Pinnacle Revamps Entire Golf Ball Line

Guess which golf ball brand is number two behind Titleist. It’s Pinnacle, another Achusnet company. Here they come with five new models to choose from.

Bag DropI never cease to be amazed at the way golf balls keep evolving. I mean, when you think about it, it would seem the laws of physics, available materials, and rules restrictions would one day bring innovation to a halt. But that’s not so. Every year we are treated to new versions with new feel and new performance characteristics.

Pinnacle has long been established as the leading low-priced, long distance ball. As one of the first two-piece balls to hit the market, it was one of the balls players used to call “rocks.” But that’s no longer an apt moniker. In fact the current Pinnacle marketing mantra is “Distance Doesn’t Have to be Hard.”

Low-priced distance balls have become softer and a lot more playable. And now there are five new Pinnacle versions to suit your game and your pocketbook including two aimed at the better player. Here’s a look at the new lineup…

Platinum Feel and Platinum Distance
George Sine, the vice president of golf ball marketing for Achusnet whom we interviewed on our podcast when the new Pro V1 balls were introduced, says the all-new Pinnacle Platinum line improves on the previous Exception model in that they are both softer and longer. These two balls represent the top of the Pinnacle line.

Pinnacle Platinum Feel
With the new Pinnacle lineup comes new packaging and a new logo for the ball.

The new Platinum Feel is aimed at the better player looking for value. It has the softer feel thanks to a soft, thin cover formulation with a large 1.595″ core. It also has a new high-coverage 332 icosahedral dimple design for consistent ball flight.

Pinnacle Platinum Distance
The Platinum Distance model features a slightly smaller core with a low-spin cover.

The new Platinum Distance ball spins less and is a little firmer. It has a slightly smaller core at 1.565″ and a slightly thicker cover. It shares the 332 dimple pattern.

Both models have a new alignment side stamp much like the new model Titleist balls this year, although Pinnacle refrains from giving it an acronym like “AIM Technology.” So good for Pinnacle.

Gold FX Soft and Gold FX Long
The Pinnacle Gold line has been updated with two new balls, the FX Soft and FX Long. The Pinnacle Gold FX Soft has a new, softer Surlyn cover with a soft compression and a resilient core and comes with a cut-proof guarantee. Both balls also have the new alignment line.

Pinnacle Gold FX Soft
The big news in the Pinnacle Gold line is a softer Suryln cover.

Pinnacle Gold FX Long
The Golf FX Long ball is the longest Pinnacle ever made according to the company and is the model used by the Pinnacle Posse long drive team.

Pinnacle says the Golf FX Long is their longest ball to date and is meant for players looking for all out distance. It’s the official ball of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship and features the Pinnacle Posse, including 5-time long drive champion Jason Zuback, on the packaging. It’s claimed to be the longest conforming golf ball available.

Pinnacle Ribbon
The new Pinnacle Ribbon balls are aimed at women golfers and come in both white and clear pink versions. The new ball has a softer Surlyn cover along with a soft compression resilient core.

Pinnacle Ribbon
Available in both white and clear pink, the Pinnacle Ribbon ball is aligned with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure to increase breast cancer awareness.

Pinnacle continues to participate as a member of the Susan G. Komen Foundation Million Dollar Council dedicated to increasing awareness of breast cancer. Thus, pink is the color theme on these balls with a pink play number and pink ribbon and Komen for the Cure logo on the side.

Price and Availability
The new Pinnacle line is shipping to stores right now. The Platinum Feel and Platinum Distance balls will carry a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $22 a dozen with a minimum advertised price (MAP) of $17.99.

The Pinnacle Gold FX Soft, Gold FX Long, and Pinnacle Ribbon balls will have a MSRP of $17 for a 15-ball pack with a MAP of $14.99.

In the End…
It struck me that the $14.99 MAP price for a 15-pack of Pinnacle Golf FX and Ribbon balls is about what Titleist balls went for back in the 60s when I took up the game. And that got me thinking about the $45 a dozen price that some complain about for Titleist balls today. Using the Consumer Price Index to adjust for inflation, those one-dollar Titleist balls in 1962 would be worth $6.66 each today, or roughly $80 a dozen.

And that, to me, makes the price of the Pinnacle balls all the more amazing. Given the price and the performance claims for this new line, I just might put one of these models in play and see what it can do for my game.

23 thoughts on “Pinnacle Revamps Entire Golf Ball Line”

  1. Good review, I will be sure to try a sleeve of the Power Feel next few rounds and the FX this winter when the greens soften up.

