AJ Reveals the Truth about Golf

The AJ Golf series promises to reveal the truth about golf for only $89.95. Does it?

aj_golf.gifIf you watch The Golf Channel for any amount of time, you’ve seen either the 30-second, 60-second, or 30-minute commercials for AJ Reveals the Truth about Golf. You’ve no doubt seen Da Bat and wondered just what point it might offer. You’ve seen AJ’s “reduce your handicap by 30% and increase your drives by 30 yards in 90 days” guarantee.

I’m a 6-9 handicapper who has a slightly open stance, a strong grip, and a slight high draw. I average about 275 off the tee when I’m playing well and have a relatively solid short game. I was skeptical that AJ Bonar could do much to help my game.

This is the part of the review in which – if it were an infomercial – I’d say “boy, was I wrong!” Unfortunately, I was not. AJ did very little, if anything, to help my game. This doesn’t mean the videos are worthless: just that they didn’t help me a whole lot.

AJ’s entire premise is that the face of the club is like a baseball bat, and that it too must be swung through the impact zone as a baseball bat (see “Da Bat”) would through a fastball. In other words: rotating the face of the club from open to closed through impact.

The 55-minute video can be broken down into two parts. The first 40 minutes includes a basic physics lesson you’ll be dying to fast forward. The second part contains some information: that rotating the clubface through impact produces distance and accuracy, and that everyone can understand and apply that simple concept. Why, the new player shaved 35 strokes from his game! Oh, wait, you mean it’s quite typical for new players to quickly shave strokes as they learn some fundamentals? Oh, well never mind then…

AJ’s physics ignore the fact that you still need to approach the ball from a somewhat good path. An extreme outside-in or inside-out swing will have trouble hitting straight shots unless those straight shots are pulls or blocks. That’s also basic physics AJ’s whole swing theory is basically this: release the club. You’ve heard it a few other ways: get the toe up on the follow-through, rotate your right forearm over your left, etc.

Despite the relative simplicity, AJ’s core message is one which bears repeating. The most basic fundamental is not stance, swing path, or any of the other number of things we’ve dreamed up. It’s club-ball contact. If you’re making poor contact with the ball, you’re going to play poorly. There’s no perfect swing: Arnold Palmer, Moe Norman, Lee Trevino, Raymond Floyd, Tom Lehman, Jim Furyk, Tiger Woods. Seven players, seven very different swings. David Duval doesn’t even look at the ball when he strikes it! The sacrilege! Every one of those players (and now David again) make solid contact, though.

We’ve all got at least some motor skills necessary to hit the ball. Reminding yourself of that through this video series is time well spent.

If you order on the phone or via AJ’s site, you get some candy bars, a PGA Tour Partners subscription, and some other videos: The Truth about the Short Game and The Truth about the Driver (Parts 1 & 2). The short game video has some interesting concepts, but they’re concepts I already apply (using different clubs for different length chips) or won’t be applying (flip and rotate your hands through impact on pitch shots).

Is AJ Reveals the Truth About Golf worth it? No, I can’t say that it is. With the extra videos, the PGA Tour Partners membership, and the candy bars – it’s a bit more iffy, but still no. At $90, it’s still cheaper than a lesson, and AJ provides some basic common sense knowledge: that everyone, despite their abilities, has at least some natural skill necessary to apply the club to the back of the ball properly. Solid contact, we should not forget, is the most basic fundamental.

I’ve got about 60 days left in my 90-day trial. I’ll see how things go from here. $90 is two boxes of Pro V1x’s, and these videos have quite a long time to save me two dozen balls and pay for themselves.

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  1. Personally I think AJ’s golf is worth about $5 if that. AJ is clearly a self promoter who will reitre thanks to our gullability. The series is a brilliant hoax like many others before it. You could gain any of the information contained within and more from watching the golf channel for an hour. AJ should be ashamed of himself. I hope he chokes on his filet mignon, that I paid for.

  2. Acutally I have met AJ Bonar and I find him to be a very nice guy. He has had great success (600,000 copies sold!) because his “keep it simple” approach is appealing and actually works for many people. I found it helped me immensely. I think of swing downward through the ball and swing the bat and I get great contact.

  3. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. The point is that his “tip” (he really only has one idea) is in no way worth $90. That’s a lesson or two from your local pro.

  4. this was just another one of the many gimmicks that didn’t work. Wish I had all the money back that I’ve spent on thes things!

  5. Ordered my DVD’s a couple of month’s ago as a 6 handicap player and i have to say i have found it to be invaluable.Ball striking is much better and i am enjoying the game more for ditching the”stuff” we all accumulate over the years.
    If there is a “Perfect Swing” why are all the pro’s so different in so many ways?
    Sorry guy’s i’m a believer.

  6. I’m a believer too. It simplified everything for me. Maybe your skill level is way above what these videos teach…I don’t know. When I started 4 years ago, I used to shoot in the 120’s and sometimes 130’s (bad i know), but I play bogey golf now in the low 90’s. Maybe I’ll never be a 6-9 handicapper, but I moved three clubs down for a given distance. For example, I used to use a 7-iron for a 150 yard shot, now I use a PW. Makes shot making a whole lot easier. Can’t say I agree with this being a waste of money, it worked great for me.

    If the videos didn’t help you, send them back. No money lost.

  7. It worked for me! If you are looking for an instructional video just like all of the other ones then don’t buy this. In order to get the value out of these videos you have to forget everything else you’ve learned and believe in the tapes. I typically shoot in the 70’s but have not been a great driver of the golf ball. After watching the tapes and practicing it for about a month I am hitting fairway after fairway. I don’t think I hit it any further than I did before but I am a lot more accurate and consistent. I agree with most people that the videos could be sold for half the price and put into one DVD, but I’m still very glad I bought them. When I played before I would have about 6-10 things I would think about before hitting the ball, and I felt like I needed to do all of them correctly or I would hit a bad shot. Now I only have to think about one or two things and I’m getting to the point where I don’t have to think at all. If you are thinking about buying them I would say go for it.

  8. Since initially seeing AJ’s commercial I began buying the DVDs he produces as well as many of his golf aids. My daughter and I returned two days ago from attending his two day golf school. His simple, common sense approach did wonders for both of our games and we are hitting the ball better than ever. I have no doubt we will both be in the 70’s at some point in the near future. I can’t say enough about his ability to break the swing down and effectively coach you through needed changes. I have taken a lot of lessons from some prominant pros over the years and no one comes close to AJ in person or through his DVD collection. He is a true marvel! My daughter and I can’t wait until we can return to his school! If you like his DVDs, go see him in person it is even better!

  9. Good concepts. I’m a 17 with putting issues, but with solid ball striking ability.

    I agree with rotating the wrists thru the shot, but dread the though of “opening” the club face in the takeaway.

    A slight turn thru the impact zone works great… straighter shots witha tad more distance on the drives.

  10. I have a bit of a story to tell about the video, which I bought after resuming the game of golf in 2001 after a nearly 24-year layoff. At the time I bought the video, I was lucky to break 120. I thought the video was worthless. A.J.’s big point is that you should make a conscious effort to pronate (i.e. turn over) your wrists just before impact with the ball (and hit down, which was not apparent to me from the video). This increases your clubhead speed and therefore your distance. It should also produce a slight draw.

