Presidential Sports

If John Kerry and George W. Bush could play one sport against each other, which would they choose?

Both John Kerry and George W. Bush were asked the same question: If you could play one game of anything you wanted against your opponent, what would it be?

Kerry: Tennis or horseshoes. What do they play up there in Kennebunkport? I don’t know?

Bush: With my opponent? I guess it would be golf on a beautiful golf course, kind of a nice warm afternoon to just be able to walk down the fairway hitting the golf balls, but not too often, and just reminiscing about the 2004 campaign.

Cast your votes today, folks.

3 thoughts on “Presidential Sports”

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  2. Ok… what is up with the “Kennebunkport” comment. That makes no sense at all.

    I would prefer a game of tennis myself.. but what does Kennebunkport have to do with anything?

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