Callaway Rolls Out New Irons, Odyssey Expands Putter Line-up

New, premium putters are now available from Odyssey, while Callaway has new utility clubs and irons on the way.

Bag DropIn the coming months, Callaway Golf will be releasing two new products to the golfing world. The first, which will be available in December, are the X Utility Prototype Irons. Towards the end of January, Callaway will release the new version of the X Forged irons. Both clubs were designed by Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland. In addition to the new irons, Odyssey (Callaway’s putter division), recently released a new premium line, the ProType Black Putters.

X Utility Prototype Irons
The X Utility Prototype Irons made their first debut on the PGA Tour just prior to the 2012 U.S. Open. The release of the new utility created a bit of a buzz on tour and found there way into the bags of many on the Tour including Phil Mickleson, Banden Grace and Ernie Els (who used all three in his win at the Open Championship).

Callaway X Utility Prototype Irons

As alluded two above, the X Utility Prototype Irons come in three different lofts; 18°, 21°, and 24°, and were designed with the idea of replacing the 2, 3 and 4 irons that many players, including professionals are moving away from. The new clubs are made with a hollow forged construction from 1020 carbon steel. In addition to this, the sole is made from tungsten to give the club optimal CG and a strength margin steel face to give higher ball speeds. The irons also feature removable weights on the sole ranging from two to eight grams to help players dial in on their preferred swing weight.

The Callaway X Prototype Irons will be available at retail stores on December 1st and will cost $199 with a steel shaft or $229 with a graphite shaft.

Callaway X Forged Irons
Available starting in late Januaray are the new Callaway X Forged Irons. The new irons are forged from 1025 carbon steel using a method Callaway calls Triple Net Forging. According to Callaway this process ensures extremely tight tolerances from iron to iron that can not be done using other methods. In the new irons, Callaway has used CG height progression which is modeled after the companies Muscleback irons. The CG on the new X Forged irons is lower to promote a high launch and increased carry and should give better players the trajectory they seek. The grooves on the irons are also tightly spaced to give increased consistency and shot-shaping ability.

Callaway X Forged Irons

Callaway is also going down a new road with the club’s stock shaft. The X Forged Irons will feature the new Project X Pxi shaft. This shaft is lighter and softer and is also a constant weight shaft and fetters Tour-cliber spin control and tip stability. According to Callaway, the chart has been stiffness calibrated from butt to tip for optimal feel.

The irons will be available at retailers starting on January 25, 2013 for $999.99.

Odyssey ProType Black Putters
In addition to the new clubs which will be available soon from Callaway are the new Odyssey ProType Black Putters which made their debut at retail stores earlier this month. The putters have what Odyssey says is a “stealth” look featuring a black PVD finish on the head, black powder coat shaft, and a black, seamless grip. Unlike the majority of putters available from Odyssey, this one does not use an insert and is instead milled from 1025 carbon steel.

Odyssey ProType Black 9

The ProType Black putters are available in three different head shapes; the #2 which is an Anser-like blade, the #9 which is a heel shafted mallet, and a 2-Ball. The #2 and #9 have an asking price of $269 while the 2-Ball is a bit more at $299.

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  1. These are great looking irons. The Project X Pxi shafts are the newest technology as well… I have them in my current irons and I love them. The shafts alone will make this set the best deal on the shelf.

    Do they have an offset at address?

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