    At the time, my swing fundamentals were so bad that this concept was essentially worthless, and I felt ripped off by the $90 U.S. price I had paid. I’ve bad-mouthed A.J. ever since.

    Well, now it’s five years later and with a lot of practice, study and effort (but only two professional lessons), I can play bogey golf at the age of 56, and every once in a while, I score in the low 80’s. However, although my swing path is inside-to-out, I have an annoying tendency to block shots, resulting in rightward pushes, that drives me up a wall. Just can’t rotate like younger men. So, this month’s Golf Magazine featured A.J. and his big secret. His suggestion, again – set up normally, but rotate the club and your hands open about 10 degrees. Take your normal backswing, but make a conscious effort to keep the right palm facing the target line. On your downswing, 3-4 feet from the impact area, make a conscious effort to pronate your wrists.

    I thought, what the heck, I’ll try it on the range. So, I did, today. The bottom line is that it works. Right away. I was hitting nice little draws that wound up right on target, except for my long hybrids (2 and 3 – Taylormade Rescue Dual) and fairway woods (Callaway 3 and 3+ Tour) which I still push, but even those were improved in terms of “accuracy.” Guess I can always aim left.

    My feeling is that for some players, not all, who have a fairly good swing plane but tend to block, A.J. is on to something. I’ve tried all of the “body” or “large muscle” swing deals, and they just haven’t done anything for me. I’m just too old and too inflexible.and as a result I’ve always felt that my downswing was activated by hands and arms. I don’t think that’s really true, but that’s the way I thing about it. A.J.’s suggestion worked for me, in part because it fits the way I “feel” about swinging a club, but my sense is that you still have to have some moderately decent swing fundamentals – right knee flexed, relaxed, etc. However, the results if this situation is yours are amazing. I really don’t care much about distance with my irons, but I gained 15 yars with a 7 iron, for instance. My drives, which have been very straight this year but only about 225 – 240 yards, were going about 260-280. I’m sold. Not everyone will be.

  11. Ordered my DVD’s a couple of month’s ago as a 6 handicap player and i have to say i have found it to be invaluable.Ball striking is much better and i am enjoying the game more for ditching the”stuff” we all accumulate over the years.
    If there is a “Perfect Swing” why are all the pro’s so different in so many ways?
    Sorry guy’s i’m a believer.

    you are wrong………it sucks. the way you get better is by playing every day, using tips, reading magazines, video taping your swing, and watching the pros.

  12. I read the Oct. 2006 issue of Golf Mag just recently and I was getting excited to try the “secret move” by AJ.

    I got the chance to try it not at the driving range but on the golf course… My first few attempts were hooks but as I went along with my round, I discovered the secret – it’s really very simple and it worked for me too – just as the other golfers claimed.

    I told my caddie that if I can hit 3 balls in a row with my drive that will go straight and farther, then I think I got the smart move figured out. Well I did and I can’t wait to play golf again with my buddies and show them my tee shots with a driver.

    I still have to work on with my irons though… But that will be another “story”…

    Thanks AJ!


    PS: I’ve been playing golf for the past 6 years, mainly self-taught by reading magazines and books on golf. My drives are never consistent, though I can do an average of 220, With my application of AJ’s smart move, golf seemed very exciting and fun to play again. I can hit it much farther and straighter (240 yards!)

  13. I have bought a couple of AJ’s DVDs, along with some other training DVDs, I must say that I like his DVDs, I just started playing golf two years ago, and have a problem of slicing the ball( especially with my woods, and Driver)…the first time I watched the videos It did not click, in December I started watching them again, and it made a lot more sense, I think watching other instructional videos has also helped, different people explain the various swing concepts differently, so I pick up bits and pieces from different areas, including taking private lessons. I think that of all the videos and lessons I have taken AJ explains the hand/forearm motion the best. The original reviewer did not care for the Physics lessons, I think that is one of the most important parts, at least for me. Because if I can understand why the ball is behaving a certain way, then my mind can rationalize the steps necessary to correct my ball flight.
    is it worth 90 bucks, that’s maybe two half hour lessons….with the video’s you can at least review them at your leisure…for me it was worth it..will it eliminate my need for lessons…probably not, because I am sure that even after I master the hand release there will be other swing faults…but I have been going to the range and working on the hands forearm rotation, and it has help me….I just have to keep doing it until it becomes a subconscious movement.

    I would definitely pay the $90 if I had to do it again

  14. you are wrong………it sucks. the way you get better is by playing every day, using tips, reading magazines, video taping your swing, and watching the pros.

    who are YOU to say what works for someone else and then be gutless enough to not show who you are. loser….
    shut up and go read your mags.

  15. I don’t know why there are so many people who hate AJ’s way of doing things when so many others are benefitting from his instructions. Personally, I think his way of explaning the basics, which all teachers should be doing anyway, is a lot easier to understand. I don’t quite agree with his physics but they do work. Think of it this way, if the lever (head of the club) is turning faster than the shaft, because of the rotation of the wrists, physically the ball being struck must travel faster off the face of the club. Hence better distance etc etc. As for the cupping of the wrist, even Ben Hogan did that on purpose and admitted that the more he cupped his wrist the further he drove the ball. What is annoying from the professional teachers stand-point against AJ is; if AJ’s instruction is wrong/incorrect, how is it that he himself is able to drive the ball the distances he does. Not only that, how is it possible that so many other people have been able to duplicate his feats. why don’t those doubters go to one of his classes and see for themselves what they dont agree with ??? its easy to criticise without giving a valid argument against. I’ve tried the irons with the turning of the wrists and must admit that it works. My problem is that I battle with the driver and then get a bit frustrated and revert back to my old ways instead of perservering until I succeed. Also, I’m not one that practices often. One thing, using AJ’s ways allows one to play to an old age without developing back problems. the other thing is practice is the only way one can get better whatever method is being used. Obviously those players who are scratch/low handicappers are doing what AJ is instructing already, i.e. opening the face, closing the face etc etc, thats just the sequence of the golf swing. They just dont want to admit it, and they hate to see someone make money because it was not them that offered it first. I actually once told a lady, battling on the course, to just swing normally at the ball and just as she was hitting it, to turn her wrists. needless to say, the shot was one of her best.

  16. I read that magazine article, went to the range and was absoluelty crushing it. If you practice it you will hit the ball farther. But golf instructors HATE it and would rather teach the Plane Truth one plane swing bs.

    His short game video is pretty interesting. There’s more than one way to get out of a bunker.

    I did hit a 6 iron last year out of a fairway bunker using AJ’s method and couldn’t believe how far I crushed it. Did it again this year with a hybrid out of a fairway bunker–but you’ve GOT to remember to drive the nail through the ball or it won’t work.

