Mizuno Introduces MP-52, MP-62, MX-100, and MX-200 Irons

Mizuno Golf offers up some new irons as an early holiday present for you.

Bag DropFall is here and that means one thing: equipment companies are coming out with their new offerings in time for some early holiday shopping.

This week’s offering comes to us courtesy of Mizuno, which comes out with four new iron sets across a pretty broad spectrum to fit all types of golfers. If you ever have hit a Mizuno iron flush, you know that great feeling you get from their irons and three of the offerings come in their Grain Flow forging.

Read on to find out about the latest the folks at Mizuno have to offer.

MP-52 Irons
Say “goodbye” to Cut Muscle Technology and “hello” to Dual Muscle Technology, which Mizuno describes as “an outer muscle pad which allows for a precisely placed, lower and deeper center of gravity, offering enhanced playability and an ideal launch angle, and an inner muscle pad which provides the unparalleled feel and feedback that better players demand.” Seems to be the newest thing in irons is some sort of dual technology for both more forgiveness and feedback.

The second characteristic you will notice is a patented CNC milled pocket cavity. Mizuno describes it as “two deep crescents milled into the club head allow for the redeployment of 14 grams of mass for a lower and much deeper COG, while maintaining thickness behind the impact area for amazing solid feel.” The biggest advantage of this feature is increased playability on miss-hits and a superior launch. I’ll take the added feel but I’m not 100% sure with how these look. While you don’t see the dual cavity at address, I must admit I like the looks of some of the older models that Mizuno has to offer.

Mizuno MP-52 Irons

No different from the rest of the MP lineup, the MP-52 irons go through Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging which results in producing an iron that gives you a “consistent and predictable ball flight” while also offering workability and forgiveness that I think you will agree with me, we can all benefit from.

In addition to all the fancy new technology, the MP-52 irons feature a rolled leading edge, cambered mid-sole, and an aggressively beveled trailing edge to allow you to make a consistent pass at the ball from various types of lies. Toss in some U-grooves that produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions and a very sharp-looking double nickel chrome plated finish and Mizuno once again scores major points with yet another iron set.

The MP-52 irons will be available in right- and left-handed models with True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 and R300 steel shafts for a suggested retail price of $1,100 (about $900 street) and also available with Project X 5.5 shafts for $1,200 (about $1,000 street). The exclusive Mizuno/Golf Pride M-21 58 Round grips will come standard. If none of those options suits your needs, you can go through Mizuno’s Custom Club department to find a shaft, grip and lie combination to suit your swing. You can add these to your bag right now (after you finish reading, thank you!) as they are available at authorized Mizuno dealers as we speak.

MP-62 Irons
Just like the MP-52 irons, the MP-62 irons employ the same Dual Muscle technology with an outer pad that allows for a “precisely placed center of gravity” for workability and an inner pad that provides for better feel and feedback. An iron that is designed for better players, the MP-62 irons (which look to be the MP-60 irons replacement) look pretty nice up close and personal. Simple and clean looking, the MP-62 irons again show again that Mizuno makes some of the nicest looking irons in the business.

No different from the rest of the MP lineup, the MP-62 irons go through Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging which results in producing an iron that gives you that patented “Mizuno feel.” If you have hit one flush, you know what I’m talking about.

Mizuno MP-62 Irons

Just like the MP-52 irons, the MP-62 irons also feature a rolled leading edge, “aggressive” cambered mid-sole, and a rolled trailing edge to allow you to make a consistent pass at the ball from various types of lies. Toss in some U-grooves that produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions with some double nickel chrome plated finish and you have yourself some serious-looking irons for the serious player.

The MP-62 irons will be available in right handed models with True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 and R300 steel shafts for a suggested retail price of $1,100 (about $900 street) and also available with Project X 5.5 shafts for $1,200 (about $1,000 street). The exclusive MIZUNO/Golf Pride M-21 58 Round grips come standard but you can always get your Mizuno’s custom made for you by checking out their custom shop. Like the MP-52 irons, go check them out now as they are in your favorite authorized Mizuno dealer shop today.

MX-100 Irons
While also producing some new irons designed for the better player, Mizuno didn’t forget about the mid and higher handicap golfers. The first offering is the MX-100 irons which is a blended hybrid-iron set which Mizuno designed with some research that identified the most common miss-hitting profiles of mid and high handicap players. Using this research, the Mizuno folks developed a clubhead design that matches the sweetspot area of most players (now that is some effective research).

Mizuno MX-100 Irons

This leads to what they call Y-Tune Technology, which is a blending of various designs to expand the “sweet area” more towards the toe, where more miss-hits occur. A new cavity pad was developed by modifying the shape of the sole and the depth of the cavity and places mass “strategically” and helps to move that happy “sweet area” out towards the toe for more forgiveness.

