Mizuno MP T-11 Wedges, MP-53 and MP-63 Irons Round Out Fall 2010 Lineup

Continuing our coverage of the newest clubs Mizuno has to offer, we take a look at the newest in the ever-popular MP series. Do we have something here to add to the early holiday wish list?

Bag DropThis week at Bag Drop, we shift gears from Mizuno’s new game improvement JPX line to the latest in their game enhancement MP line. Though the MP line has naturally evolved over the last few years, there are a few things we all expect to stay the same – the buttery feel, the near perfect sound, and the understated, modern good looks.

Also included in this week’s roundup is the newest in the MP T- line of forged wedges, the MP T-11. I could give you a long, drawn out introduction, but quite frankly, I know you want to get to the good stuff, and we have a lot to cover this week, so let’s get started!

Mizuno MP T-11 Wedges
The MP T-11 picks up where the popular MP T-10 wedges (reviewed by Erik here) left off. Returning is the 360° sole grind, tear drop shaped head, and are forged out of the same 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel (using the Grain Flow Forged process). Of course, this leads to the same expected feel, though they may perform slightly different than last years’ model. Why is that? Quite simply because the MP T-11 is the first Mizuno wedge to conform to the conditions of competition which was instated this year.

Mizuno MP T-11 Wedges

Make no mistake though, these wedges should spin the ball well. Using their patented Quad Cut Groove Technology, Mizuno is able to precisely control the width, depth, draft angle, and shoulder radius of the grooves. The combination of these grooves and additional surface abrasion created by the CNC milled face produces the maximum amount of spin while also adhering to the same standards all manufacturers must comply with now.

Mizuno MP T-11 Wedges

New for this year is the use of the True Temper DG Spinner, which takes the place of the old standard, which was the True Temper Dynamic Gold. The DG Spinner differs from the original Dynamic Gold in that it has a special recessed section immediately below the grip, which generates a hinge effect and produces a sharper angle of attack on the downswing. By doing this, players should see a lower initial launch, and an increase in spin, providing the player with a great deal of flexibility and ball control around the greens.

Mizuno MP T-11 Wedges

Like any good player knows, nowhere is feel, control, and precision more important than in your wedge game. Luke Donald has been playing prototypes of these MP T-11 wedges on the PGA Tour this year, and the results are undeniable. As the #1 ranked sand player on Tour, he is a clear example of how the shot making versatility and high spin Quad Cut Grooves of the MP T-11s can take your short game to the next level.

Dick Lyons, V.P. and G.M. of Mizuno USA, Golf Division

The teardrop shaped head comes in two flavors – a two-tone White Satin Chrome finish, and a glare resistant Black Nickel. Standard length is 35.25″ for the 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, and 58°, while the 60° and 64° come with a slightly shorter 35″ shaft. Both come wrapped with a Mzuno/Golf Pride M-21 58 Round grip. Retail price is $119.99, though if different grips or shafts are needed from Mizuno’s Custom Club Department, there may be an additional charge.

Mizuno MP-53 Irons
The new MP-53 irons look to continue the tradition of success associated with the player preferred, game enhancement MP line. You may notice that the name/numbering convention doesn’t continue from last year’s models, but rather from those the previous year (MP-52/62).

Mizuno MP-53 Irons

In the last few years, we’ve seen a number of variations on Mizuno’s muscle back design. First was the “Cut Muscle” design, which lasted a few years, followed by the significantly different “Dual Muscle” technology that was found in the MP-52/MP-62 combo. Then, last year’s MP-58/MP-68 release saw an updated version, called “Dual Muscle Titanium” technology. So where does that leave us this year? With something new, of course.

Mizuno MP-53 Irons

The Grain Flow Forged MP-53 features a Diamond Muscle and “V” slot milled pocket cavity. As most have come to expect of anything with the MP title, the MP-53 has a smallish, appealing head size with a pleasing top line to match.

What makes this new MP iron different is the new CNC milled pocket cavity (reminiscent of that found in last year’s MX-300) found in the 3-7 irons, which allows for 14 grams of weight to be redistributed around the cavity. The end result is the largest sweet spot ever found in a MP iron, and furthermore making it the most playable iron ever stamped with a MP badge.

Mizuno MP-53 Irons

The scoring irons are a bit different, however. In order to maximize control and workability, the 8I-PW make use of a solid Power Bar in place of the pocket cavity.

As usual, a great deal of effort was put into optimizing impact sound and feel. Using Modal Analysis and Harmonic Impact Technology, the engineers at Mizuno were able to dial in both to what their fans are used to. Rounding out the iron is a 360° grind on the back bottom of the cavity, in order to improve turf interaction and overall shot making ability.

The MP-53 is really a testament to Mizuno’s unmatched Global R&D capabilities. Our design team was able to succeed in something that is extremely difficult to do in iron design. Through the use of advanced design technologies they were able to significantly expand the sweet area of this game enhancement iron, without enlarging the head itself. What that means is that better player’s are going to reap the benefits of greatly increased forgiveness, without having to sacrifice when it comes to head size, feel, workability or control. It is truly a breakthrough in forged iron design.