  17. I’m believer too. Although I didn’t buy it for the full price, got it used off of amazon for 20 bucks. I was a high ninetees low hundreds kinda guy. My scores since I watched the DVD, 99, 98, 90, 84. Admittedly the 84 was because I had the best putting day ever, if I putted normally it would’ve been more like a low 90. But I digress. My playing partners are convinced that I have secretly started taking lessons. The thing I’ve taken away from AJ is that the game doesn’t have to be as complicated as people make it. When my shots don’t go where I want them to go I’m not trying to dissect 30 different places where I went wrong – is it my take away? the plane? did I come over the top? did I come too much inside? All I think about now is the clubface on the dorsum of my left hand and pounding the nail forward. If it goes Right, I’m not releasing the bat. If it goes left, I need to hold off releasing the bat. I can correct my ball flight during the round. Before, if I was hitting a hook, I’d be doing it the entire round, if I was slicing it, I’d be doing that all round too, and not know how to fix it because I thought it was a defect in my swing instead of my timing. But now I can go from a slice off the first tee to striping balls down the fairway in the middle of the round. I do think that you do have to have some basic knowledge of the golf swing, but AJ is right, none of us take lessons to play ping pong, and I consider myself to be pretty good. Why can’t it be that way for golf? I mean, the ball isn’t moving. Its right there in front of you.

  18. I believe for most recreational golfers that he has hit on a technique that is extremely valuable. Every bat and ball sport requires a release of the bat -club on almost all shots. Just the idea or thought programs you to release the club. AJ asks the golfer to turn the toe over the heel or around the hosel which is the release. Tommy Armour and Wild Bill Mehlhorn in the 20s–30s–and 40—50s advocated this. I took lesson from Wild Bill ans he believed as Aj does that the face goes from open to closed and is done withe forearms -radial and ulna muscles of the forearm producing the power. Like Aj he believed the movement of the club face was from in to in and that the face on a good shot turns in almost immediately after the ball is struck(if a divot is not taken). High speed films demonstrate this . The power comes from the arm closest to the head of the club. This is the same I would say as Aj believes and is a simpler way to hit the ball without all kinds of body movement. Aj swing will help most golfers. If they give it a serious try and do not give up.

  19. I have taken from a guy in Charlotte named Alan Avakian and it has helped my game tremendously. The only issue I have is falling back into my old “swing” habits. The new philosophy is simple, intuitive and makes sense when you look at the great golfers. I was skeptical of the AJ philosophy but once I looked at the slow motion swings of Tiger, Furyk, Mickelson and others, I realized they are all very different. Secondly, I didn’t want to take years to become a 12-15 handicapper. How can anyone say there is one perfect swing plane, one perfect grip, one perfect backswing when every great player does it differently. The only commonality is that they turn over their wrists through the impact zone and hit it squarely at impact. This stuff is tremendously beneficial! I hit the ball straighter with more consitency than I ever have before. It takes practice and there is no “magic” here…just good instruction on the correct way to use a golf club.

  20. I am a 7 handicapp and have been using AJ’s tips for months now my ball striking has really improved and I look forward to playing every chance I get. I only wonder if the guy in Charlotte Alan Avakian can improve on things now that I have the move pretty much down. If you want to hit it straight learn the move.

  21. Personally I think AJ’s golf is worth about $5 if that. AJ is clearly a self promoter who will reitre thanks to our gullability. The series is a brilliant hoax like many others before it. You could gain any of the information contained within and more from watching the golf channel for an hour. AJ should be ashamed of himself. I hope he chokes on his filet mignon, that I paid for.

    I bought the tapes and I really believe in them. It is just like all of the hype that many commentaries speak about football, baseball, tennis, hockey and golf. He swings his shoulders and his hips and his feet and his knees and his head and his hands. Gee you can make a never ending story about all of these sports if you believe that everything is the reason that someone makes it look easy and it works. It takes practice and the key ingredient is eye hand coordination like “A J” mentions that is it ina nut shell. Your hands are different than
    other golfers and so is the size and shape of your head and arms and legs and body whether slim and trim or fat and stought. Striking the ball the same is about what gets the job done not about all the rest of the bs.

    AJ keeps it simple and if you master the simple then you can move on to tramsforming you game with fades and draws and spinbacks and hooks and all of the other things that you would now have the confindence to try.

    Like AJ tells you that you have a tool and you have to use it.

    I like the tapes and I love the idea of keeping it simple. You have a hard enough time just making good eye and hand contact to work on, that you donot have time to clutter you head with turn, squat, slow back, wrist cocked et.

    It is as simple as that and to make money at it others have developed all type of techniques that should work but does not work.

    Just like many realestate investing coursed out there, they all have something about the same but yet different to make the sell and I find that golf is not different.

    Practice and if it is made easy will give you a good game with good results.

    Easy is what bonner has made it

    Thanks AJ

  22. Bought the tapes about ayear ago, sent them back for a refund no Q asked. At the time did not find them helpfull,recently i have gone back to some of his instruction and found that i hit the ball more consistant, i am 69 yr young play to a six hdc. This week im moving back to the blue tees and ordering the tapes once again. Bythe way this style was the secret to Ben Hogans swing. ask Ken Venturi.

  23. Well having read all the comments on A J video’s I just wondered how much people have spent on golf lessons. I have been playing golf for years I used to be a good golfer i then had a ten year break from golf and when i started again it was hard. Point 1. There is no perfect golf swing just look at the pro’s who’s swing would you call perfect. Point 2. We are all built different, so we move differently. Point 3. It is about eye and hand co-ordination I know that sounds basic but it’s true. Point 3. Most golfers don’t know how to use a golf club correctly or understand the design it sounds sad but is so true ( even i am guilty of that ). The video’s of A J are covering many points on which most golfer’s are ignorant on. I played golf years ago to 9 Handicap and now I have a handicap of 17 but and heres the big big big but after using these so called bad video’s I now play between 0 and 5 handicap. Most of us golfer’s miss the basics of golf and that is why we play bad and will not addmitt it we always blame something else. Come guys and girls wake up get the basics right and everything else will fall into place. My opinion of A J is that he is one or if not the best golf teacher there is. You complain how much these video’s cost just take a look at other golf aid such as The leddbetter swing setter?????

    I would love to take this opportunity to thank A J for have the balls to teach the truth about golf, instead of doing what a lot of other pro’s do and that is to make money out of all of us.

    once again thanks A J

    would love to meet you one day.

  24. I believe in AJ’s theory which I visually apply to my swing. My swing thought is to rotate my hands through the ball, other players see it as rotating your right arm over left arm on the follow through or right arm under your chin on the follow through. All the good players do this as well as trap their irons or cover the ball at impact, AJ describes this as driving the nail through the ball. Watch TIGA….

    Big Dave

  25. Hi there I agree with what you are saying, there are many different ways in golf. We MUST not forget that the pro’s play golf every day not like us. My theory on golf is simple, all I want to do when I hit the ball is 1. Be accurate 2. Hit distance 3. Be consistent. I know from my experience that if you do it with a KISS which = Keep It Short and Simple, this way you will achieve my three points above and play excellent golf. I have always beleived that we think to much when playing golf instead of keeping it simple.

    Andrew Alexander

  26. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. The point is that his “tip” (he really only has one idea) is in no way worth $90. That’s a lesson or two from your local pro.

