Volume One Hundred Fifty

That’s one good teenage golfer!

Hittin' the LinksGood Monday to you and welcome again the Hittin’ the Links. What a week in golf it was! There was a lot of golf on television this weekend for the golf enthusiast, too much in fact to watch all at once. So HTL is here to give you the wrap-up on what you may have missed and whatever else interesting there is out there in the golf universe.

In this edition, we tie the knot with Greg Norman, check in on the new super teen of the LPGA Tour, see if Annika really is finished at the U.S. Open, and find out why it’s always about Tiger. Also, we investigate the rest of the tours around the world, see what Michelle Wie’s future has in store, tee off at this weeks golf destination, and find out why PGA tour stars just can’t seem to say “No Comment.” Read On.

Hole 1: Norman Ties the Knot
Greg Norman and Chris Evert married in the Bahamas over the weekend. [Link]

Hole 2: Teen Week at the U.S. Women’s Open
Inbee Park becomes the youngest U.S. Women’s Open Champion at 19 years of age. [Link]

Hole 3: Perry Strong in Michigan
Kenny Perrry closes with 66 to win the Buick Open. [Link]

Hole 4: Lauren Roberts Wins
Loren Roberts returns to the winner’s circle on the Champions Tour. [Link]

Hole 5: Annika Plays in Last U.S. Open?
Annika Sorenstam has not completely closed the idea of her playing in some more U.S.Opens.[Link]

Hole 6: Wie’s Future Not So Bright
One-time phenom Michelle Wie has faded severely from the limelight of the LPGA Tour. [Link]

Hole 7: Destination of the Week
Canada’s Okanagan Valley holds plenty for the traveling golfer and wine lover.

Hole 8: It’s Always About Tiger
The PGA Tour is taking a hit with Tiger missing the rest of the year. [Link]

Hole 9: Is This Microphone On?
Saying something stupid seems to be contagious on the PGA Tour as of late. [Link]

2 thoughts on “Volume One Hundred Fifty”

  1. Regarding Michelle Wie. What a shame. She is young and talented, but immature and most especially poorly advised by the very people who should have protected, guided and nurtured her natural, God-given talents.

    Can she come back from here? She’s too young to be written off, but every year that she’s playing poorly, for whatever reason, will make it that more difficult for her. Perhaps it is best that she goes to Q-school, endure some “hardship” and “toughing it out”. Perhaps this will make her a better player – mentally.

    We can but wish her well. She’ll have to do the rest on her own. Good luck, young lady.

  2. You know you are rich when you can book all the rooms of an exclusive hotel for 4 days. Greg Norman is the man!

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