Cleveland Introduces New CG14 Wedge

Hot on the heels of the CG12, the “better player’s” wedge, Cleveland is releasing the CG14 for the rest of us.

Bag DropThe wedge choices on the market today are enough to baffle even the most astute of short game wizards. Now, with new buzz words like “visco-elastic vibration-dampening material,” Cleveland Golf has come out with the CG14, the latest in its venerable “CG” line of wedges.

For the past 20 plus years, Cleveland has held the top spot in the wedge category. Thanks primarily to Titleist’s line of Vokey wedges – with assists by Callaway, TaylorMade, and weak sales of the CG11 – Cleveland’s market share was reduced by a few points in 2006. After a quick recovery, Cleveland continues to once again distance itself from the competition.

Earlier this year, Cleveland released the straightforward CG12 wedge, aimed at better players. Now Cleveland is looking to target not the higher handicappers but everyone, from Tour pro to duffer, with its CG14. These clubs complement Cleveland’s venerable 588 line of wedges and, Cleveland hopes, will signal the start of a new era in their wedge designs and technologies.

Head Design
Cleveland says the new CG14 wedges offer a perfect balance of performance, versatility, and forgiveness, all with unprecedented feel. The CG14’s new design takes advantage of Cleveland’s most advanced manufacturing process and feel technology, combining it with a tour-scrutinized shape, sole, and offset. In other words, the head shape is very classic and should appeal to the wide range of golfers Cleveland is targeting.

cleveland_cg14_wedge_hero.jpgCleveland’s “Zip Grooves” – deeper, square grooves that made their debut on the CG12 – are employed on the new CG14 as well. Zip Grooves are milled to maximum conforming dimensions using a proprietary CNC mill bit and process that creates envelope-stretching geometry, yielding the largest and most precisely milled grooves available in a Cleveland wedge. Cleveland says that the CG14’s larger groove volume helps to channel more debris at impact than traditional grooves, so consistent spin is generated from all lies due to improved contact. To improve shot consistency, the new groove geometry was coupled with an innovative plating process that protects the grooves during plating so the edges aren’t dulled and the grooves filled by chroming.

Our review of the CG12 wedges indicates that the Zip Grooves don’t offer quite the same amount of spin available from, say, a Vokey Spin-Milled wedge, and our forum members agree. Cleveland says that they round the edges of the grooves slightly, opting not for the most possible spin but rather a consistent amount of spin from all lies and less ball damage, making “Zip” grooves somewhat of a misnomer. And we can buy that line of reasoning even if we still miss some of the crazy shots you can pull off with fresh, super-spinny grooves.

The CG14 also boasts Cleveland’s new “Gelback Technology,” which is the aforementioned “visco-elastic, vibration-dampening material.” Cleveland has positioned a cheese wedge of the rubbery material behind center of the wedge’s face on the back of the club. The Gelback is vibration-tuned to remove unnecessary vibration on mis-hits, while still allowing players the necessary feedback from the clubhead for a buttery soft yet responsive feel.

The CG14 also features a slightly wider sole design to improve contact on full shots and to help prevent digging on the more refined finesse shots around the green. Additionally, the “tour offset” (is there such a thing on wedges?) provides the player a slightly different shape at address and allows players to drive the head down and through the impact zone to create a more controlled ball flight.

Zip Grooves
Cleveland’s Zip Groove Technology increases traditional groove volume by 25%, thus channeling debris away and allowing consistent spin from even the worst of lies

The CG14 wedge comes standard with a Traction Wedge Shaft, which was designed in collaboration with Cleveland’s tour staff to enhance feel and improve impact consistency on wedge shots. Players will feel more head control on touch shots and a more consistent delivery at impact, which helps to improve the sole/turf interaction and effectiveness of bounce. Which brings us to…

CG14 Finishes
The CG14 is available in either of Cleveland’s classic finish options – Chrome or Black Pearl. In reality, the Black Pearl finish isn’t quite this dark.

The CG14 is available in lofts of 46°, 48°, 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, and 60°. Low Bounce models are available in lofts of 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°, right hand only. The left hand option is available in lofts of 52°, 54°, 58°, 60°, Standard Bounce only. Users will also have their choice of two finishes – Chrome and Black Pearl. A W-Series women’s model is also available. Cleveland’s minimum advertised price (MAP) is $109.

But Will it Work?
Personally, it seems a bit unnecessary to accessorize a wedge with the “Gelback” technology. Though the technology seems to work in irons, I remain unconvinced that it’ll make much of a difference in a wedge. Should players really be mis-hitting wedges that badly that they need to dampen the vibrations? As a mid- to high-handicap golfer, I think my shortcomings around the green are probably more closely attributed to swing flaws, and possibly a lack of concentration, and not “unnecessary vibrations.”

It would seem that the CG11’s inability to capture the attention of consumers was a big motivation behind this new release. This CG14 is somewhat of a replacement for the CG11 – though it also hopes to reach better players as well – and will hopefully further the cause for Cleveland’s ever evolving lead on the wedge market.

This article was written by guest author Ryan Sullivan, who remains an active member of our forum.

23 thoughts on “Cleveland Introduces New CG14 Wedge”

  1. I’m curious about how the CG14 actually performs but I have the same concerns with you on the gelbacks. I have the Cleveland CG Gold irons which have the gelbacks and have really enjoyed them. However, I’ve never had the strong desire to have a SW with gelbacks. I just don’t see how it’ll make that big of a difference.

  2. I like the CG14. I used it for the first time this weekend and it’s very consistent and has a very good feel. It spins as good as any other club except for the Spin Milled Titleist.
    I use it as my gap wedge (52*) and it is as great of a club as any of the other one’s I’ve tried.