    I don’t know if you’ve checked lately, but a couple of lessons from your local pro probably run more than $90.

  27. That’s correct I agree, but I know from my experience that lessons from pro’s are good but if you look at my points in my other posting I think this is what we all want to do. I have in the past had lessons and come away playing worse not better this is why i believe it’s best to try to keep it simple. If you hit the ball out of the middle of the club or sweet spot the ball flies straight which means it goes further and that’s what we all want. but you must stand square to the ball and hit it square in the direction you want it to go. So if you look at your setup most people will find that is where the problem lies also it is one thing A J did not talk about. All we are basically trying to do is hit the ball with as little as possible side spin.

    Andrew Alexander

  28. I have never seen so much hating on a guy that does the same thing Leadbetter and all these other so call gurus do. I respect AJ because he simplified something some of you guys never thought of, but claim you already knew. All of these so called 70’s shooter on this blog that is complaining… come on. If you shoot in the 70’s and cannot make it lower you have one main problem …GIR. If you are hitting greens in regulation and at least are two putting you are a PAR golfer. Aj teaches how to ball strike period. That is the problem you are having period if you are in the 70’s and not par. If you claim your short game is good.. Then you should be below par because you could recover and be within 5 feet which should be a gimmie. Golfers are the most full of shit people for a game of honesty. AJ is as good as they come he has just made the game to simlistic for people who want it to be so complex. It is not period. I shoot in the 70’s and it didnt help me.. Join the tour moron.

  29. I bought the tape more out of curiosity than belief that I would learn something from it. I was not disappointed.
    Aside from being an astounding bore and a mediocre trick-shot artist AJ will actually make your game worse, if that is possible.
    Anyone who has played golf for a while and can strike the ball reasonably well knows that turning over the hands at impact will de-loft the club and produce a powerful draw/hook. The problem is, no one can do it consistantly. If you can, you’ll be on your way to Q-School in no time!
    The other fatal flaw is the fanning open of the club during the take-away; you say you’ve never shanked? get ready, your first one is coming!
    If you still have the video, take a close look at it. Isn’t it interesting that there are no real slow-motion shots of AJ doing his (sic) “magic move”. It also struck me as odd that none of the “pupils” of this golfing Aristotle are shown executing the move that will all make them break 80.
    AJ, I am sure, is an accomplished golfer and I don’t take it away from him. I just think he oversimplifies a very difficult move that must flow from a very good golf swing, and then
    applies it as a panacea for all the very bad golf swings.
    I don’t regret spending the $89. It’s actually so bad it’s good!

  30. I am a 14 handicap and have never taken a lesson. I continuously try to improve my golf game by reading and watching other people golf and talking to players who are better than me. I was given the DVD’s by a friend and watched them yesterday. I was amazed at how simply AJ explained how to hit the ball. Why are more people not talking about hitting the ball instead of swing mechanics. Certainly everyone needs to know the proper swing mechanics but they also need to know how to hit the ball with the club (tool). I went to the driving range and played a round of golf today using AJ’s teachings. I hit some bad shots but I also hit a lot of great shots. I had not hit a drive 280 yards in over two years and today I hit one 304 and another 285. I also hit my irons straighter and longer than I ever have. I am a believer in AJ’s method of hitting a golf ball and will continue to practice. I just wish someone would have simplified using the golf club to hit the golf ball to me long ago. $90 is a lot of money to spend on a DVD especially for someone who is too cheap to buy lessons(thats why I got it from a friend) but if you are going to spend money on improving your golf game I would recommend you spend it on AJ’s DVD’s.

  31. I believe many of the people who left negative reviews missed some important ideas presented in the video.The first is that AJ’s explanation of the club head design and how it relates to the grip, release(Hit) and is used as an extension of your hand was not mentioned once by any poster.Without trying to understand thses concepts anything else from the video becomes pretty useless. I cannot believe I have ever found a video or live instructor, discuss the actual hitting of the ball in such a scientific and logical manner.It is usually presented as something that just happens as part of a chain reaction ,nothing could be further form the truth.
    AJ does not give away what is in the tape in any article I’ve read, including the Golf Magazine piece.We all know any instructor always hold a few things back in order to sell their video,who can blame them.Watch the video again, I believe you will find at least 3 things you missed.


  32. It seems like the blogs on this site explain the video. Yep, make good contact, use your wrists…

    Thanks for saving me $90.

  33. Hello EveryoneLooked at all the comments, the good, the bad, the mis-informed. All where fascinating. One quick comment before I tell you my little storey. People who have seen the tapes and say they stink or people who think they know how to do as he says……or even more importantly are those people who have not seen the taps and comment on them. PLEASE, STOP KIDDING YOURSELF. AJ is trying to simplify the swing, teach very basic fundamentals and generally flush the “toilet” mind of all the crap that has caused many average golfers to get so lost that they lose the ability to swing with any confidence. I was down in Florida this last week playing or attempting to. Had taken a series of lessons,video of my swing looking at plane, grip, movement of legs,hips etc etc etc. I was so lost trying to swing with proper mechanics i could barely hit a ball. I played some terrible golf. As a last attempt  to free myself up I reverted back to AJ’s “silly” video”. BOOM, The next drive off the tee was straight with slight draw about 255, 260!! From that point on I was hitting clean good quality shots. The rest of the round was fun ,all tee shots where as long if not longer. On the 18th I hit a tee shot 270, 280 on a narrow fairway with my buddies waiting at the last tee for our fousome coming in. Nice wedge into green, two putted for parr.I had fun, hit some great shots. I will never be on any tour but the point is….. if I can hit consistant quality shots and not ruin my body or brain trying to do it then AJ certainly has something. It is as simple as that, PERIOD!!!! Sorry for any spelling mistakes. I am 56 years old and am a 12 handicap.CHEERSJimmy S.

  34. I have read all the posts from the very beginning. It is rather interesting about all the positive comments vs negative. It seems that the negative ones are by those that should be/ want to be pro as they seem to know the secret. I would like to know which, if any, can touch the rewind button on their one or two golf lessons from the pro for the same $90. If you bought them and did not get anything out of them, send them back, bet you could not do that with all your golf lessons, eh. Yes it is cold and snowy where I come from, but I will look forward to ordering the DVDs so that I can enjoy hitting the ball straight with out having to take any lessons from a pro that I can not rewind.

