Titleist’s New 2014 NXT Tour, Velocity, and New Scotty Cameron Putters

Titleist is updating its ball line up with new versions of the NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT Solo while Scotty Cameron rolls out new putters.

Bag DropWhile its undeniable that Titleist makes some great clubs, they are who they are because of the balls they make. As of late, they have gone into a pattern of updating their flagship ball, the Pro V1 and Pro V1x, every other year with updates to their other balls coming in between. This is one of those in between years and thus, there are updates to the NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity, and DT Solo balls. Also on the way are some new putters from the company’s acclaimed flat stick craftsman Scotty Cameron.

While Titleist recommends the Pro V1 or Pro V1x to many golfers as the ball that would best benefit their game, there are many golfers who feel that those balls are just too good for them or that they are too expensive. For players who still want great performance but don’t want to take quite as big of a hit to the wallet, Titleist has the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S balls. Both balls feature the same spherically tiled 302 octahedral dimple design and new softer, thinner Fusablend cover. This new cover will help golfers attain a constant flight as well as short game spin and control. The new NXT Tour features a softer compression dual core that results in truer feel while maintaining excellent distance. The NXT Tour S model has an even softer compression feel compared to both its previous version and its NXT Tour counterpart. This is due to the reengineered, highly resistant core. The NXT Tour is available in white at $33.99/dozen while the NXT Tour S is available in both white and high optic yellow for the same price.

The Velocity ball has been redesigned for even more distance. At the heart of the ball now is the LSX core that produces very fast ball speeds leading to longer drives and shorter approach shots. The ball also features a new cover that has a spherically tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design with 7 different dimple sizes. The cover is highly symmetrical (three axes of symmetry) and a more uniform surface coverage. The new cover helps to deliver a penetrating ball flight  on full swing shots. While a lot of what the Velocity is about is distance, the company says that it is still a good feeling ball around the green due to a softer compression core. The ball is available with both single and double digit play numbers (1, 2, 3, 4 or 00, 11, 22, 33) and carries a price of $26.99/dozen.

Rounding out the 2014 ball line up is the new DT Solo. The DT Solo is the companies softest ball due to its super soft compression and has a fast core coupled with a soft ionomer cover. The ball has a 376 dimple design cover to help deliver a tighter, more constant flight. The soft cover and compression help to give the ball a soft feel around the green. The new DT Solo is available in white and optic yellow and retails for $19.99/dozen.

New balls are fun, but a new putter is even funner. Coming in March and April, Scotty Cameron has two new putters that will be hitting the shelves. The first to come will be the new Scotty Cameron Select putters. The new Select family will feature a total of five putters. Possibly the most popular Scotty Cameron design is the Newport, and the new version has a shorter blade length and more rounded  edges. The Newport 2 is a bit longer and bit more squared off. Both of those models feature a plumbing neck. The Newport 2.5 maintains the same head as the Newport 2 but with a short flare neck for increased toe flow. For those wanting something more mallet-like, there are the Select Fastback and Squareback designs. Titleist describes the Fastback as being round and soft like the newport while the Squareback is crisp and boxy like the Newport 2.

All of the Select putters are precision milled and features a new aluminum red sole plate. The putters also feature a new red, crisscross alignment aid that is a continuation of the sole that pops through the head. From their research, they found that the best putters tend to putt with the ball up in their stance, under their left eye, so the crisscross sight lines, located on the back flange, ends up directly between the eyes. They say that whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical alignment aid, the new crisscross design makes it easier to square the putter and put yourself in the proper position.

About a month after the release of the select putters, the new GoLo putters will hit the shelves. The new GoLo line will feature 4 different models, the GoLo 3, GoLo 5, GoLos S5 and GoLo 7. The GoLo 7, which was the original GoLo model, has the largest head and a single bend shaft for the least amount of toe flow. The GoLo 5 features the a very similar design but has a head that is 10% smaller. The GoLo S5 has the same head as the 5 but with a straight-in, near center shaft. Of course, some wanted an even smaller head design, and that is where the GoLo 3 comes in. Cameron says that the GoLo 3 blends the best of the GoLo and the company’s popular Del Mar model.

Perhaps the most noticeable change to the GoLo series will be its cosmetics as the putter will now feature the silver and red design that has become the norm for Scotty Cameron putters. Both the GoLo and Select putters have a new, soft Silver Mist finish, with the cherry dot graphics and red grips. All of the Newport models in the Select line-up will feature the new Pistolini grip while the two mid mallets and the entire GoLo line will have the Pistolero grip.

The Select series will hit the stores first, on March 14th, while the GoLo’s will follow close behind on April 18th. Both models have a retail price of $349.

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  1. I’ve tried the both 2014 NXT balls but really couldn’t tell a difference. Didn’t really expect to but it was cold both days so who knows. The Velocity isn’t a ball I need to use but my lowest scores of 2013 were all using that ball. I’m pretty sure those were the 2012 version since I bought them at Walmart.

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