Fall 2008 Sneak Peak: Titleist Vokey Wedges and Cameron Putters

A sneak peek at Bob Vokey’s most extensive line of wedges to date and some new flatsticks from Scotty Cameron.

Bag DropLast week we brought you the news of Titleist’s fall 2008 909 driver, fairway wood, and hybrid lineup. This week we bring news of the rest of the new Titleist gear: Bob Vokey’s most complete line of wedges ever and some new creations from putter craftsman Scotty Cameron.

With the spring release of the AP2 and AP1 irons (along with the ZB and ZM) and new putters, and the impending release of new drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids, new wedges and putters will mark a wholesale replacement of Titleist’s equipment line in 2008.

Read on as you prepare to have your wallet lightened a bit this fall.

Vokey Design Wedges
The Vokey Design wedge lineup has always been one of the better ones on the market due to the many options a golfer was able to choose from. The 200 Series boasts 11 different lofts while the Spin Milled series offers eight. Chances are, you could find an off-the-rack Vokey Design that would work for you.

Wedge Finishes
From top to bottom, three finishes: Tour Chrome, Oil Can, and Black Nickel. Every wedge will be offered in each of the three finishes this fall.

This fall, the entire Spin Milled side of the Vokey lineup is being replaced with an updated, expanded lineup. According to Titleist, the spin-milled process produce grooves that provide 30% more volume than conventional wedge grooves. In addition, the “tuned face texture” produces “micro edges” that provide additional gripping power to give you more spin on partials shots. Simply put, the Spin Mill wedges will help you stop a ball on a dime.

The Spin-Milled lineup, once eight, is now 14 wedges deep. Three bounce options will be made available between low, medium, and high amongst various lofts for righties. The low-bounce models will include four lofts: 54.08, 56.08, 58.04, and 60.04. The medium-bounce models will include nine lofts: 48.06, 50.08, 52.08, 54.11, 56.11, 58.08, 60.07, 62.07, and 64.07. The high-bounce models include four lofts: 54.14, 56.14, 58.12, 60.10. Lefties will see a subset of these with nine models: 48.06, 50.08, 52.08, 54.11, 56.11, 58.08, 60.07, 62.07, and 64.07.

The Spin-Milled lineup, once available in only three lofts, now places one to three wedges at every loft from 48° to 64°. Titleist feels that the mid-bounce wedges will suit most golfers, and is offering key lofts in high- and low-bounce options for specific swing types (sliders and diggers) and different course conditions (soft and firm).

What’s more, for righties all but the 48.06, 50.08, 62.07, and 64.07 will be available in several different grinds available from the Tour – the M, T, E and TK.

Vokey Wedges in a Bag
If you pay careful attention, you’ll be able to pick out a few new grinds in this bag-o-wedges, coming soon to a pro shop near you.

The new lineup will be available in three finishes: Tour Chrome, Oil Can, and new this year, Black Nickel. Personally, I think the black nickel really pops and I’ll be adding a couple of those to my bag this fall (my wallet is getting lighter too, just like yours will be!).

This lineup marks the first time master wedge craftsman Bob Vokey has designed a complete set of wedges, with progression throughout the set and a consistent design philosophy. In the past, Vokey would create a 54° wedge, then start all over again when creating a 58° model. This set blends computer-aided design with Vokey’s craftsman touch and, according to Titleist, brings the best of both worlds to your golf bag.

All models are made from 8620 base metal that is softer and provides for greater feel. The swingweights vary from a D2 to D5 depending on the loft and all come stock with the True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shaft and carry a price tag of $109. Expect to see them in golf shops mid-October.

Scotty Cameron Putters
Earlier this year, we announced the new Studio Select line to rave reviews. Soon after, additional prototypes were seen popping up and people started get a bit excited the chance for some late-season additions to the existing Studio Select lineup. This fall you will get your chance as four models have been added to the Studio Select line.

Scotty Cameron Newports
From left to right, the Fastback, Squareback, 2.6, and 2.7. They’ve been in play on the PGA Tour for awhile now, but soon one may be in your bag.

We can’t say much about these putters that wasn’t already said in the spring, so we’ll keep this short.

Four new models will be introduced, as seen above. The Newport Fastback and Newport Squarebacks are mallet-inspired Newport descendents. The Newport 2.6 and 2.7 feature the classic Newport look with different shaft options. The 2.7 features a single-bend, heel-insert option while the 2.6 features a straight-in shaft closer to the center and an alignment dot beneath.

All four models are precision milled with 303 stainless steel and an improved high toe setup. The stainless heel/toe screw weights allow each model to be available in 33″, 34″, and 35″ lengths at various weights, including heavier versions in 34″ and 35″ (called “34H” and “35H”). Also like the current Studio Select models, the putters feature Bold red tour graphics, a stepless shaft, and a red Cameron cord grip.

They’ll also be available in October for $299.