  35. AJ is teaching something that should automatically happen in a solid golf swing. Most good players do this, or would not hit the ball far and accurately. The release of the club, or the rolling of the wrists, at impact, after opening it on the backswing, are all part of the basic athletic swing. This has to happen combined with an excellent shoulder turn, and a start down move of the left hip or leg. This release of the club, with the help of centrifugal force, should happen on its own as the body turns to the target. If, however, you have never experienced a full release, this move will help you dramatically. Again, this has to be combined with some other very important, basic fundamentals. A weaker left hand grip, will mean that you have to roll your wrists, or release the clubhead, alittle quicker and stronger. However, if you have a stronger left hand grip, more than two knuckles showing on the left hand, then you may hook the ball off the planet if you do this move too much. I’ve played to scratch golf, and have studied the game for twenty years. All good golf swings have some very important things in common. A great set up, a great grip, a good shoulder turn, a “secret move” of starting the downswing with a combo of the left hip and leg moving towards the target, then the club dropping inside and driving the nail thru the golf ball with this release AJ talks about, and finally finishing in tremendous balance. All the pros look different because they are different heights, weight, grip on the club, tempo, backswing. But they all drop the club down on the downswing on the correct plane, while they shift their weight to the left and fire their clubhead release. Good luck to all you guys, remember, good solid fundamentals combined with this magic move, will help you if your not naturally doing it. Joe C

  36. I have been playing golf since I was a teenager (I’m now 48) and there have been a few times when an article or video or book I’ve read hits on something. Although AJs concept or “tip” as some call it seems so very simple, it holds some very valuable information. How to control the club. His demonstration of which hand movements affect the club face were really good. I watched the video and went right over to the golf dome near my house to test it. The power move he demonstrates is very easy to learn and son-of-a-gun it works.

    I had adopted the Jimmy Ballard technique which Rocco used to come in second in the US Open, but often hooked the ball. Through AJs dvd, I figured out that I was closing the face and why and exactly what I had been doing and how to fix it.

    Of course, you cannot forget about sound fundamentals, but this video may really help those like me who are putting all the puzzle pieces together.

  37. Jimmy S.

    Not much to add to what Joe, Derek and D. Rehus have said other then to say AMEN. What they have added to this blog is just plain common sense. Nothing magic or overly complex, no contortions in the swing. The point is as the above people have said, reasonable fundamentals, an understanding of how the club works as per AJ will in the end help your swing.
    The fancy teachers with all there talk about getting to positions have in the end hurt not helped the average golfer.
    Anyhow I talk on…..thanks for indulging me.

  38. I ordered AJ’s DVDs for the wife and me. She has truble hitting through the ball. I have lost distance in my game and need something to get it back. My age ,69, is not the only reason for my distance loss. The videos look promissing. I’ll let you know in a month or two if he helps us.

  39. I am a 9 handicap and I bought this a few years ago and felt the same way as most, not much to the core videos in the way of actually helping my game. In fact, it confused me in a couple areas and I am a relatively smart guy. I do have an MBA after all so I’m not a complete idiot.

    Anyway, the whole “Truth” deal gets a thumbs down from me.

    However, his short game video is worth the entire investment!

    He brings some concepts that I have practiced and used to help me save at least 3-4 strokes a round. That alone is worth $90.

  40. 😆 I am a retired coach, former college basketball and tennis player. I coached college soccer. I played golf during the summmers and didnt play for the rest of the year. After retirement I play nearly every day. I always realy comit and sutdy a sport. Golf was no different but I became so consumed with technique ; I wasnt as bad as Charles Barkley but I didnt know from one round to the next how to hit the ball because of all the conflicting ideas. I was given AJ’s tapes by a friend who thought like the post by doubters here. After watching the tapes I stopped thinking and started using my natural athletic skills and applying the club to the back of the ball and controling the club head much as I once did with the tennis racquet. I shot 72 and 75 in my last 2 rounds. I had gone from a 78-85 golfer to a 85-92 golfer and Aj,s tapes changed my game I can enjoy a golf round as a sport not a lab experiment. I think the tapes are for golfers that already have an idea about how to play the game. Golf, tennis, ping pong, racquet ball, baseball etc. all require you to feel and react, you cant be so technical. Anyway I am sold.

  41. Don’t people check their spelling and spacing errors anymore before they send their messages?

    The AJ Bonar “Magic move” is something that people need to carefully practice before they find fault with his ideas.

    Given time, his method is very effective.

    Remember, golf is a very difficult game and can never be mastered, so there will be days when nothing goes right, no matter what “method” is used.

  42. I will not be purchasing AJ’s video. I learned this move on my own while working in Saudi Arabia in 1990. I have played golf for 40 years. During my 21 years in Saudi playing on a packed sand course I played….on avearge…..10 complete rounds a week…a lot of those rounds in 120 degree heat. Played so much golf I just had my last wrist surgery for severe carpal tunnel. Had it so bad was told that if I did not get it done would lose use of my hands and fingers in a couple of years. I also had to have rotator cuff…labrum repair and 2 inches of clavicle removed….all of this from the amount of golf I played. I put this info out only to let people know I know a thing or two about swinging a golf club….I did not say swinging it correctly…just a lot about what is supposed to happen. Until 1990 I had a very weak fade but was always in the fairway but no distance and the same with the irons. I would constantly go to the driving range trying to duplicate “The release” I had read so much about. But I never could. One day I just decided to rotate my forearms on the down swing and hit a huge snap hook but got a lot of distance and a great click that I heard very rarely in my golfing. I worked on this…using a slightly closed stance and opening the club face a little out to the right and eventually was hitting a sweeping draw about 230 right down the middle. The same was true for the irons. Even did this with my pitching and chipping. I became quite good at this and maintained a 7 handicap at the sand course for several years and then when the grass course was built in Jeddah kept the same handicap. On occasion my handicap would drop to a 4 but would rise back to a 7. The reason for this was timing. This so called “secret” does require good timing. When it is on you can play like a pro. When it is off nothing seems to go right. From 1992 through 2000 I played around 100 rounds at The Emirates Golf Club in Dubai. It is a difficult course and I regularly shot in the low 80’s on that course…using the rotation of the forearms….and that is quiet an accomplishment even from the amateur tees. I have never understood…until now….what and how the release is supposed to work. It finally came to me at the end of the last golf season and was working great and am ready for this season to begin. I now hit crisp irons that have a lot of backspin and am using one less iron with no extra effort at all..I am just letting it happen. But it took me 40 years to come to this. I did take lessons but no one could ever explain to me how it happened. My swing now is much more consistent than using the “secret”. But even rotating the forearms I could stay single digit. I have finally learned to hold onto the club until it releases without any conscience effort on my part. But I would suggest that AJ’s move not be quickly dismissed. This is a difficult game and a lot of people give it up very quickly…which is not good for the growth of the game. I cannot say if this is a correct teaching method or not but to beginning golfers they can have a lot of fun in a reasonably quick amount of time with a club in their hand. Most of you may or may not remember this teaching method was all the rage in Australia…I think before AJ started marketing it. Their term for it was “The Australian Release Method”. I don’t know if it is still taught there or not but for several years it was used widely there. I do know if one finds something in this game that consistently works you better stick with it.


  43. Well, I’ve done some research and read all the reviews I could find about the captioned subject.

    My conclusion is that the so called “magic move” or “secret move”, in a nutshell, is the turning of the hands (or forearms) through the ball at impact.

    This is no secret and it has been and is currently taught by other teachers throughout the internet. I found two sources:

    1- The Simple Golf Swing System by David Nevogt. This is a 33 page illustrated e-book. Besides other fundamentals such as grip and set up, he explains step by step on page 26, how “Rotate your hands through the ball…”. He claims that “you will gain a significant amount of power”. He also states that “this is one of the best secrets in this book”. Further he points out that “Not many instructors will teach you this method right away, for if they did, perhaps you would not return for more. You wouldn’t need them anymore”.

