Mizuno Launches JPX-800 Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids

Mizuno grows their recently-introduced JPX family to include all new drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids.

Bag DropLast October, we covered the launch of Mizuno’s new JPX brand, which marked the first time they had ever combined all of their R&D teams from around the world. The goal was to produce clubs that contained every possible technology from each of their shops around the world and put it all into one cohesive brand.

Part of that launch was the introduction of their JPX-800 and JPX-800 Pro irons, one of which I had the pleasure of reviewing. Their commitment to this brand continues as they are now adding to that brand all new drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. So, what all technology and game improvement features can be found in the first woods in the JPX Series? Well, you’ll have to read on to find out!

Mizuno JPX-800 Driver
We’ll start off with the new JPX-800 driver, which features a 460cc, Ti Construction head. and is said to be the longest and most forgiving Mizuno has released to date. The head employs a six piece design, and those pieces are fused together using a plasma welding process that promotes a very solid feel upon impact. This also allows for extremely accurate, precise control over the exact location of the center of gravity. One of those pieces of course is the forged titanium “Hot Metal” face, which has been used on a number of other Mizuno woods in the past.

Mizuno JPX-800 Driver

Now, Mizuno’s engineers didn’t just pick 6 as an arbitrary number of pieces to ultimately be melded together. It actually serves a purpose. What this design does is it allows for the center of gravity to be located low and deep, in order to promote a higher launch with moderate spin. There are a couple of working pieces to accomplish this low and deep weighting. First, a 10g internal back weight provides an ideal balance of vertical MOI, CG depth, and sweet spot height. Then, they added a 5g internal heel weight, whose purpose is to help square the face through impact. Topping the head off is an ultra-thin crown, which allows for the weight to be redistributed into other areas such as those mentioned above.

Mizuno JPX-800 Driver

That brings us to Mizuno’s newest piece to the puzzle – Ultimate Dynamic Stability (U.D.S.) Technology. In a nutshell, U.D.S. provides forgiveness, that is, consistent ball speeds both across the width of the face as well as from the top to the bottom. All of the aforementioned pieces (forged Titanium “Hot Metal” face, ultra-thin crown, and strategic internal weighting) actually make up U.D.S.

Ultimate Dynamic Stability is truly a revolution in driver design, and golfers are going to experience a noticeable difference from the minute they hit it. The JPX-800 driver provides unbelievable distance when you hit the sweet area, but the real difference is that even on less than perfect shots, the ball is still going to go a long way, while keeping you in the fairway.

Dick Lyons, VP and General Manager, Mizuno USA, Inc.

Options and Availability
The Mizuno JPX-800 driver comes in three lofts, including 9.0°, 10.0°, and 12.0°, in right-handed models only. The stock shaft and grip combo is the Mizuno Exsar DS5 wrapped in the standard Golf Pride/Mizuno M-21 60 Round, though as always, you have a large number of custom shafts and grips to choose from if you hit up Mizuno’s Custom Department. You can find them in stores now with MSRP set at $299.99

Mizuno JPX-800 Fairway Woods
Moving on to the fairway woods, we find that a lot of the same technology used in the drivers is also used in the fairway woods. That includes the Hot Metal U.D.S. Technology, which produces exceptional distance and forgiveness. While the driver uses a forged titanium face, the fairway wood employs a 1770 maraging steel cup face, which when combined with U.D.S, reduces dispersion, increases ball speeds, and increases stability on both the vertical and horizontal axes.

Mizuno JPX-800 Fairway Wood

Much like the driver, Mizuno’s engineers are able to be very precise in locating the CG low and deep thanks to the help of the head construction along with strategic internal weight placement. This provides the means for an easy launch, regardless of whether you’re hitting off a tee or off the fairway. The innovative “Speed Bevel” on the leading edge helps when taking it off the deck as well.

The combination of distance, feel, and control that the JPX-800 fairway woods deliver are going to appeal to a wide range of golfers. With our breakthrough U.D.S. Technology and high COR “Hot Metal” face, the JPX-800s are the most innovative fairway woods we’ve ever released.

David Llewellyn, Golf Club R&D Manager, Mizuno USA

Mizuno JPX-800 Fairway Wood - Crown

Options and Availability
The Mizuno JPX-800 Fairway Woods are available in right handed models only and come in lofts of 15.0° (3W), 18.0° (5W), 21.0° (7W). The Mizuno Exsar is the stock shaft and is topped with the Golf Pride M-21 60 Round grip. Of course, you can check Mizuno’s Custom Department for a wide variety of other shafts and grips to choose from if you prefer something different. They’re available now for $199.99

Mizuno JPX-800 Hybrids
Mizuno JPX-800 HybridLast on our list for this week is the JPX-800 Hybrid, which again takes numerous performance features found in the drivers and fairway woods in the same family, and applies them to these new long iron replacements. Among those key shared components is a 1770 maraging stainless steel cup face, Hot Metal face, and Ultimate Dynamic Stability design. It seems U.D.S. might be even more functional in the hybrid, and could play a big part in producing good shots from the rough, where every bit of added forgiveness can be useful.

The weighting is strategically placed in order to create an optimal CG, which should help launch the ball quite easily. Like the JPX-800 fairway wood, the leading edge features a “Speed Bevel” in order to increase clubhead speed and promote smooth, efficient turf interaction. Mizuno’s patented “Drop Down Crown” also finds its way into this hybrid and allows for 2° of lie adjustment either way.

We created the JPX-800 hybrids with performance in mind as the internal weighting delivers an easy launch at no expense to distance. The innovative “Drop Down Crown” allows players to adjust their lie up to two degrees, while also providing and easy to use alignment aid. These hybrids deliver in every aspect; distance, forgiveness, and precision.

David Llewellyn

Options and Availability
Again Mizuno chose their own Exsar HS5 shaft for this hybrid, along with the Golf Pride M-21 60 Round rubber grip. Sorry lefties, this new hybrid is made in right handed models only. The available lofts are 17°(#2), 19°(#3), 22°(#4), 25°(#5). As usual, other grip and shaft options are available through Mizuno’s Custom Department. The suggested price is $169.99.

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