FootJoy Adds ICON Shoes to Collection

FootJoy says goodbye to one era and perhaps starts another.

Bag DropThe folks at FootJoy aren’t resting on the laurels with the release of they SYNR-G shoes from just a little while ago as they’ve now added their ICON premium line to their stable of shoes.

Taking some of the best technology from their DryJoys, Reel-Fit, and SYNR-G shoes and incorporating some higher-end leather, the ICON shoes are a contemporary, updated look to your base saddle and wingtip style of golf shoes with a few other styles tossed in for kicks.

Many view the ICON line as a replacement to the Classics line of shoes, but FootJoy is quick to point out that though they may occupy a similar price range, the ICON line is really a fresh new step in the company’s history.

End of An Era
The American-made, hand-crafted line of FootJoy shoes – the Classics – have been in the FootJoy family since 1959 and have been made at the Brockton FootJoy plant during that time. Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past couple of years, the manufacturing base of the United States has been disappearing due to a variety of reasons, which since this is a golf site and not an economics/political site, we won’t go into.

With that, FooJoy is ending the Classics line. They’ve already closed their Brockton, MA plant, which employed the 103 workers who made the high-end, customized shoes (ostrich, eel, or alligator skin anyone?).

I understand the economics of the decision but it’s pretty sad to see this level of craftsmanship and more of an “artisan-style” of making shoes go away. Perhaps its the nostalgia in me that hates to see this disappear. I’ve never owned a pair of the Classics, which sold for about $250+, but the shoes had a surprisingly devoted following, though one that has dwindled in recent years.

In With the New?
The new ICON line looks to be a contemporary, high-end line of shoes that incorporates a bunch of technology from the various lines of other shoes in the FootJoy family. According to an interview with FootJoy’s Vice President of Golf Footwear, Jack Erickson, the ICON have been in development for awhile now and were a collaboration between the product development team at FootJoy and the tour players who wear FootJoy shoes. Let’s take a look at some of the new features for FootJoy’s new flagship shoe.

FootJoy ICON Shoes

The upper part of the ICON are made from premium leather with calfskin detailing and feature a two-year waterproofing warranty. The meat and potatoes of shoes however come in with what’s under the hood to provide stability to a golfer.

FootJoy ICON Montage

The ICON’s feature full-leather linings for extra comfort, slip resistance and breathability and a leather-covered foot bed to provide a much better fit and cushioning. Memory foam is placed in the tongue and around the collar of the shoes to help provide a more customized fit for you as well. A microfiber heel counter helps to give you a more slip resistant fit (nothing worse than having golf shoes that slip off your heel).

But’s that not all as the Tri-Density TPU (thermoplastic urethane) makes an appearance throughout the outsole to provide to you what FootJoy calls, “a stable hitting platform” (I love that line!). The Dual OptiFlex zones are a two-part flexibility channel that have become a mainstay of other FootJoy shoes to provide a pleasurable walking experience.

FootJoy ICON Saddle Shoes

A torque bar made from a perforated alloy is used to give you more midfoot stability (and is perforated for a more “contemporary look”) and an ABS insole board gives you more flexibility in the forefoot while giving you more firmness in the heel for added support. Toss in the Stinger cleats by Champs and you’ve got yourself a shoe that takes the best of the FootJoy line and wraps that into one , top-of-the-line model. As a bonus, the BOA lacing system shoes up on a couple of pairs for those of you who hate to tie your shoes.

Availability and Price
The entire ICON line will be available in mid-summer (although you can find them being worn by current FootJoy staffers now) and they will carry a MSRP of $250. As with other FootJoy models, a variety of sizes are available in Narrow, Medium, and Wide.

If none of the 19 current styles fail to do much for you, don’t worry as you’ll be able to customize to your heart’s contentment by ordering through the MyJoy program later this year. Something like 25 million styles will be available that way, so you can go wild if you’d like.

Final Thoughts
Even with all the new “sportier” looks in golf shoes today, I have to admit that I’ve always had a fondness for the classic-looking saddle shoe. I’m not sure why but that styling has always been pleasing to my eye. The ICON models all look quite sharp. I’m a bit concerned that the BOA lacing system was only shown on some of the more unusual styles, but time will tell if the system is available on every style or just a few, and whether it’s an option in the MyJoy program.

It will be interesting to see how the ICON line pans out with the general public. It’s pretty hard to end one line of high-end shoes and replace them with yet another line of high-end shoes, especially when the one that’s ended has the history and the following of the Classics line. There obviously is a market for high-end shoes just like high-end anything, though the current economy might have some say in this.

If the ICON ends up being anywhere close to the Classics, FootJoy could have a massive hit on their hand with the combination of their best technology with the history and style of the Classics and the customization of the MyJoy program. In the end, time will be the final judge of that.

13 thoughts on “FootJoy Adds ICON Shoes to Collection”

  1. No doubt FootJoy are some good shoes, maybe one day I will be able to afford them. It is to hard for me to pass up on last year models that go for 1/2 the price.

