Sun Mountain Introduces New Speed Cart SV1

Sun Mountain takes their Speed Cart line to the next level with the new Speed Cart SV1, which features a number of performance and ergonomic improvements.

Bag DropThere’s been a lot of talk in the last few months about how fitness can improve your game, and one way everyone can get in better shape is ditching the battery powered golf cart in favor of walking. What a better way to get into that habit than with a new push cart.

It just so happens that Sun Mountain just announced a great option if you are in fact in the market for a new push cart. So lets dive right in and take a look at their latest, the Speed Cart SV1.

Though the guys at Sun Mountain make some very popular bags, their push carts have been great products that shouldn’t be overlooked. Their first Speed Cart was introduced in 1999 to the delight of golfers as they didn’t have to go through the pain of assembling it. Aside from the convenience of coming already assembled, the first Speed Cart’s ergonomic, space saving collapsible design allowed for easy storage and transport. Since then, Sun Mountain has has constantly improved their push carts with the releases of updated Speed Carts and various Micro-Cart models.

Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1 in Red

The new Speed Cart SV1 picks up where Sun Mountain’s previous Speed Cart models left off, though of course with some welcomed new improvements. The console has been completely overhauled in order to include three separate sections that help to separate electronic devices (such as GPS or your cell phone) and other loose items that you normally keep handy. Integrated into the console is a slide-out tray used for your scorecard and pencil as well.


The drink holder has been relocated from the console to the side of the handle which allows a wider range of motion. Under the console, you’ll find a cargo net that’s intended to hold pretty much anything from head covers to a jacket or rain gear.

The Speed Cart SV1 folds easily for convenient transportation

The new E-Z Latch System is another noteworthy improvement that makes collapsing, unfolding, and adjusting the height of the unit much easier than before. Color-matched anodized wheels wrapped with solid foam tires keep it rolling firmly and smoothly on the turf. The braking system has been upgraded as well; the old caliper brake has been replaced with a new pin system to lock the wheels in place.


Along the frame is a slot for umbrella storage when closed, though for those times it needs to be opened, the cart’s handle has an umbrella holder as well, making it easy for you to battle the elements and still enjoy everything this push cart offers. While those are standard features, Sun Mountain offers a number of optional accessories as well, including a Sun Mountain branded umbrella, a Cool-Paq cooler, extra storage in the form of a Speed-Paq bag, and sand bottle, and cart mitts which attach to the handle.

Note the conveniently placed score card holder

Options and Availability
You’ve got a number of colors to choose from, including black, gold, silver, red, blue, and charcoal. Look for the Speed Cart SV1 in stores this coming June with a suggested retail price of $259. The previously mentioned accessories as well as many other can be found here at Sun Mountain’s website.

Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1 in Black

5 thoughts on “Sun Mountain Introduces New Speed Cart SV1”

  1. Doesn’t seem like much of a change from the previous models. I use the V1 and although I like the tweaks I wouldn’t pony up the dough to replace what I already have and like.

  2. “the old caliper brake has been replaced with a new pin system to lock the wheels in place.”

    That’s actually a drawback IMHO. I LIKE having the ability to partially apply the brakes on my SunMountain cart while walking down a steep incline. It saves wear and tear on my already-compromised lower back discs.

  3. A couple more thoughts:

    I like having them move the drink holder to the side, as the drink bottle was always underneath the clubheads in the old spot.

    I also think they could improve the whole cart system with one simple change – make the bag more upright when in use-mode. The biggest PITA about having the bag angled so steeply – is the fact the clubs in the lowest partitions of your bag get stuck between the upper clubs dangling down from above and the console encroaching from the bottom. If the bag was positioned so there was even as little as a 6″ gap between the bottom of the bag and the console/push arm – in its most upper position – it’d be a huge improvement.

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