hole #1: Now That’s a Long Shot
Gunn Yang: U.S. Amateur Champion. Who’d have thought?

Hole #2: Spider-Man Returns
We have a Camilo Villegas sighting! It’s been four years since Villegas has one on TOUR. But it just goes to show, a Sunday 63 can go a long way, especially when the other leaders self destruct down the stretch. [Link]

Hole #3: Park Returns to Major-Winning Circle
This makes five majors for Inbee Park. Sadly, next year the LPGA has no date in Rochester for the first time in nearly 40 years. [Link]

Hole #4: A First for Sutherland
Only a three-putt bogey on the final hole kept Kevin Sutherland from posting a 58 on the Champions Tour last week. It was the first 59 in the tour’s history. [Link]

Hole #5: Tringale DQs Himself
Cameron Tringale agonized over the possibility that he whiffed a putt during the final round. He decided that he probably did. Honesty is the best policy… even if it costs you $53K. And that’s another thing that’s great about golf. [Link]

Hole #6: Just Don’t Call it Putt Putt
Mini-golf is serious sport in some circles. Serious, but not exactly lucrative. Olivia Prokopova should know. She’s famous in the Czech Republic and one of the top pros in the U.S. [Link]

Hole #7: Someone Hit Santa!

Hole #8: Fallon Riffs on TOUR Headshots

Hole #9: Can Golf Survive Global Warming?
Climate change means new strains of turfgrass and other adjustments for golf courses everywhere. Hmmm… does Al Gore play? [Link]

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