    2- Purepoint Golf. These are a series of high quality production DVD’s executed by it’s lead instructor Bobby Eldridge. Step by step and in a well organized matter, he goes through in a series of DVD’s, the Full Swing and the Short Game.
    He does too teach in a well illustrated sequence the “secret move” which he executes by the rotation of the forearms through impact. This instructor guarantee’s his methods and offer’s a 90 day full refund if you don’t seem improvement in your game. Further he offers will send you $100.00 for wasting your time. Not a bad deal.

    That been said, I must add, when I picked up the game 4 years ago, that I did try this move. In such, it takes, timing, rhythm, tempo and most of all patience. Does it work? You bet it does! However after one year and a half in the game I went to Nick’s Faldo Golf Academy and they make me drop the move like a bad habit. Since then I did not pay much attention to it until I saw AJ’s infomercial. So I went ahead and research the internet to see if I could find a “hint” of what the so called “secret” comprised. Starting from here I realized it was the turning of the hands through impact.

    So two nights ago I went to try it at the range facilities. Guess what? boom boom and boom. I was nailing the PW 130 yards and the 5 hybrid 185 +. It didn’t take me much to get in sync with it because as I stated before I knew how to execute it; I just plain forgot about it.

    I’ve been playing only for 4 years, but I practice twice a week and play once a week (some weeks twice). I have every training aid that has been invented (medicus driver, swing trainer weighted clubs, leadbetter’s bag boy…etc.) over 10 instructional DVD’s, 3 books and 10 e-books. I’ve taken over 50 classes with 5 different pro’s. I have put my heart, time and money to this game. There is a lot you need to put together to get the ball going, the so called “secret move” should not be discarded! You want to pay AJ $90 for it; your call.

    Those are my 2 cents.


  44. There is no risk so I don’t understand the bashers… if it’s all BS, then return it within 90 days and get your dough back… what more do you want than a money back guarantee.

  45. I just watched the infomercial on the golf channel and came right to the computer to find the reviews. I was not to surprise to see people say that it was only worth $5. I have been teaching golf for more than 30 years. Instruction videos are fine if you live in the tundra or a place where you can’t find a pro. For the rest of us save your money and go see your local PGA professional it is money well spent. There is only one way to get better “dig it out of the ground”. See your pro work on what he/she tells you and that’s it. New clubs, new balls and all those gimmicks will not work. Lastly, if you have seen your pro and worked hard at practicing the game and still not improving I have some bad news, you’re never going to get better, it’s called lack of talent!

  46. After 3 weeks of viewing and reviewing reviews, I finally gave in and bought the whole enchilada. Here are my thoughts.

    AJ is a very well humored person. He seems supportive and sympathetic with the frustrated golfer. He can pull in a crowd, throw some good jokes and a card trick at that. His vast experience, lifetime knowledge and career has given him the ability to manipulate the clubhead at his will. He actually gives a performance of how he manages to hit the ball in some “myth-impossible positions”. It reminded me of some “show off” shots that Tiger pulls at his Non for profit foundation demos. However according to AJ, when (not if) you can master his “magic move” you may also have his 40 years of experience in a 40 minute $90 DVD.

    Now straight to the point. I think the DVD was not worth my money or the time I spent watching it. Is not even worth the time I’m spending writing this review.

    He does explain some mechanics and the “science” behind the “magic move” but he fails to show on a step by step manner how to execute the so called truth.

    This DVD is going back for a full refund.


  47. I bought AJ’s DVDs about 2 months ago. I’ve been anywhere from a 10 to 13 handicap for the past few years. I’ve also been using the impact tape AJ recommends religiously.

    THE GOOD: I was always a poor ball striker. Last year I played nearly every week in a league and never once won the longest drive or closest to the pin… just 3 days ago I won BOTH and raked in the goods!! This wasn’t a fluke either, I’m definitely striking the ball much better now overall.

    THE BAD: AJ’s DVDs neglect other aspects of the swing that I believe are required to make a truly solid, repeatable golf swing (i.e. Ben Hogan’s 5 Fundamentals). I’ve found the grip is the hardest thing to figure out with AJ’s method. However, using AJ’s method, I find it is easier to forget out all the other crap when you’re playing.

    THE BOTTOM LINE: The DVDs were worth it to me. I started the year at a 12, I’m now and 11, and I am absolutely confident I’ll be getting to single digits this year. If you’re already a good ball striker I don’t think AJ’s DVDs will do a whole lot for you, but they have certainly helped me. I think the key to success with the videos is PATIENCE and as AJ says “this is about skill development, not about perfection”.

  48. bought the dvd’s about a year ago. am a 10 hc. thought they were worth it. most has been said before but reinforses the idea on how to work the golf ball by manipulating the face. duh! liked the bat correlation. would reccomend starting out hitting the ball lightly , quarter swing or so, and once you can make solid contact and can create draws and fades and straight shots try hitting it a little harder. works for me. not ground breaking but nice simplification of the basic concepts of hitting any ball, tennis, ping pong , etc.

  49. It seems like what is being taught I already know. I think this is why it works for some people and not for others. If you know the secret already this video will probably not help you much if at all. If you don’t know the secret and it is revealed to you in this video then POING!!! You are on your way to playing good, enjoyable golf. This AJ guy is right in keeping it simple. I had to fight with my swing / mechanics and all of its complexities for a while until one day (way before this video came out) I decided to forget about the swing and play the game.

  50. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. The point is that his “tip” (he really only has one idea) is in no way worth $90. That’s a lesson or two from your local pro.

    That’s more than 90 bucks and you’re done. Not sure why you’re such a critic. How can you argue with someone who says it helped me play better golf?

  51. I purchased AJ’s vids about 5 years ago and did’nt like it back then. I have never heard of a teacher stating the club face sshould be open on the backswing. But after working on it again after the last month it does make it much easier to hit solid shots.I have been averaging before this vid in the high 80’s low 90’s. I'[m hoping this new swing will take me into the 70’s.

  52. The Truth about Golf as AJ claims is in the hand action,closing the face to through impact,is only one of his many secrets,oh yah he says we need to hit down on the ball(Not a Secret).He doe’s not mention all the other secrets that go into his swing:A great hip turn,club head lag,facing the target w his right hand ,bowing his left,tilting his body to keep his head behind the shotcreating a reverse C,shifting his weight,to the front foot or back if your standing on one leg,that is the trick to the one legged shot great drill by the way.Then at the end you say all you need to do is rotate the face w the club initially open and you have a million dollar video.Many a great golfer has hit there shots in the checkswing position and it goe’s a long way.Either way the clubface is square to the ball at impact.If totally satisfied within 30 days send me your $89.95.
    The True,Secret to Golf,Found in CIA Microfesh ,thanks to the Freedom of Informations Act

  53. Which great golfers use the checkswing? And which hit it long using it as you say ❓

    On AJ’s Tour Swings video, the evidence he presents is quite overwhelming in a contrary way to what you say. He says that those other things you list as the other secrets are results from knowing how to use the club… not causes of a good golf shot.

