Golf Talk [Episode 054]

We have a special guest this week, and he joins us to talk about the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

PodcastThe women on the LPGA play in high winds while the weenies on the PGA Tour delay until Monday. But we have a joke for you: Knock knock. Who’s there? Boo. Boo who? Boo Weekley. Plus, George Sine, Annika, Tiger, and Phil. All this and more in this episode of Golf Talk.

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Off the Tee

Interview: George Sine, VP of Golf Balls

Beating Balls


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4 thoughts on “Golf Talk [Episode 054]”

  1. Well as usual the show was great, but enough blowing smoke. I thought the Pro V1 interview with George Sine was great, I would like to hear more on what they have instore for ball fitting. It seems to me that in their financial interest it suits any ballmaker to recommend their high-end ball. I think I might have fallen off my chair if he would have recommended the DT. 😆

    Alright enough with the mindless chatter let me get down to why I felt compelled to write this longwinded post. During the first part of the show when last week’s tourney was discussed… Erik you stated that Ernie Els hit a great shot into the 18th, Jeff quickly added that it was luck. Now I’m not losing or will lose sleep over this statement but, luck had nothing to do with it. B A L L S had everything to do with it. Heck the week before with no wind we all saw Goosen go with an iron off the tee on a par 5, WTF is that about? So Els in his intest to win go Balls out 30 yrds over the bay to ride the wind to within a foot. Creative yes ballsie yup lucky come on it was one of the best shots I ve seen all year.

    Thanks for the great show. I still like Jeff, just thought it was unflattering to call it a lucky shot if he would have hit a seagull and then bounced to a foot that would be a lucky shot.

    As always, Matt M

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