Forums are coming, forums are coming!

We’re working on adding some forums to the site. If you’re interested in getting in early and helping us shake out some bugs, email us, post a comment on this entry, or IM me on AIM (iacas).

It should be exciting! The forum is looking good and, unlike some other forums out there, we’re not a bunch of over-sensitive hippies.

The creation of this forum was pushed forward by forum member #2: Aaron White, aka “Mister Slice.” He said just yesterday:

The game of golf has a new challenge: the Internet. While many sports have seen a huge increase to their following on the Internet, it seems that golf is lagging far behind. There is a very drastic shortage of golf-related web material compared to football, baseball, basketball and college athletics.

The Sand Trap .com to the rescue, Aaron!

4 thoughts on “Forum”

  1. As a technical support rep I have many hours that I spend on forums. I look forward to having another to add to my favorites.

    I just recently noticed that the LPGA have a forum. I wonder why is it that no forums are listed on

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