  54. If you go to Utube and take a look at the swings of Ben Hogan,Mike Austin,Tiger Woods,Etc. you will see ,quite clearly, that the moves I mention are prerequisites to a great golf swing.AJ uses them also,that was my point.He just doesn’t mention them,which is something the modern golf teachers finnally are doing,instead of just mentioning the grip,posture and stance.Which are important,but you need to learn how to hit down on the ball taking your divot after contact.AJ talks about this being important but doe’s not expalin how to make it happen,besides using a visual of a ball with a nail in it.He should have explained how to best hit that nail,which I did in my critique.
    As far as “The Check Swing,”at impact you are at a check swing position or square,if not your hooking or slicing,he even admits to this,which is sort of strange.What the toe does at impact maters much more than after impact.


  55. By the way I would love to know how to reach all those positions by using his Magic move.Are you saying that if you move the club using his cell phone drill and rotating the club head to impact will cause the golfer to open his hips,while achieving the proper tilt at impact,keeping your head behind the ball and have the ball struck first taking a divot after contact 😉 I would love to hear how,and I am not being a smart ass,it would be nice if it were that simple.

  56. I think you have the idea backwards… or understand AJ’s point backwards, one of the two.

    One of the best points I think was that what if you weren’t physically able to make those things that you describe happen due to some disability? Does that mean that you can’t hit excellent golf shots? The answer, of course, is no, it doesn’t mean that at all. Of course you can still hit pure shots without doing any of those things you mentioned. For example, try using the club the way AJ teaches with your feet together… you can still knock 7 irons out past your friends, probably.

    Only in golf were we taught to micromanage these big muscle moves. Your body will follow and as a result of using the club the way AJ describes as it does in other sports where you use a stick… and it just so happens that the result of using it the right way often ends up being a good looking golf swing but not because of micromanagement of all the hips and shoulders and stance and such. Maybe the way I describe it doesn’t make sense, but I get what AJ is saying. I’m not a teacher so I’m sure I’m running in circles. Sorry. AJ crystallized it for me.

    With regard to the check swing, I don’t think a single pro on the Tour Swings video slowed down the rotation of the toe in any way that could be considered a check swing. Example… Ernie getting the clubface pointing to the ground at knee-height post impact. THE GROUND! So sick! And it was wide open on the way down, rotating aggressively throughout.

    You don’t need to have a “great golf swing” or “reach all those positions” to be a great player or even to hit great shots. That’s what’s gotten us all bogged down and why AJ has been so popular, no doubt. Most teachers will have you believe that you can’t have one without the other. That is obviously not true. If I can stripe 7 irons 155yds all day off of one foot using the club as AJ teaches, how important, really, can a big turn or hip movement be? If you can, check out his tour swings video. It shows every shape swing you can imagine from heaps of great players. While their swings could not be any more different from one another, all of them use the club the same way.

  57. I agree with what you are saying regarding the one legged shot.That is actually a drill many instructors use so that the hips move more fluidly.I can hit a one legged shot or shot with my feet together nearly as well as my regular stance.In fact if you are not playing well it is a great way to find your swing.I don’t consider it a handicap for most people.In the videos AJ reaches the imprtant position even when performong these shots.You just can’t tell me that being behind the ball and having a proper hip rotation and hitting with your weight on your front leg are not critical.I did not misinterpret anything.Again,AJ doe’s all these thing I mention.If he hit solid shot after solid shot without any of these things taking place i would agree w you.

  58. If we all thought about all the technical movements required to swallow food, we’d all choke. If you thought about every leg, arm and head movement involved in driving a car, we’d all be crashing into everything. Look at all the different ways people walk. Try concentrating on all the subtle movements we use simply to walk, sit and stand. We’d all be falling over if we gave it that much thought. Seriously, try REALLY hard to acheive the PERFECT walk. Heal to toe. What role do your hips play? Your arms? Should you keep your shoulders level? How much body rotation? Should your head move? Make sure to remind yourself that if you don’t make the perfect walk moves, you won’t get to where you want to go the right way. Focus really hard on the exact spot you need to get to. Don’t take your eyes off of it. Think about what your leg needs to do to get behind you while the other goes in front. Are you pulling your leg back? Are you thrusting the other foreward? When your right leg moves foreward, your left arm must be timed perfectly to move back while your left hip moves back as well. Are you still keeping your eyes completely focused on the spot you want to walk to? Now your right heel must hit the ground at precisely the same time your left toes are leaving the ground. Focus on each and every movement you are making, and be sure you are timing them all correctly.

    Sorry, I know that was long.

    We don’t get paid to walk. Most of us are able to do it reasonably well, however. Each one of us has our own way of doing it. No one way is correct or perfect. We want to get from point A to point B, and we do it without giving it any thought. Those of us who want to play golf simply want the ball to go from point A to point B. If all most people would do is think about moving the ball to where they want it to go AND NOTHING MORE- not how to do it- but what they want to get done, the ball would get close most of the time.

    Sam Snead was asked how he hit a draw. He said “I think draw”. How do you fade? “I think fade”. Sorry, golf is mental, very little physical. Think about getting the ball to the target, not about how you’re going to do it.

  59. Lenny,

    Good analysis. Try to learn to walk at 30 years of age. You will have to think about every move you make.

    If you learn to swing the club at the age of 8 I’m sure that by the time you are 15 your logic works (you don’t have to think about every move and twist). But…but… if you start learning golf at the age of 30….Oh boy…

  60. Go to Utube and check out – The Kinematic Sequence.
    There is lots of great stuff there that simplifys what I’m talking about.AJ’s move is fine but he has decades of experience going into that swing.
    With some of the teaching available today instructors have used reverse engineering to break down the important parts of the swing so you don’t have to think about it.The Kinematic Sequence is the same sequnce/movements used for hitting a baseball,tennis,hockey and soccer.I learned golf at the age of 26 andI am a +2.That was with about 5 years stuck in the low 80 s until I learned ,on my own, about how to teach yourself from impact back to the set up,not the other way around.
    Let me know if you have trouble finding this,it will change your game.
    Boston George

  61. Lenny and Patrick

    So we have heard the analogy for walking and choking when we think about eating.Sam Snead doesn’t follow any fundemantals he just willed the ball to the target.He only has numerous videos of him explaining what I have been preaching and he has passed these ideas on to numerous pros.I guess what your saying is he was so good that everthing was second nature to him,after about 3 million golf balls hit,with a great deal of experimentation.
    You have not expained what is it about AJ’s move that is so good and most importantly how it works for all different swings,good and bad.I would love to know what is The Secret in concrete terms not abstract thoughts.

    Boston George

  62. There’s no point debating this anymore. Analytical thinkers who are consumed with understanding every movement of the swing will not be convinced. No matter what you say.

    The question is this how do you best teach that sequence of moves to strike the ball better.

    In Aj’s mind and to a small extent mine as well. if you understand how to use a golf club then you’ll figure out the rest through repetition and experimentation. This works for some. No one told me how to hit a puck with a hockey stick. I stood outside firing pucks at my garage for hours and the sequence happened naturally. I played some pretty decent hockey as a kid. That’s the process that works for some. To deny this is short sighted IMHO.

