Torrance: Europeans Have an Edge

Sam Torrance says that the Europeans have an advantage playing the Ryder Cup abroad.

Sam Torrance, former captain of the European Ryder Cup team, said Wednesday:

There’s a little bit less pressure playing away from home than playing at home. In front of your home crowd, everyone’s cheering you on and you feel like you have to play well.

A bit of gamesmanship? A bit of truth? Americans play well in the British Open, yet the reverse is not true.

You know the crowd’s going to be on the Americans’ side. You just have to use it and not let it get you down. When the USA chant starts, just let it annoy you. Let it build you up, let it make you mad and play better golf.

Good advice indeed. The US side, of course, can just as easily use the chant to boost them. But this is why we adore the Ryder Cup so much: because it is a battle. Because the underdog has a real chance every time. Because it shows a man’s will – a team’s will – more than any other tournament or competition. Raw competitiveness, raw humanity on display. That’s the Ryder Cup.

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