Volume Five Hundred Two

The name of the day is … John Daly? That can’t be right.

Hittin the Links Welcome back to another week of Hittin’ the Links. This week … here it goes … John Daly won a golf tournament. Like, with competitors. Old competitors, sure. But competitors nonetheless.

He was joined by Brian Harman, who picked up his second PGA Tour win, and team Denmark, who won the GolfSixes Euro Tour event.

We’ll cover all that, plus some new wedges from Titleist, more rumblings on the Rules front, and some Tony Romo news. Let’s hit the links!

Hole #1: John Daly Wins on Champions Tour
In a weird turn of events, an official win by John Daly (his first since 2004) was this week’s biggest golf story. I’m still in awe that I just typed that sentence. [Link]

Hole #2: Brian Harman Wins Wells Fargo
With birdies on his final two holes Brian Harman collected his second career PGA Tour victory, besting the competition at Eagle Point Golf Course. [Link]

Hole #3: Denmark Wins GolfSixes Euro Tour Team Match Play Event
The Denmark team of Thorbjorn Olesen and Lucas Bjerregaard (yes, I copied-and-pasted that name from the article) won the European Tour’s innovative six-hole match event. [Link]

Hole #4: The GolfSixes Concept, Explained
I’m just going to leave this link here. But, since it was written by the BBC, you have to read it with a British accent. Promise? [Link]

Hole #5: Will Wilcox WDs, then DQs, but Really MCs
Will/Willy Wilcox swapped out his putter during a break in play of the second round this week, meaning he used more than 14 clubs in a tournament. He withdrew from the event, anticipating that he would be disqualified. But the Rules of Golf don’t call for a disqualification, they call for a maximum four-stroke penalty. In didn’t end up mattering, though, as Wilcox would have missed the cut regardless. [Link]

Hole #6: Titleist Releases JP Wedges
They sure look damn good. [Link]

Hole #7: USGA/R&A Banning Green Reading Material?
The USGA and R&A might be looking into banning green reading material, but would it hurt amateurs? [Link]

Hole #8: Romo to Attempt U.S. Open Qualifying
Former Cowboys quarterback and current newest CBS analyst Tony Romo will try for the second time to qualify for the U.S. Open. [Link]

Hole #9: Weekly Woods Wrap-up
This week we’re going to hear from Jack Nicklaus, who could empathize with Tiger’s latest back surgery. [Link]

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