Els Down for Surgery

Ernie Els has injured his knee sailing in the Mediterranean and is out of action indefinitely following surgery.

Ernie ElsErnie Els, in a post on his own website, has broken the news that he injured himself sailing in the Mediterranean. He had surgery on his left knee a few days ago and is out of action “indefinitely.”

Well, I imagine many of you will be checking my website today expecting me to talk about the build-up to the big tournaments coming up in the next few weeks. Others will have already heard the news that I injured my knee while on a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean and had to have surgery on it a couple of days ago. As a result, I’m going to have to take a break from golf on the recommendation of my medical advisers. Basically it’s the only sensible course of action, so that I can be sure of the promptest recovery period. Obviously the timing is unfortunate. Although let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a good time to get injured. But what can you do? There’s no point dwelling on your bad luck, or whatever. All I’m doing is focusing on getting better as quickly as possible, so I’m out of action for not a day longer than I have to be. I’ll fill you in with some more detailed news when I write again, probably this Monday coming. Until then, bye for now.

Though Ernie has not said exactly how long he’ll be out, the world’s third-ranked player is expected to miss the PGA Championship and the Presidents Cup.

Photo Credit: David Cannon, Getty Images at ErnieEls.com.

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