SeeMore Putters Expands Lineup for 2009

SeeMore adds their RifleScope Technology to a few more putters for 2009.

Bag DropSeeMore Putters has had an interesting history. Payne Stewart used a SeeMore putter to win the 1999 U.S. Open. The company went quiet for some time until their re-launch in 2007 after being purchased by Jim Grundberg and Jason Pouliot in the fall of 2006.

With Zach Johnson’s win in the 2007 Masters, and utilizing their RifleScope Technology and status as a “premier independent boutique putter maker,” SeeMore is making some waves by introducing several new putters for 2009.

Let’s check them out.

SB1 Mallets
The SB1 is a larger, face-balanced, game-improvement style mallet with high MOI. The body is 100% CNC milled (in the United States) from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. It is then anodized with a black satin finish in order to give you a “perfect contrast” with the Rifle Scope Technology as well as with the white alignment line from front to back.

The shaft is bored-in to the head very near the center, which makes the SB1 face balanced (as opposed to having some toe hang) and is SeeMore’s only face-balanced mallet. The SB1 putter also has a milled internal hosel, which provides for an extra internal connection between the shaft and head to give you more feel and also allows the putter to be lie-adjusted later on in the event you wish to have it modified to fit your putting style. For those who like to mix it up a bit and customize their SB1, an after-market variable weight pack is available which allows the head to be adjusted up to an extra 24 grams. The SB1 is also available in special Tour, long, or broomstick versions as well.

SeeMore Putters
The SB1 on the right is a more traditional looking mallet. The mFGP2 looks a bit more “bladish”.

The new SB1w mallet offers most of the same features as the SB1 such as being 100% CNC milled from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, the sinister black finish, and the milled internal hosel but differs in incorporating SeeMore’s proprietary Whistle Shaft, “which features a simple two dimensional offset that allows the hands to be slightly forward at address while maintaining all of the precision alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST).” Just like the SB1, the shaft is bored-in to the head very near center, resulting in it being a face-balanced mallet.

The standard loft of the SB1 and SB1w is 3° and it comes in three lie angles; 68°, 70°, and 72°. Length options range from 33 to 36 inches and can be customized in 1/2 inch increments. The headweight varies from 334 to 380 grams. All putters come standard with a headcover specifically designed for the SB series and you also have a variety of grip options to choose from. Both the SB1 and SB1w carry a $225 price tag.

FGP/FGPw Stainless Blades & FGP2/FGP2w Mallets
The FGP and FPGw stainless are updated versions of the original FGP blade putter (which were used to win the 1999 US Open and 2007 Masters). This design is very unique to SeeMore with the majority of the weight behind the center, which helps you in making a proper release during your putter stroke. The head is cast from 303 stainless steel and goes through four key milling processes for precision.

SeeMore Putters
The FGP2 stainless mallets on the left don’t look much bigger than the blade version, the FGP. The Black finish looks great on both.

As with all SeeMore putters, RifleScope Technology is incorporated, which helps you align your putter. The FGP features full toe hang with the offset version, the FGPw having slightly less. Nickel satin and Black satin finishes available on each model. For those of you who prefer a mallet style, you’re not left out in the cold as SeeMore has a version for you as well with the FGP2 and FGP2w, which has all the features of the FGP/FGPw but in a mallet format.

All the stainless FGP/ FGPw blades and FGP2/FGP2w mallets have a standard loft of 3°, lie angle options of 68°, 70°, and 72° and length options of 33 to 36 inches (in 1/2 inch increments). The headweight also varies from 330 to 336 grams. Each model comes with headcover and a variety of grip options and carries a price tag of $185.

mFGP2 Mallet
The mFGP2 putter was “inspired” by the original FGP putter and is the first mallet in the FGP series. Its design, look, and functionality is completely one-of-kind to SeeMore. The mFGP2 putter is a small mallet-style putter that has a slightly thicker top-line and of course, features RifleScope Technology.

The mFGP2 putter is 100% CNC milled from “investment grade” 303 stainless steel and has a milled internal hosel which provides an extra internal connection between the shaft and head for improved feel and also allows the lie angle to be adjusted if need be. The shaft of the mFGP2 is bored-in to the head slightly back of center, which places weight directly behind the sweet spot to give you “incredible feel.”

The mFGP2 has a standard loft of 3°, comes in lie angles of 68°, 70°, and 72°, and lengths from 33 to 36 inches (in 1/2 inch increments). The headweight varies from 342 grams to 380 grams and has “medium” toe hang and comes in a nice looking “silky platinum finish.” This one costs a bit more thought at $325.

RifleScope Technology
The RifleScope Technology (RST) is pretty cool alignment aid and “allows the golfer to set up the putter consistently every time in relation to the intended target line, leading to a better set up, better alignment, and a better stroke.”

SeeMore RifleScope Technology

This is done by “lining up the black bottom portion of the shaft between two white lines and covering a signature red dot on the heel of the top line and all SeeMore putters feature a proprietary 2-tone chrome shaft with an 8 inch black satin section at the bottom, a visible and integral part of SeeMore’s alignment system.” Certainly one of the easier ways to align your putter that I’ve seen.

SeeMore Information
Options and customization are the big things with SeeMore with putters ranging from $120 to $375 retail, and each putter is available to be completely customized in terms of length, lie angle, grip, and headcover. All putters are available in left hand and many are available in belly length. Considering how often one uses their putter, getting it customized to fit you is a very good thing.

All putters are made in the United States with the milling done in California and the customization done in Tennessee. You can purchase putters directly from the SeeMore web store, or be tried and fitted at any authorized SeeMore retailer. For any information about any of their putters or where to find them, please call SeeMore direct at 800-985-8170 or 615-435-8015.

Final Thoughts
They do look slightly strange (or perhaps a more “interesting design” would be more appropriate) I must say, however I’m intrigued about the RifleScope technology (plus I happen to like the black finish) and the fact you have a ton of options to choose from with lie angle, length, grips and whatnot and the price of the stainless is pretty deal good for a putter built specially for you in today’s putter market.

2 thoughts on “SeeMore Putters Expands Lineup for 2009”

  1. Great piece on SeeMore. I have the M1 and M3 putters and both are fantastic. I am also glad to see them expand their line and begin to get the recognition they deserve. This is one company that puts out a great product and stands behind it. Try them if you haven’t already.

  2. That SB1 might be the one to replace my beat up old Monza.

    I wonder if the metal is that color or if it is a coating.

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