TRUE Linkswear Launches Tour Golf Shoe

Newcomer TRUE Linkswear’s new shoe comes to market with Ryan Moore among their already satisfied customers.

Bag DropEvery so often, we cover products from new companies that might not be everyone’s “cup of tea,” for lack of a better term. When you step back and look at it from a wider perspective, aren’t all products in golf like that? Do we all play the same ball, or the same irons, or wear the same clothes? Of course not. That’s just one of the many aspects of the game that we love that makes it unique. We have the ability to personalize and choose equipment, and apparel especially, to express ourselves and our personalities in a way that our uniformed counterparts in other sports cannot.

One of the PGA Tour’s obvious examples of this is Ryan Moore, who’s style is certainly is one of the most talked about. New to Moore’s sartorial choices is golf shoes shoes from TRUE linkswear. The Dallas-based company consists of golfers who are truly passionate about their product. In fact, in every job description in the company is a requirement to play 18 holes every week, in the name of product testing. To say that I’m jealous would be an incredible understatement. Anyway, enough groveling in my envy, let’s take a look at the new shoes from TRUE Linkswear.

The TRUE Tour shoes were designed with four key ideas in mind. First, and above all, the shoe was going to be comfortable. Because the shoe is intended to be the first hybrid golf shoe, in that it can be worn on or off the course, it needed to be comfortable. Weighing in at a minuscule 11 ounces, they certainly satisfied the second self-imposed demand. While other shoes weigh in around 18 ounces or more, TRUE wants their shoes to be as minimalist and lightweight as possible. They actually strive to give their customers the closest thing to a barefoot golfing experience as possible.

The guys at TRUE wanted you to feel the course like never before while wearing their shoes. To accomplish that, this new shoe keeps the player’s foot at a little less than 10mm from the ground. Those 10mm consists of a “Ergo-Traction” sole with a 4mm tread, a 2.5mm outsole, and a 3mm sock liner. The shoe was designed without a midsole, which normally adds to the weight, torsional resistance, and overall height. According to product testers, this enhanced their ability to “to read greens, get a feel for lies and feel the texture of sand in bunkers”.

TRUE Linkswear - White Saddle

The barefoot platform, which maximizes surface contact, combined with the previously mentioned “Ergo-Traction” outsole provides excellent grip walking as well as swinging, in any weather conditions, without any type of spikes. That “Ergo-Traction” outsole allows the foot to interact with the ground in a natural manner, using bars and knobs to provide traction as opposed to spikes.

TRUE Linkswear

The Tour shoe is made up of a full grain leather upper, with 360° protection from moisture provided by Outlast lining and Water Proof Membrane. The integrated tongue and sockliner assist in both stability and comfort. The Outlast sockliner and footbed also allows for airflow to help keep your feet cool by allowing ventilation and temperature regulation within the shoe. Further promoting the comfort of TRUEs is memory foam positioned in the heel collar, which forms around the shape of your foot and becomes more personalized every time you wear them. Maybe you’ve seen the commercials of memory foam beds? Imagine that sort of comfort for your feet as you walk the course.

TRUE Linkswear - Black

As I mentioned before, TRUE already has one very satisfied customer in PGA Tour player Ryan Moore, who has been sporting the TRUE tour shoe since back in May, at the Colonial.

I’m wearing TRUE linkswear golf shoes because they’re the lightest, most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I’m a feel player and every part of the way I experience the game of golf, from the teebox through the green depends on having a solid connection with the ground. These shoes provide that connection in a way I’ve never felt before. I was so excited to learn about this golf shoe concept, and when I finally got to wear the shoes for the first time, I knew I wanted to wear them on Tour. I can’t wait to share that feeling with you.

Ryan Moore

Moore bought into the company immediately upon seeing the shoes for the first time. Of course, any up-and-coming golf equipment company wouldn’t think twice about having a player like Ryan Moore wearing their product. In fact, Ryan himself had a hand in designing the shoe by providing feedback based on real world experiences.

