Commercials at the Masters… Again

Commercials are returning to the Masters.

The Masters, which became the first commercial-free major sporting event, is returning to the “old way” of doing things: four minutes of commercials per hour from ExxonMobil, IBM, and SBC Communications. Augusta National Golf Club chairman William “Hootie” Johnson has added 90 minutes of TV coverage to offset the commercials.

Many are disappointed with this move. Me? I’m just happy to have some bathroom and refrigerator breaks built in again. 🙂

The Tadalafil Open

The Western Open has a new title sponsor… a sexual potency drug.

It’s hip to say that sports has “sold-out” in the name of the almighty dollar, but the Cialis® (tadalafil) Western Open has done just that.

The oldest non-major tournament on the PGA tour, with esteemed past champions that include Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, and Tiger Woods is title-sponsored by a sexual potency drug. I can just hear it now: “Son, I remember Tiger winning The Masters, The US Open and three Cialis Western Opens.” Very Nice.

Apparently, The PGA Tour was hurting pretty badly for sponsors, and the only taboos are “hard alcohol and tobacco” companies. Why? How is the Baccardi Western Open worse than the Cialis Western Open? It’s not, but money talks, and the world keeps spinning.


Welcome to The Sand Trap .com!

Welcome to The Sand Trap .com. We hope to become the premier golf blog – short for “web log” – in the universe! Planet? Country? State? How about town? This is the first entry, and is primarily being created simply to test some things out.

Sit back and enjoy. We’ll be building up our content soon.