  2. I looked for the green-toed saddle shoes on their website and didn’t see them. Anyone know where I can get a pair?

  3. Mr. DBlake some of us shop at legit golf shops to support golf companies that work for the golfer. Do you shop at Walmart? Foot joy offers shoes under $100. I”ve worn for 4 years with out a problem.

  4. dbake is right on!! don’t listen to the snobs..legit golf shops??give me a break..all that crap is made in chinese sweat shops the $120 shoe costs them landed in LA $10.

    I got a new Maxfli golf bag (chinese) this week at BJ’s for $15.00 plus a 3 pack of Wilson gloves (Indonesian) for $18. By the way the new Footjoy Icons are such a ripoff of Ecco it ain’t funny.

  5. Mr. DBlake some of us shop at legit golf shops to support golf companies that work for the golfer. Do you shop at Walmart? Foot joy offers shoes under $100. I”ve worn for 4 years with out a problem.

    I don’t somehow think that DBlake actually mentioned nor inferred what you have stated, jimbc. He merely is mentioning that although the shoes are nice, why should he pay the asking price when last years models are going for half their orginal prices.

    I shop at “legit” golf shops and would like to believe that I am patient enough to wait for the prices to drop, as dbake states. Unless you know something that none of the rest of us does, only someone impatient would pay full price for something that they do not have to. Saying that, unless you absolutely need the shoes at that moment in time, it would seem somewhat questionable to pay full price just because it is the latest and greatest. If money is an issue, I believe it to be a matter of needs versus wants.

    And lets not kid ourselves either, golf is a leisure of expense. Not everyone is a fountain of loose change and especially in these times, finding savings wherever you can just plain makes sense.

  6. You don’t mention whether the Icons are built with a goodyear last and sewn together or are they a bonded shoe? If they are a shoe that is bonded together with glue instead of sewn they will be difficult to resole and therefore will not have the long life of a classic. Therefore the “actual” price will be higher than a classic because they won’t have the longevity. I have had classics that last many years so instead of buying new every year you can save money over time, plus if your feet need the support of a high end shoe it is better to pay a little more.

  7. In reply to Dan,Icons are not a goodyear welted shoe.They are glued.Only in the Brockton factory were the shoes(Classics) welted.I guess that while that made them special,it also made them “old fashioned” and therefore not profitable.The sales of welted golf shoes did not justify the expense of making them. Once the company abandoned the welted shoe idea,it was a logical next step to close the Brockton plant and let the factory in China make the”other”shoes.Sorry if I sound a little bitter-I worked at the Brockton factory for nearly 29 years and lost my job because of this decision.Thank you for apprecaiting the Classics-I hope they last you forever!

  8. Here’s one for all of you guys. I did not come from money but was blessed with natural talent. I make it a point to bet enough with those that can afford to throw money around. I have enjoyed playing with those guys and more so enjoy playing them for the shoes when they get low on cash. It is nice to at least get some worth money even when the size is not my own. I have around 200 pairs in my win coillection and it makes a great trophy case. Keep em comming Footjoy I love your product and look forward to beating the shoes off my opponents in the future.

  9. I am very saddened by the closing of the Brocton plant which I have visited a few times.

    In 1971 I started my career in the hotel business at the Hartford Hilton. Another young manager had on a pair of good looking shoes. I asked him where he had bought them and he told me Barrie Shoes in Hartford.

    From that point on I have faithfully bought Footjoy Classic Dress Tassel Shoes and have worn them exclusively for business for over 38 years. (Black, Brown and Cordovan)

    Men have it much easier then women as a classic men’s style of shoe really never goes out of style. I have never had to worry if the shoes I was buying would go out of style or be uncomfortable.

    Most men would agree that buying cheap bad fitting shoes is false economy. I never begrudged paying $300 or more for the Footjoy shoes as I knew that they were hand made in America with the best materials and with proper care would last. There were plenty of other areas that I could skimp on but not shoes for work.

    I feel that the managers at Footjoy never really took an interest in promoting their Classic Dress Shoes. They only cared about their golf shoes. They should have concentrated on attracting customers like me who would be loyal for life.

  10. I have 3 pairs of the Spikeless Classics. Best shoes I’ve ever owned. I mourn the loss of the American Made FJ Classics and the jobs that went with them!

  11. Quess I’am one of those impatient guys, but I could’nt wait! I’ll be pissed if they don’t fit when they arrive in the mail!! some reviewers say they fit big?Hopefully they don’t drop by half in the spring??. Bought 2 pairs!!

  12. well today found out that the 2 online warehouses That I was trying to buy the icons from don’t have my 14 wides!!!!! WTF!! Quess weather I wanted them or not is mute!!? How to go footjoy!!! Adidas here I come ?

  13. Hey,
    Would love to own a pair of white with snakeskin design going all the way from the front to the end on the outer side. Wishing that it would be sent to me as a x’mas gift!! Am in Sri Lanka. These are not available here and am a very keen golfer! Hope santa hears my wish and takes it seriously!!
    Many thanks.

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