Mizuno’s The Sound of Feel

Mizuno puts their “nothing feels like a Mizuno” to the test… an audible test.

MizunoMizuno is well known, well renowned, and well understood to have some of the best feeling irons on the market today. With Brian Gay’s recent dominant performance at the Verizon Heritage Classic at Hilton Head, we thought this might be a good time to share with you a video Mizuno’s put together.

The video displays the difference in sound between Mizuno MP and MX series irons and irons from other manufacturers. It’s Mizuno’s claim that this “sound” is evidence of their feel, largely showing how well their patented Grain Flow Forging process works.

The video is not without its skeptics, of course. Some are quick to point out that using an iron head like you would a musical triangle doesn’t prove much, and we never see which competitor’s clubs are used.

Either way, Mizuno says that the Sound of Feel video “demonstrates that Mizuno irons are different than anything else out there.” Mizuno also says that “if people want to see if that difference in sound translates to anything different in how a Mizuno feels compared to anything else, they will have to go find that out for themselves. We have found that when a Mizuno is put head to head against anything else, we are going to win most times. It is true that nothing feels like a Mizuno, and in our own studies a big part of feel is sound.”

If you’d like to download Sound of Feel (49.5 MB, .mov), we’ve got you covered. If you’d like to view it on the web page, it should work right here:

12 thoughts on “Mizuno’s The Sound of Feel”

  1. “Good steel Sings” a guy told me once, years ago. The more I paid attention, the more I realize he was right. At the time, we were talking about shovels. Since then I have tested knives and the good one’s ring like a bell. Mizuno is right!

  2. i think its just a way for mizuno to sell more clubs, how would sound relate to a clubs feel? From what i understand, sound comes from vibration, so couldn’t you manipulate how much a club sounds by where you hit it? And if mizuno’s clubs vibrate more, wouldn’t that mean that they are not as stable on off center hits as others? 😐

    I think this is a really stupid commercial, and it seems as though mizuno is desperate…just my 2 cents though. Im curious to see what others think ❗

  3. well, the whole sound thing is to indicate that the whole club is vibrating harmoniously which translates into a consistent form of feedback that travels through the shaft into your hands. It makes sense but I’m not sure if the sound is what really makes the difference. Also, it may feel great, but every club is designed to get that ball closer to the hole so the only leg up on mizuno is how they feel. Other clubs have the ability to perform just as well.

  4. The sound at impact translates alot to feel..You can tell when your playing partners who are playing mizzys hit a toe ball or something of that nature by the more thud like sound.

    As for the commercial, i like it alot. The cally and the ping really dont stack up feel wise to the Mizzys (although i have never demo’d their 200 line) its good to see that mizzy takes their reputation seriously and uses their technology in all of their clubs, not just their blades.

  5. If you can hit consistently every time, and you have played almost any mizuno mp iron, then you know what this guy is talking about. They have the best feel of any club I have ever played, and on the course they also have the best sound. The two game improvement clubs they used for demonstration were callaway and ping.

  6. how would sound relate to a clubs feel?

    I believe it was a scotty cameron video that showed that sound = feel. In other words, they tried a bunch of different designs/metals/etc. with players using earplugs and none could “feel” a difference. Take the earplugs out and the feel was totally different for each metal/design.

  7. Mizuno is awesome! I hit my forged Mizuno blades without shafts all the time and they have the best feel ever!

    What a dumb commercial…

  8. Actually, this is a very interesting experiment to show how different processing techniques give different vibrations and thus different “feels”. The beautiful sound coming from the Mizuno iron means that the mild steel they use has a dense, uniform, fairly homogeneous structure that most likely comes from using high quality raw materials and their forging process. The dull thuds of the cast clubs and less resonant sound of other forged clubs are due to:

    1)A different material for the cast clubs, 1025 steel is difficult to cast so stainless steel is used which is harder. Also, casting leaves pockets of air in the matrix, dampening the vibrations, giving the thud shown in the video.
    2) A better raw material with less defects (graphite nodules for example). If your raw material has defects or second phases with different crystal structures the vibrations will travel through the crystal lattice differently.
    3) The alignment of the grains or textured structure also makes vibrations travel through the material more uniformly.

    I do not own a set of mizuno irons but this demonstration does show a better process than other comanies. Sorry for the long post but I dig metallurgy…and golf….and metallurgical applications in club making!

  9. I have hit almost every iron available on the market. Coming from a 7 index, I can say from experience that Mizuno has the best feel. If anyone says sound at impact means nothing, you need to play more often. A well struck shot with mizunos, WELL struck, results in a feeling no other club can replicate. My experience with my MP-67’s is that a well hit golf ball, all you feel is the impact of the turf after the ball.

    If you gave me a Nike driver, or a Ping iron, and it felt like crap, I couldn’t play it, and I am sure many other players would agree feel means alot. If you are not happy with the feel, sound and feedback of a club, that mind game that haunts all of us in golf will not help lower anyones scores!

    BTW, I have tried and played Pingi5 and i10’s, Taylormade R7TP, Taylormade Tour Prefereds, Nike blades, CCI’s and the most recent half cavity forged, Callaway X-18 pro’s and the Forged Callaway irons, Maltby Forged irons, my most recent club of choice the Mizuno MP-67’s…along with many other clubs… Oh yea the AP1’s which I think had a harsh click feel for a forged club…

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