Volume Four Hundred Ninety-Nine

Marc Leishman wins in Orlando, and Tiger’s book falls flat.

Hittin the Links We’re back with another Hittin’ the Links! Marc Leishman took home the hardware at the Arnold Palmer Invitational this week, while Anna Nordqvist won in Phoenix. We’ll also check in on ongoing litigation between Costco and Acushnet, check out a massive claim by The Rock, and read up on Tiger Woods’ new book.

All that plus a healthy dose of the trials and tribulations of being a professional golfer. Let’s hit the links!

Hole #1: Marc Leishman Wins Arnold Palmer Invitational
Leishman’s second PGA Tour also earned him a Masters berth. Not too shabby of a week at all. [Link]

Hole #2: What’s in Leishman’s Bag?
Leishman is a Callaway man through and through, with the company’s GBB Epic woods and Apex Pro irons in the bag. He putts with an Odyssey Versa flatstick and uses the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball. [Link]

Hole #3: Anna Nordqvist Wins Founders Cup
Nordqvist fired a 4-under 68 on Sunday to hold off Ariya Jutanugarn, Stacy Lewis, and In Gee Chun in the Arizona heat for her seventh career LPGA Tour win. It was her first win since last summer’s U.S. Women’s Open. [Link]

Hole #4: Costco Sues Acushnet Ober Signature Golf Balls
Costco’s Kirkland Signature golf balls have become some of the hottest on the market this year, and they’re not taking Acushnet’s patent complaint lying down. [Link]

Hole #5: The Rock Claims to have Hit 490-Yard Drive
I’m just going to put this here without comment, lest I say anything that could be construed as disparaging Mr. The Rock. [Link]

Hole #6: Mickelson Acquaintance Reamins in Hot Water Over Inside Trading
Nothing that specifically links Phil to anything, but interesting nonetheless. [Link]

Hole #7: A Young Golfer’s Story About the Difficulty of Professional Golf
In case you ever think you’re just a few lucky bounces away from being on Tour, the lesson is that you’re almost certainly not. [Link]

Hole #8: Th 1997 Masters: My Story Review
It doesn’t come out looking so great. I intend to pick up a copy (my local book store didn’t have any on launch day), but I’m not in much of a rush. [Link]

Hole #9: Weekly Woods Wrap-up
In case you want to read about Tiger’s better days, or just enjoy a bit of 2002 nostalgia, here’s a post-season wrap-up from a decade and a half ago. [Link]

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