The MX-100 irons come in a set with hybrids replacing the four and five irons and cavity-back irons for the six iron through sand wedge. The mid irons feature a “ultra-deep pocket cavity design and extreme perimeter weighting for a high, easy launch and maximum forgiveness” while the scoring irons feature a “deep undercut cavity with solid power bar design for more accurate and better scoring shots.”

The hybrids also feature something called a “Drop Down Crown” which lowers the center-of-gravity for an easy, high launch, and also allows these hybrids to be custom fit to a golfer’s exact specifications, something that only Mizuno offers. Toss in some super wide soles and U-grooves for consistent playability from all types of lies and you have what Mizuno describes as their most forgiving irons ever made. That’s saying something.

Mizuno MX-100 Sweetspot

The MX-100 hybrid set will be come standard with either True Temper Dynalite Gold XP shafts (R300,S300) or Mizuno’s Exsar IS4 graphite shafts (regular, lite). The standard grip is Mizuno/Golf Pride M-21 58 Round but you can get whatever suits your fancy by going through Mizuno’s custom club department. The suggested retail price for a set of 4-GW $700 for steel (about $600 street) and $850 for graphite (about $700 street). The MX-100 hybrid iron set will be available for both righties and lefties and you can add these to your bag in October.

MX-200 Irons
Like the MX-100 irons, the MX-200 irons feature the same fancy Y-Tune technology that expand the sweet spot more towards the toe to be even more forgiving. Toss in the Grain Flow forging process and you get some nice feedback to let you know how you struck the ball.

The MX-100 irons boast a slightly larger clubhead and a wider, deeper, and longer CNC milled pocket design in order to deliver a low, deep center-of-gravity to help you get a nice easy and high launch. A more “aggressive triple cut sole design” will help you out and provide consistency from various types of lies you may encounter.

Mizuno MX-200 Irons

Add U-grooves that produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions with some durable, double nickel chrome plated finish and you have some irons that can provide a nice golfing experience for your for a long time.

The MX-200 irons come standard with either the True Temper Dynalite Gold XP shafts (R300,S300) or Mizuno’s Exsar IS4 graphite shafts (regular, stiff). Like all other Mizuno offerings, the standard grip is the exclusive Mizuno/Golf Pride M-21 58 Round grip and is available for both righties and lefties. The suggested retail price for a set comprising of 4-GW is $850 (about $700 street) for steel and $1,100 (about $900 street) for graphite.

Final Thoughts
I was able to see the new Mizuno offerings in person last week and I had a mixed reaction to what I saw. The MP-62 irons look very nice and seem to be an evolutionary upgrade over the MP-60 irons.

Mizuno 2009 Iron Lineup

The MP-52 irons are supposed to be the most forgiving in the MP line but I must say I thought the MP-57 irons were quite forgiving and in my opinion, a much nicer looking iron.

16 thoughts on “Mizuno Introduces MP-52, MP-62, MX-100, and MX-200 Irons”

  1. Just saw the MP-52’s in a friend’s bag at the golf range. Didn’t get a chance to try them out though. They look great though. He just started golfing last month so I don’t know if the clubs are right for him.

  2. Finally, a forgiving grain flow forged iron from mizuno (MX-200) for the mid to high h-capper. Can’t wait for a proper review and to try these out. The MX-25 just weren’t forgiving enough for a hacker.

  3. Just had the mx-200 custom fit. Really wanted the mp-52’s but just wasn’t good enough for them. 🙄 The 200’s still look great for a forgiving club but they feel even better.
    Will pop a review in when i’ve had them out a couple of times.

  4. I am waiting for a Demo Day/Fitting event to come here (there is one on Sunday but I will be in San Diego…) to figure out the clubs to get. I hit a returned set of 52’s at the local shop and am HOOKED! One sales person told me to stick to cast clubs….yeah, no.

    I think of it like this, a set of Mizuno irons will make me want to improve. Who says I am not good enough for them? So long as I look at my limitations, I will find a set I can play!

  5. I have been playing with a set of the MX200’s (4-PW & 50*) for the past 5/6 wks and pleased to report that they are excellent. The feel is first rate – I have to say that this is my 4th set of Mizuno’s and I can honestly say that they are right when they say that nothing plays like Mizuno forged clubs! My first set was a MX20 and they to me were the finest set of clubs I had ever owned (they were stolen so I had to replace them). The MX200 are in my opinion equally as good if not better, they are very forgiving and come with an excellent shaft combination. The only thing you need to watch is that the lofts are a bit stronger than the MP range – you need to be aware of this if you are into even degree differential between the PW and gap/sand/lob. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

  6. I’m going to finally have the chance to demo these ON A COURSE next week. I’ve hit them at the range and like them a lot.

    Does anyone else have any more feedback on this. Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of reviews out there.