  3. I myself, being left handed, am quite content with my CG12 wedges… I don’t understand why the CG12 is offered with a full compliment of left handed options and then do this with the CG14.

  4. I’m debating on whether getting the CG12 or the CG14 for my new lob wedge(60*). I really can’t tell the difference between the CG12 from the CG14, other then the gelback system which I don’t think even works. Could anyone help me out with this dilema?

  5. I just bought the cg14 black pearl set a 52,56,60 on ebay for only 167.00 plus shipping of 20.00 can’t wait till i get them. Also just got the cg golds by cleveland and love em.

  6. I just can’t make up my mind between CG12/CG14.
    I’ve read that CG12 is for better golfer. How better? I’m a 10 handicapper. Is there anybody who could give me some feedback. I love both clubs butdidn’t have the chance to try them. I won’t be able too before may since I’m still in the snow here but I’d like to order now!!! Thanks

  7. I just bought the CG14 in black pearl and so far, I love them. The feel is great, and their look is very appealling to the me. The Vokey Spin-Milled wedges have been talked up a lot, and I wish I could compare the two, but I have not played the Titelist yet. And with the game I have had with my Cleveland’s, I don’t know if I will. I’ll admit that the Gel-back feature is a bit odd on a wedge, but the smooth and soft feedback that comes through the club when you make a shot surely has some connection to that, which makes it okay by me. Overall, the CG14 is a top-quality club.

  8. Chris: U Better be careful, there’s a lot of fake clubs on EBAY. $167 for three clubs that retail for $109 each? That seems pretty sketchy, I hope you receive the real deal.

    Anyways, I bought two CG14 wedges (56/60) and I’m very happy with them. My course has a lot of bunkers and these clubs have definately helped my short game.

  9. i’ve had mine for a month now. i have gone from 20 year old ping wedges to these and have to say I LOVE THEM! Makes me want to look into updating all my irons to the cleveland red

  10. I just got the CG 14 and love it. I went back and forth on the 12 and 14. I think the gelback provides a good feel and I get all the spin I need. Great club!

  11. I have a set of ping raptures – the pw is 46; i am buying the cleveland cg14 black pearl – do you recommend the 52, 56 and 60 or the 50, 54 and 58?

  12. Rangib: Alot of this depends on how good of a golfer you are. For a high handicaper it is much more difficult for them to control a 60 degree wedge. Also, you generally want about 4 degree difference in your “scoring clubs” even though it is not a set rule. However, my favorite club in the bag is my 56 degree. It really all matters on what your comfortable with and make sure about your distances on your clubs. It would be pointless to have two clubs that hit close to the same distance. I’m talking about the gap between your rapture pw and whichever set you decide to buy. I hope this helps.

  13. I also purchased 3 from ebay for just a bit over $200 for all three… If they are fakes they went to a lot of trouble as they have all the stickers touting zip groves on the heads of the clubs etc… I wonder a little though as the 52 is much darker than the 56 and 60. Is there any real way to tell? Stickers are there on the shaft… the rubber insert is in the back. The grooves look milled just right … weight is consistent, all wrapping has cleveland all over it… all shafts are identical as are all three grips, seller has all good feedback. You start selling knockoffs and someone is going to call you on it… I wonder though…


  14. I also got scammed with fake CG14 wedges on E-bay. Ironically I played really well with them first time out, but they did lose a lot of paint. Anyhpow, that will teach me to be a cheap skate. Next time I will go and support my local golf shop. Have logged a fraud case with Ebay. Please pass around. Thanks an dhappy golfing.


  15. my old cleveland sandwedge was my baby, but after 10 years, the grooves and face were becoming worn. i also had a 52* macgregor gap wedge about the same age. all i can say is it was a great time for my grooves to wear out. i bought the 56, played one round, went home and ordered a 52. after 2 rounds in the mid 70’s, i went home and ordered the 60. my buddies are really gonna be pissed when they hand over their cash this summer…

  16. I normally use my sand wedge for chipping but I am getting too much roll on it. I am thinking of buying a Cleveland wedge and have a choice of either CG11 or CG14. Can you please recommend which one I should go for and what bounce and angle. Thanks.

  17. 😯 They claim that the ‘gelback’ technology is reducing the unwanted vibrations on mis-hits? I can’t speak for everybody but that isn’t what i need on a 50°-60°. A mis-hit with a gapwedge doesn’t take off 20 yards its mear feet. Perhaps this would be great with those mid to long irons, but i can’t see any real purpose to reducing the vibrations for a max 100 yard shot? 😐

    Though overall, the clubs are great the feel is fantastic and it’s easier to get those little 15 yard pitch shots to spin again! 😀

  18. I just got a new set of Ping G5’s 4-9, PW, and UW. The PW is 46° and the UW is 50°. I’d like to compliment it with a couple Cleveland wedges, but I’m torn over which combination to get. 56° & 60°? 54° and 60°? 54° & 58°? I know conventional wisdom says to vary by 4°, but I’m thinking it may be handy to have the 60° in the bag.

  19. 4 handicap

    I have tried out both cg 12 and cg 14 and have found only minor differences. The cg 14 has a wider sole which is why it is the tour pros choice of sand wedge. Also it seems to be much better for opening up the club face and hitting flop shots. The cg 12 has a more solid feel and hits a lower ball flight. Both have similar spin characteristics and overall i would recommend cleveland wedges over any other make (including titleist vokey, callaway and mizuno all of which i have tries) purely because of the amount of feel you have with them.

  20. Currently have 50, 54 and 58 CG14’s, in Black Pearl, and just ordered a 46. I love the feel and solidness of impact over the whole range of shots, from 100 yards plus to chips and sand shots. These are fabulous wedges!

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