  2. Hello Jack,

    in the past I’ve sometimes used the Pinnacle Exception as a replacement ball for the Titleist NXT (on private rounds). To me the Exception resembled an older model of the NXT. From this point of view it seems quite logical that Pinnacle followed Titleist with newer models.

    I’ll be watching The Sand Trap for a review of the new Pinnacle balls. I’m courios about your findings.

    P.S. Loved your review about the Adams forged irons; put them in play with good success. (And the hybrids as well.)

  3. P.S. Loved your review about the Adams forged irons; put them in play with good success. (And the hybrids as well.)

    Thanks for the kind words, Martin. I’m not sure we’ll be doing a full review of the Pinnacle balls, but since my game has so collapsed this year I may pick up a sleeve or two just to see if I can gain any kind of roll on my drives. If I do use them, I’ll be sure to post a reaction in the Forum if we don’t do a full-blown review.

    Glad you like the Adams forged irons. I think they’re pretty special.

  4. Looking forward on reviews on new Pinnacle balls been playing Exceptions for last 2 years.Playing everyday and cost of ProV~S being so high love the Exception! Cant really see too much difference between the two balls in distance and feel.Putting and spin on greens yes but as far as tee,and fairway not much difference.

  5. Jack: Nice run down. Ball technology has come a long way; it used to be if you used a Top Flite or Pinnacle you knew you were using a rock, now the distance balls feel almost as good as the premium balls.

    Having done quite a bit of ball testing, I believe there are almost no golf balls on the market that would negatively impact anyone’s golf game, with the exception of very low handicap players and professionals. And even among that rarified group are some who play balls like the NXT, Callaway HX Hot, etc.

    It used to be that you needed an expensive ball because there was a good chance the cheaper ones might be out of balance or go “out of round” in the case of wound balls, but even this is highly unlikely today…improvements in manufacturing methods, materials, etc., give a more consistent product overall. Most balls are well balanced and pose no problems.

    I am reminded of one of my college professors, who used to advise his students: “Buy the cheapest damn vodka you can find. All you’re tasting is alcohol, it doesn’t matter what you buy.” Today’s slick marketing folks writing ads for Grey Goose, Skyy, and Absolut probably take exception to this, but it’s sure saved me a few bucks over the years. There’s something to be said for applying this logic to one’s golf ball purchases, or at least trying it out once or twice.

  6. Having done quite a bit of ball testing, I believe there are almost no golf balls on the market that would negatively impact anyone’s golf game, with the exception of very low handicap players and professionals. And even among that rarified group are some who play balls like the NXT, Callaway HX Hot, etc.

    Thanks. By coincidence I played today with three very good players. One of them, Rick Hughes, is a very accomplished club pro and has been backed by Callaway for a number of years now. He personally tested the Callaway premium ball against the Titleist Pro V1 into the wind, against the wind and in dead calm with a 7 iron. His conclusion, the Titleist was basically 5 yards longer, though prone to a smoking long distance on occasion.

    This guy is a true player and today, despite full Callaway clubs and bag, he was playing a Titleist Pro V1.

    But to your point, it’s the better players who really see the difference in balls, no question. Were it not for the feel of the ball off the putter, I think the Pinnacles would be as good for my game as the Pro V1X I play. And maybe better.

  7. ➡ I will give the new pink balls a try…another way to help find the cure for breast cancer. This article was informative and encouraging. Why pay more? THANKS!

  8. I looked at the Pinnacle website and several other places.
    Is it a state secret on the cover material and the compression of the Pinnacle Platinum Feel?

  9. Whoops….Somehow I missed the “softer surlyn” in your article, my apologies. And I guess none of the ball companies release compression numbers, we’ll have to wait on independent testing for that.

  10. If the Pinnacle Long Drive FX is any better than the old Long Drive model, they will be remarkable. I just started playing the old ones, and absolutely love them. They are very lively, but also have a moderately soft feel. Their trajectory is also quite stable and consistent, and they hold the green on iron shots with no problem. They’re so good, I asked my family for a 15 pack for my upcoming birthday. Now, with the new FX, I’ll have to alter my request a bit.
    I really like the Pro V1s, but as a notorious tightwad, I will not play them as a matter of principle. Too expensive, and with less pricey balls as good as the Pinnacle Long Drive, there’s no need to shell out three and a half bucks a ball. Thanks, Pinnacle.

  11. I have played the previous Pinnacle Long Drive (Gold) ball since they first came out and I have converted many Pro V1 players to this ball. At my swing speed (92-94) they are longer than the Pro V1 with great feel. Hard to believe that the new balls can improve on the Long Drive ball but I’m looking forward to trying them.

