Volume Eleven

Here’s a three-pack of links after a busy Memorial Day weekend.

I just flew in from Houston and boy are my arms tired! I hope everyone had a good weekend and was able to get out and play some golf. Since I was traveling all day yesterday, I thought I should throw some links out there on a Tuesday instead. Enjoy.

Roy McAvoy
Surely, Inman did this for the publicity. No one would ever do this in a tournament. I love it though! [link]

Vintage Wired
I was cleaning out an old bookmarks folder and found this article from Wired a long time ago. Still a good read, so I’ll pass it on. [link]

Game On
Here’s a fun game to pass the time at work. Speaking of, I need to get back to work. [link]

My Favorite Non-Major Golf Tournament
I have to drop a link for my favorite tournament (besides the Masters). It’s Jack’s tournament, he’s playing in it, and I wish I was there. I’m picking Ernie Els to repeat. [link]

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