Volume Two Hundred Eighty Six

Hooray for Darren Clarke!

Hittin' the LinksGood day golf fans and welcome to yet another edition of Hittin’ the Links. I have one thing to say about the Open Championship, I am glad I didn’t have to play in that weather. Wow, makes me glad I live in a desert. Congratulations to Darren Clarke, if an American didn’t win, I am glad he did. Had I’d known, I would have bought some stock in Guinness, though.

In this volume of HtL we begin with Rory McIlroy’s wish, see what Hank Haney said about Tiger, and look into DJ’s latest major championship blunder. Also on tap, we check out Angel’s unusual stretching routine, investigate a million dollar hole-in-one, and do a wrap-up of the weeks events. Read on!

Hole 1: Fair Weather Friend
Rory McIlroy ruffled some feathers when he admitted he wanted to go back to America and play in the nice weather. [Link]

Hole 2: Really?
Hank Haney still believes Tiger can break Jack’s record of 18 major championships. [Link]

Hole 3: 2 Iron?
Dustin Johnson’s late blunder erased his chances of a first major championship. [Link]

Hole 4: Stretching?
Miguel Angel Jimenez’s rather odd stretching routine has gone viral. [Link]

Hole 5: Celebs
Jack Wagner holds off Tony Romo to win the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Lake Tahoe. [Link]

Hole 6: Hole-In-One
Hockey great Joe Sakic’s hole-in-one in Lake Tahoe was worth a cool million. [Link]

Hole 7: Tom Watson
At 61 Tom Watson can still hang with the big boys. [Link]

Hole 8: The Other Tournament
The PGA Tour still played this week even though few were watching. [Link]

Hole 9:
Irishman Darren Clarke returned to form to take home the Claret Jug. [Link]

2 thoughts on “Volume Two Hundred Eighty Six”

  1. The winning can be contributed in 90% to Darren’s Irish luck in this particular tournament.
    It must be one of the ugliest golf swing major winner. It makes you think how using the Texas wedge all the time can win you a major, but it proves once again – not how but how many!

  2. Fellow American Rickie Fowler tried to express a similar sentiment but may have given some insight into why Johnson keeps making inexplicable mistakes.

    ”Dustin really doesn’t think about a whole lot,” said Fowler. Does he think?

    Isn’t this the attitude of all young upcoming American golfers?
    Perhaps he thinks about joining the Bubba’s singing troop (with trousers).

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