29 thoughts on “Fall 2008 Sneak Peak: Titleist Vokey Wedges and Cameron Putters”

  1. The new wedge lineup looks very, very impressive. When my current wedges wear out, I will replace them with black nickel Spin Milled Vokeys for sure. With this years lineup, I don’t think there is any club company with a more well-rounded product set for low to mid handicaps. For the first time, I could see myself going with an all-Titleist bag.

  2. Im with you, Erik, those black nickel wedges look very nice. Since my gap wedge does need to be replaced by ’09, I’m going to give these a look. I already have a vokey spin milled 56, and couldn’t be happier.

  3. I have read a few responses from Scotty on his blog site stating that he will be coming out with a new face balanced putter or two in the near future. Do you know if the Fastback or the Squareback are face balanced?

  4. I’m just hoping that the Squareback is available in lefty……Not like I need another one, but I’d buy one just because I want one.

  5. Do the new Vokeys conform to the new USGA groove rules?

    Also, does anyone have any insight about whether “new for 2009” iron models (from Titleist or anyone else) will conform with the new groove rules? I realize that the rules don’t go into effect for irons manufactured prior to Jan. 1, 2010, but I am curious about whether we will begin seeing the modified grooves soon or whether manufacturers will wait until the deadline to incorporate groove changes.

  6. Nice preview, Erik.

    Those wedges look awesome. Black Ni ftw!! I’m not a massive Cameron fan (not his production models anyway) and those putters don’t really appeal to me, but the wedges I definately want to try out!

  7. I’m very excited to see the Black Nickel finish back, and also to see the Spin Milled series extended into gap wedge and pitching wedge lofts.

    Do you have any info on the different grinds yet?

  8. I’m totally going to pick up a 54º & 60º black nickel wedge when they’re released.

  9. Why such weird lofts for the grinds, people want a versitile 54, 56, 58, 60 degree wedge right?

  10. Why such weird lofts for the grinds, people want a versitile 54, 56, 58, 60 degree wedge right?

    Yes, and having different grinds will let players choose the most versatile club for them.

    Do the new Vokeys conform to the new USGA groove rules?

    No. The rule only matters for pros in 2010 (still over a year away) and for high-level amateurs in 2014. Titleist has no incentive to modify the grooves on its wedges this year. Next fall, sure. This fall, no way.

    Also, does anyone have any insight about whether “new for 2009” iron models (from Titleist or anyone else) will conform with the new groove rules?

    As we said in our coverage of Titleist’s 2008 irons (ZM, ZB, AP1, AP2), they already conform to the groove specifications. It’s a fairly safe assumption they will going forward as well.

  11. The Squarebacks and Fastbacks are near face balanced with a slight toe-hang… the 2.6 and 2.7 very much same.

    Erik, thanks so much for the info, you seem to be in the know. I used to have a Newport 2 long neck then a futura phantom mallet and now looking for the next best face balanced from Cameron. Is there one of these you reccommend?

  12. Can’t wait to see these wedges in Black Nickel, I always liked having them a little more unique than my irons and never favored the oil can.

    I checked Titleist home page and then changed the release date of the drivers to November… you mentioned a release date of the new wedges and putters to Mid-October, any chance they’ll be pushed back as well or any word on why the pushback date of the drivers?

    Thanks again, looking forward to having all Titleist in the bag this year.

  13. thanks for the post. Can you give any more color on what the grinds (TC, OC, BN) look like or are comparable to from other OEM?

  14. The new wedges look awesome… do you know if the 64 degree will be made left handed or just certain basic lofts?

  15. these new wedges look awesome!!! I have the 60 and 56 spin milled already but I tend to go through a set of wedges a year… I can hit mad spinners with the 60 i have… the 62 will be rediculous…. i have a 588 64 and rhat is great from the sand, i cant imagine modern grooves with that loft… it’s pratically cheating!!!

  16. I had to give up on the spin milled (54 & 60) models because they were tearing up the balls! I went back to my 60M grind special (released about four years ago?) and will honestly profess the M gring is the ONLY thing going. However, I prefer the regular grind in the 54 for fuller fairway and longer bunker shots. These new M grind lobs should be in every Titleist players bag!

  17. Taylor- The Putters have already been released. I’m not sure when the wedges are going to be released, I have not been able to find any info on that. but the Drivers, Fairway woods, and Hybrids are set to release on November first I believe. There are a few websites online that you can Preorder from and it says they will ship on November 1st.

  18. I play all titleist clubs and am very excited for the new wedges… I just sold my 905 driver and am excited to play the 909. The 907 sucked..

    Do you know if you can have titleist bend the wedges two degrees?

  19. anyone else find it strange that the new Vokey 48 degree and 50 degree models are not available in black nickel? not sure why titleist would offer a “new” line and not offer each wedge in the three different finishes.

  20. Yes Trent i was a bit P***** off when i saw that the new line didnt include anything under 52 degrees in black nickel , being as i play a 50 54 58 combo 🙁

  21. Does anybody know why the Fastback doesn’t sell to the public in a plumbers kneck, but yet pro’s like Marc Turnessa have one?

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