2009 Masters In Photos

It might have been a bit cold and windy, but it was still a great first time at the Masters.

I had a chance to go to the Tuesday practice round of the Masters this year. It was a bit cold, so not all the players were out there on the course, but the usual suspects made an appearance even if it was just at the range or the putting green.

This is the first thing that greets you when you step on the course. Not a bad sight.

Merchandise Store
The merchandise selection is vast. So is the crowd at 8:00 AM. The best advice I received was to hit the store first and get your bag checked (free). Then pick it up on the way out. That probably saved us a 30 minute wait.

18 Tee
Yes, 18 looks even tighter in person than it does on TV.

Masters Food Menu
Two words. Recession proof.

Lightning Rod
We were told that every “critical” pine was wired with a lightning rod. I saw MANY critical pines.

15 Green
From 115, hitting into 15 looks simple. After watching Danny Lee hit it once in four tries from near that distance though, I thought otherwise.

Thirteenth Green
The setting of 13 green is amazing. Beautiful, serene and challenging.

Twelve Tee
Twelve tee sits only a handful of yards from 11 green and provides one of the most famous spectator areas for golf.

Tenth Green
You can see the elevation change from the tee down to the green. Even though players will hit from a downhill and/or sidehill lie, the most challenging part of this hole is the green.

Ninth Green
The elevation change is the first thing that jumps out at you when walking the grounds at Augusta. Every hole – except for #1 – goes downhill away from the clubhouse.

Jimenez Laughing
Miguel Angel Jimenez shares a laugh with Chez Reavie walking down 10.

Might be my favorite shot of the day. The Azaleas are all in full bloom and the course provides many vistas like this one.

Weed at Augusta National
We started by walking the course backwards. This was the first weed I saw… on #4. I saw one more weed the rest of the day. There are more lightning rods on the course than weeds.

Els and Player
Two of the greatest South African golfers ever sharing some thoughts with each other.

Mickelson and Kittelson
Phil was helping Drew Kittelson throughout their Tuesday practice round. Here they are discussing how quickly balls will roll off the front of 15 green.

15 and 16 Greens
Another great place to watch during the Masters is the stands next to 15 green. If you get the right spot, you can watch the action on 16 as well.

Putting Green
You may never have seen it on TV, but yes, there is a putting green. Yes it is very, very big.

Butler Cabin
The famous Butler Cabin sits right behind the practice green.

Sixteen Water Skip
A tradition during the practice round is for players to skip balls across the pond in front of 16 and onto the green. Danny Lee nearly killed a patron right before Ross Fisher nearly holed this one out. I believe that Vijay did just that later in the day. (Holed one out that is…not kill a patron.)

Thirteenth Fairway
It’s hard to imagine any place more picturesque than Augusta. Looking back down 13 with Rae’s creek winding towards twelve green is beautiful

Magnolia Lane
The famous Magnolia Lane was not as impressive as I thought it would be.

From the front, the clubhouse looks much, much smaller than it actually is. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any from the back to show you what I mean.

Practice Tee
A large selection of balls are constantly refreshed by about 5 attendants that sort and bag balls.

Par Three
Looking down at the Par three course. The next day this place would be packed.

Tiger Woods Putting
Tiger gets the usual reps in. I seriously don’t know how the man can get any work done. I wonder where he would fall on the list of most photographed persons in the world.

Tim Clark
The Par 3 winner Tim Clark warms up on the range. For a while he looked like he could break the curse streak of Par 3 winners that haven’t won the Masters.

Tall Pines
Very, very tall and big Georgia Pines. All of these were “critical” and wired appropriately.

Hole in Green

17 thoughts on “2009 Masters In Photos”

  1. I was there the same day, Dave! What are the odds? Nice photo essay!

    I can confirm that Vijay holed out on number 16 after about four skips in the pond. It even seemed to hang on the lip like Tiger’s chip in ’05. The place went nuts… on a Tuesday! Can’t imagine what Sunday must have been like on the course.

  2. Brilliant piece. Great to see pictures that aren’t from all the standard TV camera positions.


  3. Excellent photos Dave!! It is nice to see such a secluded place from a ‘normal’ point of view and not just TV cameras.

  4. AWESOME pics. it’s cool to see everything from the camera of a golf fan, and not the over-hyped shots of the networks.

  5. I was there the same day, Dave! What are the odds? Nice photo essay!

    Wish I would have known. We’re hoping to get some tickets next year as well. The rumor is that once you start getting practice round tickets they continue to come. My dad applied for the last three or four years and finally got them this year.

  6. Nice photos!! It must’ve been nice to be there in that atmosphere. One question..that photo of miguel and chez? Are you sure that’s chez..because it doesn’t look like it to me. And yes I have seen him in person incase you were wondering.

  7. Ok I looked it up and that pic of Miguel and “Chez”, its actually Soren Hansen.

  8. Why would a tree have a lightning rod attached to it?

    Uh, maybe because they don’t want to lose it if it got struck by lightning. 🙄

  9. Very Good photo work.

    The place is like entering a great European Cathedral except better.

    Nice to see the Captains of Industry share with us mere mortals.

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