  7. Golf Galaxy – Fairview Heights Illinois – PGA Pro Mike Wyatt
    Went through Golf Fitting with Mike thinking I wanted to purchase the Titleist AP 1 or 2s. After hitting some 100 shots – the MX-100 was the club of choice. More forgiving than Titleist and Taylor – closer match was Ping Is and Cobras …. opted for MX-100 set. Club Head Speed 80s, USGA Handicap 14. Woody 🙂

  8. Purchased MX-200’s on Saturday and decided to NOT open them until after doing more research. Today, 3 days later, went back to GolfSmith to hit the MP52’s & AP2’s. Hit both clubs well but definitely felt like the 52’s were better built and gave great feedback. Was a 10HDCP 15 years ago but a growing business and family basically turned me into a Fundraiser golfer each season. Can’t wait to take the 52’s out and truly play. My son’s, now 12 & 14 are getting excited about getting out on the course (back yard) and enjoying some rounds with Dad… hopefully, the MP52’s will give me the feedback and excitement to get serious about improving my game. Thanks in advance to Mizuno.

  9. I bought my first new set of irons 8 yrs ago. They were Mizuno T-Zoids. I loved them. About 6 months ago after taking a couple yrs off from golf I started playing again and noticed the feedback, when I wasn’t hitting the sweet spot was brutal. I bought a new set of Callaway X 20’s. I can’t get used to the large head and lack of feel. I’m now selling those on Ebay and going to buy the MX200’s. I went to the local golf store and hit the Titlest Ap2 and Nike Forged Irons and I loved the feel of the Mizuno’s. I’m not as happy with the look compared to the AP-2’s or even the Nike’s but the feel of the Mizno’s is perfect!!

  10. I just got MX200 and I really like that. The feel is so so great and shaft combination really worked for me. I like to recommend this set. Amazing MX200 !!!

  11. I plan to buy either the mx-100 0r the mx-200. If someone has compared the clubs side by side please give me your opinion. I am 60 play to a 10.

  12. I have had the MX-100 set for about a month now, and love them. I’m a 30+ handicap player, and it feels like those clubs were made for me. Extremely forgiving as I am getting lift and distance on the ball even when I hit off center (toe, heel, thin…etc). Have shaved about 10 strokes from my round since I started playing these clubs.

  13. Just started playing again this season after nearly 20 years of maybe 10 rounds total–was a solid 6 handicapper back in the day now struggling to break 80. Anyway my irons are 30 yo Titleist blades so i’m in the market for some new ones. After a lot of research on the internet I was convinced I needed either Titleist AP1’s or AP2’s. Got a hold of demo 6i AP1 and 5i, 6i, and PW AP2’s and hit about 300 balls in total. My initial impression after about 10 balls each was I like the AP2 better, just seemed to feel more pure when I hit it flush. But the more shots I hit the better I began hitting the AP1’s. I’ve always hit a high trajectory and both the AP1 and AP2 were similar in that regard. I was able to draw either, but found it difficult to hit a fade with either one. Towards the end of my trial I was hitting both equally well but the AP2 still felt more solid and I felt the smaller clubhead of the AP2 (which I used to) compared to the AP1 forces you to pay more attention when setting up to strike the ball and encourages a more precise swing. I returned the demo’s and the rep gave me some Mizuno MP-52 and MP-62 to trial–I was totally blown away! In my nearly 35+ years of golf I’ve never hit shots that felt so solid. I only had enough daylight to hit about 60 balls total but my first impression is that both the 52’s and 62’s are equal to/or superior to the Titleist AP2’s in terms of feel, but no real discernable difference in ball flight. The AP2, MP-52 and 62 are similar in clubhead size and all set up very nicely and naturally. I’m gonna try the 52’s and 62’s tomorrow in a practice round, experiment with various lies, etc. and will report back.

  14. Bill…thanks for your comment. I am a 3 handicap and have played with the same mizuno blades for the past 25 years. I just could not bring myself to look at the massive irons everyone keeps putting in my hands. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a set of MP 52’s in spite of the fact that my pro wanted me to get the AP 2’s. I am picking them up this morning and the weather man predicts snow today so I am quite disappointed.

  15. I got the MX 200’s about eight months ago (I’m a 20 handicap playing about 4 years). I’m just getting used to them, they are a beautiful club and the feel is superb and forgiveness is great too. I had the TM R7 draw which i loved but i felt that i was improving sufficiently to take the step up to Mizuno. I got a bit disheartened when i originally got them as i felt that i had maybe bitten off a bit more that i could chew (they will slap you around a bit with bad swings and I had not been used to that) but i have persisted with them and they are great. I feel this set will help me become a more consistent ball striker. Take the plunge 20 handicappers, be patient and be prepared to listen and feel the club as it educates you.

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