Volume Two Hundred Twenty Three

Couples wins, we’re having a prime time U.S. Open, and a tiger-less match play.

Hittin' the LinksHello and welcome to Hittin’ the Links. I don’t know about you but I actually enjoyed watching the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am this week, and it’s been a long time since I could say that. Was it actually less annoying this year or was it just me?

Anyway, in this volume of HTL we start of looking at the tabloid circus that is Tiger Woods’ life, then turn our attention to the Kia Classic, and check out some prime time golf. Also, we look at the Accenture Match Play, take notice of David Duval’s comeback, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!

Hole 1: Welcome to the Circus
The circus surrounding Tiger Woods has more than a few tabloids vying for center ring. [Link]

Hole 2: So How Much Does That Pay?
Tiger lowered to unemployment rate when he allegedly started paying two women to keep quiet about his infidelities. [Link]

Hole 3: Kia Classic
The Korean car maker Kia has stepped up to sponsor both Michelle Wie and a new LPGA event. [Link]

Hole 4: Prime Time
This year’s U.S. Open will get some prime TV time. [Link]

Hole 5: Accenture Match Play
Even Tiger-less the Accenture Match play has some interesting match-ups. [Link]

Hole 6: Who Needs Tight Back Ligaments?
Rory McIlroy isn’t letting something like stretched back ligaments keep him out of the Match Play tournament. [Link]

Hole 7: Duval Moving Forward
David Duval’s career took a large step forward with a second-place finish at Pebble Beach. [Link]

Hole 8: It only Took a Couples
Fred Couples gets his first Champions Tour win in his second tournament. [Link]

Hole 9: Repeat!
Dustin Johnson wins the AT&T for the second year in a row. [Link]

1 thought on “Volume Two Hundred Twenty Three”

  1. La Costa: I played there three years ago in April. Course was OK, very soggy. Very flat, not particularly memorable. Greens were slick with a lot of break. Has the same feel as many courses back East — almost as if the Mob from NY/NJ had built it. (Oh yeah, it had!).

    Champions Tour: At 49, Freddy can’t make the cut on the regular tour. At 50, Freddy shoots 17 under for three rounds. Would someone knowlegeable detail the differences in course set up between the two tours? I assume the Seniors play the Blue tees instead the Back tees and that the greens are slower and the pins are not tucked.

    Thanks in advance.

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