Meg Mallon Unmarketable? Gee…

Meg Mallon lacks sponsors and “Golf for Women” writer Sally Jenkins wonders why. Gee, that’s a toughy!

In the September/October issue of “Golf for Women,” Sally Jenkins ponders why Meg Mallon doesn’t have any major sponsors despite her stellar year. I’ll ask the readers one simple question: which of the following would you guess is more marketable?

Meg Natalie Comparison

Instead, Jenkins concludes that Meg simply doesn’t have “it” – that special quality that “makes companies pay a lot of money to put their names on your hat and bag so that your smile and their logos will flash across billboards and TV screens together.” I disagree that Mallon doesn’t have “it” – she does. It’s just that my “it” is “an extra fifty pounds.”

Face it, folks: sex sells, and advertising is all about selling. Anna Kournikova hasn’t won squat in her pro tennis career, yet companies fall all over themselves to slap their brand onto her sexy, calendar-selling, bikini-wearing, drool-inducing body.

We’re adults here, and reasonable, intelligent ones at that. We appreciate the talents and skills Meg Mallon brings to the game of golf. We like her personality, her game, her family, and her winning. Would we say she’s sexy? No. And that’s fine… until you ignore reality and ponder the question “why doesn’t Meg have any sponsors” without stating the obvious: Meg Mallon is not sexy.

Unfortunately, it’s really as simple as that.

10 thoughts on “Meg Mallon Unmarketable? Gee…”

  1. Meg Mallon not sexy is far from the truth. personally I prefer to see someone that has tallent and the ability to play on the tour than see a young twig that cant hit a fairway.

    My list of sexy women in golf…

    Meg Mallon

    Patty Shennan

    Nancy Lopez

    These are the three sexiest women I know in the world of golf and I believe they should have the top sponsorship not just for their skills but also for their physical beauty

  2. How can we ask such question.

    For the ones who know golf, Meg Mallon is the golfer sponsors should look at, she is an unbelievable great golf player and a great person. Nobody can ask better that what she is.

  3. People please. If anyone out there truly believes that Meg Mallon is sexy there can only be two possible reasons. Either they are legally blind or their current mate is a wart hog. Please stop this politically correct complimenting of Meg’s appearance. I think she is a sweet person and I very much respect her but geeeeez , get real.

  4. “People please”, said Greg. My response, from a mature man is this; If your a inexperienced dumb 18 year old male or younger or have the brain of one younger, you go for Gulbis….. unfortunately, that is where most men, AND women are coming from….
    On the other hand, if you have some experience, have lived a full life and enjoyed it’s pleasures, you have most certainly learned to look just a little bit deeper than the obvious attributes like bust or butt size or body fat.
    Without being to graphic I have been with those perfect bodies and sometimes have found no warmth or pleasure, and I have been with ones who Greg might call wart hogs who could light a fire to a wet mule. Please Greg, beauty, sensuality AND business sexuality/sponsorship can be found in a frog/Bud, Ghecko/Geiko, or cherobic golfer.

  5. For years, one of my dreams is to spend hours kissing every freckle on Meg’s body.

    OH RICH, how incredibly RICH of you to state that!!!
    Its the desire of many, better believe it.

    Her talent and support far outweigh what she does right now, and smart people will still back her in the sport made for her.

  6. Meg has won four majors, tell me how many Natalie has won?
    Meg has a teffific smile, and always goes out of her way for fans. She does not play much golf now, and does not have enough points to automatically get into the HALL OF FAME. But the LPGA has the most stringent qualifications for the HALL. I hope for the good of the game she gets voted in.

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