  12. 🙁 🙁
    I am a slow swinger and a novice and need to purchase golf balls.
    Which make an type of golf balls to purchase for starter?

    I have already spent enough time at the golf range practicing and the golf range golf ballsl are too submissive,not good for use as a tool to judge my ability and capabilities

  13. Just played the FX Gold FX long today….have not hit a ball that far in a long time and in upstate NY where temp was around 50 degrees all day. Hit a couple drives over 300. Also hit a 5 iron into a par 3 about 175 and ball stopped 3 feet from mark. Buy them.

  14. Ok, just spent a weekend in Lansing, Mich, and I played the FX Soft for the first time. I was playing the TP D2, but it didn’t feel right-I mean it was ok off the tee, as long as you didn’t sky it-around the green it was pretty good, I just couldn’t get a consistent feel for this ball. So i tried the FX Soft, and the first time I teed it up and hit it I was comfortable. Great distance-very predictable ball flight-great feel around the greens-putts like a dream. My putting accuracy went through the roof. Played 4 rounds in 3 days-every day this ball performed like the last-consistent feel, even with temperature changes through the day. It,s my new ball for now, as I have tried quite a few this season(some $$$$), as I do tend to loose a few now and again, can become quite expensive. :mrgreen:

  15. I have a slow swing speed of about 75 MPH, 200 yds being a good drive for me. Is the Pinnacle Gold FX Soft an appropriate ball for me?

  16. I play the FX Soft or the Pro V1 fairly often. The FX soft goes about the same length, and feels great. the difference is two-fold:
    1. when i hit an approach shot from 100+ yards to pin-height, the Pro-V will spin back 15 feet, often off the green. when i hit the Pinny FX soft, it just stops with no back-up. I play to the pin, so this works out better for me.
    2. Around the greens, when hitting the flop-a-dopalous, the pinny won’t bite like the Pro-V (which will positively STOP on a dime). THe Pinny just has to be played to trickle, which isn’t that bad- until i forget to play it that way…

    Its a great ball for $1 each, no doubt about it. it gets even better when they go on sale at Walmart for $10 for the 15 pack…

  17. I’ve tried them all…Bridgestone, Titleist, Callaway, Hogan, Taylor Made, Maxfli…NOTHING beats the Pinnacle Gold FX Soft or FX Long….Hey guys!, save your money and buy a ball that’s as good as any out there…by the way, I am 67 years old, average 240 yds. off the tee and have a four handicap…just got over total knee replacement and lower back surgery…Pinnacle is just gonna make my game better!!!

  18. I have been playing about two years. I shoot mid 80’s all the time never broke 80. I have shot 80 like 50 times lol. i always use titleist pro v1’s. right now they are to much cash so I tried the FX soft gold. First round out I hit a drive 305 longest drive I ever hit. Second round this week shot a 78. So needless to say 15 balls were like 14 bucks I am using these forever!

    Also when you lose one you dont feel as bad as losong a pro v1.

  19. I’m looking for info on your newest ball, the Pinnacle Dimension. I was disapointed that it wasn’t mentioned here.

  20. I recently switch to the exception and its updated version the platinum feel after having tried nearly every brand of premium balls in the marketplace. My conclusion is as follows: If I hit a $4 ball out of bounds or splash it into a lake, I feel bad that I hit a bad shot with an expensive ball….it stays with me for a bit through my set-up and address…if my next swing was bad, I attribute it to the fact that I was distracted by my lost ball and the frustration begins to set in…lesson learned? If I lost a $1 ball, I shrug my shoulders, tee up another, and try to improve without any hesitation…FYI: Golfsmith has logo overruns of these for $5.98/dz…less than 50 cents per ball…enuff said.

  21. I have been playing the Pinacle “Power Core” ball. I like it a lot. Where did it go?. What ball replaces it? HDS

  22. please, do everybody a favor, and bring back the pinnacle ti extreme, best ball ever made, low spin, titanium on titanium, can’t be beat

  23. I never played Pinnacles and would throw them in a shag bag if I even bothered to pick them up if I found them. It’s true; Pinnacles were like hitting rocks, and with a handicap of 14, I don’t need to be hitting rocks. However, the Pinnacle Gold long drive was handed out at a golf outing in June this year (2010) so I tried it. Unbelievable. Not only is it really long, but soft as well. It’s difficult to believe that this was a Pinnacle that I was playing. It was a real pleasure playing this ball.

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