TRUE Linkswear - Black

TRUE’s website has recently relaunched, and the shoes are now available for pre-order, with expected delivery sometime in October. Though initially the price of the TRUE linkswear Tours was set at $189, TRUE listened to the feedback from potential customers, and rolled the price back to $159. I’d like to see some of the major manufacturers listen to customers like that! Four different color variations will be initially available, including:

  • TRUE Original Black Upper with White Saddle and White Sole
  • Black on Black with Black Sole and Red Stitching
  • Classic White Upper with Black Saddle and Black Sole
  • White on White with Black Sole

If you’d like to find out more about the company, or TRUE linkswear Tour footwear, you can check out their blog, which TRUE President Rob Rigg updates at least once a week. Also look for our upcoming review of the TRUE Tour shoes.

14 thoughts on “TRUE Linkswear Launches Tour Golf Shoe”

  1. I’ve got the Ecco Street Premiers and I’m very certain the True Linkswear’s would fit in nicely in my shoe rotation. Those all whites look perfect. I’ve had my eye on them for a while now.

  2. I really like them–they look really comfortable, might be my next pair of shoes. I tend to have better leg movement on full shots and have more feel on the putting green when I’m not in rigid soled spike shoes. Here in DFW, the ground rarely gets slushy/mushy so these should provide enough traction for the majority of our conditions. If I were to play somewhere with lush, thick, moist grass and turf (Oregon), might wear something with spikes.

  3. I guess the big question on these shoes is how they compare to Ecco’s Street Premiere (a.k.a. the spikeless shoes Fred Couples has been wearing).

    uttexas: You state that you’d prefer spiked shoes in conditions not unlike those found in the Pacific Northwest. Oddly enough, the two prominent early adopters of spikeless shoes among the pro ranks (Couples and Moore) are both natives of the Seattle area.

  4. Great point Chilli. Maybe these do provide good traction, even in mushy/slippery conditions. I’ve been wearing Sketcher Bobcat shoes with Direct Register Traction soles at the range–they work great as long as its not raining heavily. Got them really cheap at Academy Sports and Outdoors.

  5. Different, however they look cheap to me. Sort of like Croc’s for Golf. A company this small can’t generate profit unless they have figured out a way to use cheap materials and assemble the shoes even cheaper than the big guys. And at these prices they should give you a lifetime guarantee (and a dozen balls)!

  6. Different, however they look cheap to me. Sort of like Croc’s for Golf. A company this small can’t generate profit unless they have figured out a way to use cheap materials and assemble the shoes even cheaper than the big guys. And at these prices they should give you a lifetime guarantee (and a dozen balls)!

    Fortunately for golfers (and TRUE), your comment couldn’t be more wrong. The shoe is a very good quality, incredibly comfortable, and is priced appropriately. $159 is not a lot for golf shoes. Yes, you can find some GreenJoys or something for $79 here and there, but quality shoes cost money.

    Crocs for golf? They have those, and they’re nothing like the TRUE Tour shoe.

  7. I placed an order for a pair of black/white saddle shoes last night. In the order comments box I made a special request (for a pair of red laces to set them off!) I placed the order at about 8:30 PM, Thursday night.

    At 9:10 PM I received an email from the president of the company apologizing for not being able to send extra laces with the shoes, since they were packaged up at the manufacturer, but if I emailed him when they arrived he’d be happy to have some laces sent out to me for free.

    When the president of a company emails you personally about your order at nine o’clock at night on a weekday, you tend to become extremely loyal to a brand… THAT is what I call customer service!

  8. I’ve got to say, at first glance these shoes look pretty weird. I think golf shoes should never have white soles. Imagine what they would look like after a round.

    Having said that I actually think the all white ones with black soles look like something I could wear on the course if they really are that comfortable. My main concern would be that the bottoms have enough traction to deal with a wet slippery day.

    Kudos to the President for being so proactive in creating a good experience for the customers. Unfortunately in something like the shoe business I’m not sure how far improving the purchasing experience will get you. I hope it works out. I will give these a try if I find a place to try them on.

  9. From what I read and see these look like nice golf shoes. But, what about those of us who walk the course? Many people need support, just like in running shoes. I’m not sure these would be great for those who need supportive shoes. Putting insoles in these would probably reduce the comfort/fit factor. Any hoofers who can report would be greatly appreciated.

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