Dick Lyons, V.P. and G.M. of Mizuno USA, Golf Division

The new MP-53 is available for both right handed and left handed players, and comes standard with the True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft, topped with the Mizuno/Golf Pride M-21 58 Round grip. For another $100, the Dynamic Golds can be swapped in favor of Project X 5.5s, or if you have another shaft in mind (or grip for that matter), Mizuno’s Custom Club department is there to meet your needs. They’re also the ones to call if you need to have length or lie altered. Furthermore, if you’re going out to your local dealer to get fit, know that the MP-53 is available as part of Mizuno’s Performance Fitting System.

Mizuno MP-63 Irons
This week, we hit the home stretch with Mizuno’s new MP-63 irons. True to form, the Grain Flow Forging process is used to mold the soft 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel. The same Diamond Muscle technology found in the MP-53 is also found in the MP-63. While designing the MP-63, the goal was to retain the familiar head profile (including head size, top line, offset, and sole width), and maintain shot making control, while keeping them as versatile, as flexible, and as workable as possible.

Mizuno MP-63 Irons

By using Modal Analysis, Mizuno was able to ensure that the sound and feel is right on the mark. Like the slightly larger MP-53, the MP-63 employs a 360° grind on the back cavity and sole in order to optimize the way the club moves through the turf. On the front side, modified, conforming U-grooves are cut into the face and promote ideal spin rates from all lies. Rounding the MP-53 out is a progressive cavity design, which decreases in size from the long irons down through the scoring irons, where the most shot control is needed.

Mizuno MP-63 Irons

Mizuno has long been known for producing the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to Tour level irons, but our Global R&D Team is never satisfied. We are always working to top ourselves, not only when it comes to the unmatched feel our irons deliver, but also in workability, versatility, and of course, precision. Diamond Muscle design is the latest leap forward in game enhancement performance, and the MP-63s deliver the ultimate in ball control for the better player.

Dick Lyons, V.P. and G.M. of Mizuno USA, Golf Division

Unlike the MP-53, the MP-63 is offered only in a right handed version. The standard shaft and grip remain the same as the larger-headed sibling however. As always, if a different shaft or grip is desired, or if adjustments are needed to lie angle or length, Mizuno’s Custom Club Department is there to serve you. MSRP is set at $899.99.

8 thoughts on “Mizuno MP T-11 Wedges, MP-53 and MP-63 Irons Round Out Fall 2010 Lineup”

  1. Wow, the MP-63 are really beautiful. Whenever my Diablo Forged take a dump on me, I’ll be in line for the MP-63.

  2. The MP-53s look like buckets; the MP-63s look okay. But why does Mizuno continue to think that better players aren’t left handed?

  3. I’m not liking the new MP-63’s too much (or the 53s). I prefer my MP 68’s with the more traditional look. Just my humble opinion.

  4. I’m slightly inclined to agree with Shaun – the 53s look a bit boganesque. However, I didn’t buy a set because of the looks. After spending 15 minutes hitting them at the demo day, I traded in my MP52s. In classic Mizuno style, they are so far ahead of the field when it comes to quality and feel, Its a no-brainer!
    The tragic thing is, most guys in my club who criticize the Mizuno label have never hit them!

  5. I don’t like the looks of the 53″s cavity. Is that a slot to hold your quarters…? or what? I played the MX300’s for awhile and recently ditched them for the same cavitious reason. The MX300’s played well enough but I wanted a more traditional look of a blade. Now I have a set of MP58’s and enjoy them. I have not hit the 53’s. Don’t like how they look…. shallow reason not to try them, perhaps.

    They just look like MX300 technology where one has to hit a clown club to get the ball to do something half decent.

  6. over the last 3 years…ive gone from the 57 cut muscles….to the 58 dual muscles (best looking iron ever made) to the mp 53s…. im a loyal mizuno user…from a 10 year plus run with callaway…

    im a 4.0 index

    the mp 53s are by far the best irons ive ever swung…they feel awesome..hit the ball flush..even off center hits….they arent as nice looking as my 58s (which i kept…cant trade those in)..the 53s are so solid, i feel like getting another set just in case something happens to my existing set…

    also, the mp11 wedges are by far better than any wedge set (callaway tour x….ot titleist) ive ever owned….there is no substitute for feel…looks….and results…they spin just fine…actually they spin way more than expected….i was surprized!

    id hate for mizuno to come up with an even better set of irons and wedges…my pocketbook cant handle much more!

  7. MP T-11
    Tested these and the MP-53.
    The wedges felt identical to MP-53 like they were part of the set.
    Makes Callaway X-JAWS and VOKEY look and feel like sledgehammers.
    MP T-11 is truly a surgical instrument.

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