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Titleist Introduces Blog

Mar. 21, 2007     By     Comments (2)

The "serious equipment for serious players" company gets serious about blogging. Welcome to the block, Titleist.

TitleistAfter testing the waters a year and half ago with a revamped Titleist News section complete with an RSS feed, the equipment company "for serious players" has gotten serious about blogging, introducing today a new blog at the aptly named

Currently called the "Tour Blog" (and with only a "Tour" category), the site already has articles about player equipment on the PGA Tour, including posts from Bob Vokey on building a spin-milled wedge for Arron Oberholser, Adam Scott's UNLV March Madness, and more.

Of course, you can't expect any secrets to be revealed, but if you're a fan of golf, then every little peek behind the curtain of life on the PGA Tour is fascinating. This blog promises to give you many such peeks.

Unlike many corporate blogs, Titleist's Tour Blog allows commenting. Use your power of speech wisely, grasshoppers.


  1. Justin says:

    I think the new "Titleist Tour Blog" is perfect for us equipment junkies out there! Adam Scott is playing a 16* 3 wood and with an Aldila VS proto shaft. Robert Karlsson with a 37" Scotty Putter! Pretty awesome stuff.

  2. Nicky says:


    I have just started using the new prov1. I Like the feel & the distance i am gaining with it, but i feel the skin is marking up quicker than the old model

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