Mickelson Drops Titleist, Signs with Callaway

Over the Labor Day weekend, Phil Mickelson signed an endorsement deal with Callaway Golf, dumping Titleist early.

phil_mickelson_callaway.jpgOver the Labor Day weekend, Phil Mickelson, the #4 ranked golfer in the world, signed an endorsement deal with Callaway Golf to use a prototype Callaway HX ball and a prototype model of Callaway’s Fusion driver at this week’s Canadian Bell Open.

This move comes just a week after prematurely dumping a Titleist contract. Mickelson had been with Titleist the past four years.

According to various reports, the Fusion driver, the HX ball and the current versions of the Big Bertha 3- and 4-woods will be the only Callaway items in the bag this week for Mickelson though he will be wearing Callaway footwear and gloves. Irons, wedges and a putter will be determined at a later date after consultation with Callaway club designer Roger Cleveland, the man behind Cleveland wedges, a must-have for many tour players.

Because of a deal already in place for logo placement on the front of Mickelson’s visor with consulting firm Bearing Point, the Callaway logo will instead adorn Mickelson’s shirt sleeve, the side of his visor, and his golf bag. This is a slight variation from the triple play of bag-hat-shirt logo placement that accompanies most manufacturer-player relationships.

After renegotiation attempts with Titleist failed, Mickelson was let out of his deal 16 months early. According to an AP report, Phil took some heat from Titleist last fall regarding a phone call to a Callaway representative who had helped his brother with some equipment. Mickelson praised Callaway for its golf ball and driver, and Callaway officials were said to have played the voice mail for its salesmen at a national meeting.

Specifics of the Callaway contract are unknown at this point, but $4 million per year including incentives is rumoured with the deal exceeding five years.

12 thoughts on “Mickelson Drops Titleist, Signs with Callaway”

  1. This is like so yesterday.
    What’s the update?
    Phil has Calloway on his cap/visor Saturday at the 2008 Buick Invitational.

  2. I believe that Bearingpoint has had to cancel Phil’s contract with them due to their significantly poor financial health. Rumor has it Phil is suing BE – good luck!

  3. I am an employee of BearingPoint so here is what is what it is. The company is in financial trouble, and the CEO was let go in December. he was a good friend of Mickelson. The new CEO does not want to pay out the money it would cost to keep Phil. so Phil is suing to get out of his contract so he can go with another company, and so while this is getting worked out, he is wearing the Callaway Hat temporarily.

  4. BearingPoint is such a lame name they deserve to get whomped upside the head for changing to that from the famous KPMG. Uhm, that’s the real reason for their problems, is that not right?
    Phil musta groaned everytime he put that hat on. I did.
    Thanks guys

  5. Actually Phil is suing because he got a verbal agreement for a new contract with the old CEO. he kept and will continue to wear the BearingPoint cap (so he said on 1/14), he is suing to get paid for wearing it even though he did it without a formal contract in place. The contract was supposed to be signed in late december but the old ceo got ousted before then. the new management group obviously would want to renegotiate whatever deal was done especially since it iwas not in writing. That is the deal. so whomever you are who says you work for bearingpoint get your facts right. here is a link to the real story
    www dot thegolfwatch.com/my_weblog/2008/01/mickelson-sues.html

  6. Kitibo is a real embarassment to BearingPoint!

    I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to be represented by Mickelson after he demonstrates the audacity to use blackmail tactics and bring far worse press to their sponsor with a lawsuit, than any positive advertisement he gave.

    I also heard that he ‘hated’ the new BE logo because its red (like Tiger’s sponsor Accenture). Boo hoo.

  7. So how am I an embarrassment to bearingpoint, unless you are my boss, and you know who I am 👿 Trust me, the Board of Directors and the new CEO do not want to be tied to him. It is true that the red visor is an issue with him

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