    Now there are people who will never figure out that sequence and perhaps they need the step by step body part by body part movement of the golf swing. In this case the thought or ‘secret’ will not work.

    The funny thing is, you can tell who has watched the actual video and who is commenting based on the infomercials. The one legged shot has almost no mention in the instructional videos. That’s the infomercial. In fact. most of the conversations here are centered around the infomercial.

    The actual video talks about much more than opening and closing the face.

    One system does not work for all. that’s my final point.

  63. I have the videos and to prove it in the infomercial he just hits the one legged shot in the tape he talks about a guy who has had hip replacement and another that has some other ailment that doesn’t allow for the use of his legs.The irony here is that not using your legs actually promote a free swing of the hips and arms.Wide stances are a curse to novice golfers and some more advanced golfers.
    I like having debate like we have,it was never done in anger or that I didn’t understand your side,it’s good to have constructive conversation about something we both seem to be passionate about.
    My point , I don’t think has been taken how I intended,it is not AJ’s move that I critique it is how he arives there.His hand position is text book bent right wrist straight left.He opens the club and rotates to create more club head speed,great.He doe’s other things as well,shifting his weight for example.I am not advocating a bunch of moves to be learned that will leave you alone on the golf course.In todays instruction golf has been simplified through reverse engineering.You swinging a hockey stick is a great example.You can relate the golf swing to people who know how to hit a slapshot or swing a bat or tennis racket.It is natural and easy to feel.Rotate your hips,lead with the handle then hit with your hands = the downswing,then twique the things people use to teach as the main points of a good golf swing.
    I still did not get an anwer to my question as to why his release method is all you need.He never explains how to best hit down on the ball but sings some cornball song at the end.You can’t back up a theory by saying you don’t have to think about it.There is plenty you have to think about or he would not have included the cell phone drill.Why besides you don’t have to think about it makes it work?
    By the way did you check out The Kinematic Sequence on Utube?

  64. George

    Like I said we’re going in circles. I don’t believe you understand at all what my point is. You should actually understand the point not just say you do.

    “He doe’s other things as well,shifting his weight for example.”

    My point was and I’ll say it again. For some, not all, Some. The weight shift happens naturally. No one told me to shift my weight from right skate to left skate during a slap shot.

    The fact that he doesn’t say he’s shifting is weight is not important. He’s not trying to build tour pros with this video. He says that right off the start. He’s trying to help amateurs own their action by allowing them to build their own

    The cell phone drill is a way to ensure you’re opening and closing the club face. It’s a visual aid, not a mechanical rehearsal.

    I did look at the kinematic sequence, Very cool.

  65. Phil – You are saying that if you make the move through, reverse engineerng you will figure out everything that should preceed it with practice and experimentation.Yes.
    I would never take a norrow aproach to teaching of any kind we all have are own way of thinking and learning.You will never be a good golfer from a magic pill.Unless you come to the table with a whole lot more.
    What I stress is very easy to learn,it is how the body works.
    Move back ,move forward,rotate your hips and the club drops in the inside slot,hit it.
    Options:You can drop the club head to the ball it squares naturally with a reasonable grip or uncock as hard as you want which is down not laterally and you will get more ball compression.

  66. Thanks, you just saved me 90 bucks. 😀

    Davis Love: “All you need to do is hit the ball with the center of the clubhead, everytime.”

    Johnny Miller: “At the moment of impact, flip your right thumb over causing your right forearm to cross over the left and then follow through to a picture finish.”

    That’s all. 😆

  67. Alright….I have yet to review the DVD set but at approx. $90.00 I am already skeptical and I guess I’d say so for the main reason that this guy sounds more like a salesmen than anything else. My main question to this forum is this:

    How can this guy claim that since The DVD release (original release of the Video Tape series was in 2003…DVDs didn’t release till 2006!) that he has sold over 1 Million copies????? Here is what he says on his website as part of the GOLF Magazine Article:

    “Who is A.J. Bonar? He’s not famous, though he has sold a million copies of his DVD series, A.J. Reveals the Truth About Golf.”

    Is this Golf Magazine making this claim or is it A.J.?? Someone’s gotta be lying here…..no way possible this guy goes platinum with a Golf DVD Instructional in under 3 years!!!

    What gives?? How popular is the DVD and if he is selling that many it has to be good….if its simply not true then that tells me he needs to lie about the popularity to help it sell.

    Does anyone know the real “Truth”?

  68. Gene – I could be way off with this one but when you purchase the DVD you actually get 5 DVDs,it is a set and then there are some free add on’s as incentive to buy.You can purchase them all seperatley too,so maybe for each purchase it is five times,thats 200,000 sold.He’s not lying because that is how many DVDs he actually ships out and could be considered for sales.I think we would have heard much more about AJ with all the golf links and programming out there if he had been that successful.

  69. I bought the product and determined it didn’t help me. I tried getting my money back but was turned down.

    The golfer that said that this was a product of a slick marketing campaign was correct – 99 percent of TV ads either don’t work or minimally at best and this one is of no exception. I think it’s totally wrong to introduce your hands in the swing as presribed by the DVD – my timing actually got worse. In a “large muscle” swing nothing should be manipulated. I’ll be willing to bet none of the tour pros “thinks” of rotating their forearms – this should happen naturally in a tension free swing. I do not recommend this product if you are a mid to low handicapper. And I doubt this technique would be taught to new golfers either.


  70. Anyone who is looking for an alternative to AJ’s -“Magic Move,”go to UTUBE and enter Lynn Blake Golf.You will get more free instruction than you could imagine.He is a certified teacher of Homer Kelly’s, “The Golfing Machine.”Be prepared to listen carefully,as some of the rhetoric needs to be learned,then it becomes very simple.Try Lynn Blake hitting driver for starts to give you a more general overview.This man is filthy rich from his teaching and he started out just like any other golfer and is now giving lessons away for free on Utube.Let me know if you have any questions or how you make out.


  71. It is obvious that this DVD does not work for everyone. It does work for me. My swing thoughts are a whole lot simpler.

    The fanning of the club to start my swing has forced me to do a small weight shift and makes it easier to rotate my arms thru the ball.

    At least this is what I think is happening. I really don’t care. I am 10-20 yards longer and a lot straighter and consistent.

    Now I need to work on my putting to stay in the high 70’s-80’s.

    Each person is different, so it may not work for you, but the fact that I am not thinking about my swing is a great relief.

    Of course I hook and push a ball now and then, but so does everyone. At least I know that my next shot has more than a 80% chance to go where I aim. This I can work with.

  72. The only problem I have with AJ’s video is he doesn’t explain golf real magic move and that left arm/wrist straight,right wrist bent,handle leading the club = Lag.Start with this and find out what else suits you and this is your bullet proof vest.Everything should go pretty straight as long as you follow the plane.

  73. Yep!

    Thanks for saving me $90. If I find it on eBay say for $15, I may buy it.

    Hopefully, I can return the favor someday!

  74. Cubby and anyone else interested.Go to Utube and look into Lynn Blake or anything to do with The Golfing Machine.There is a product that they review on Utube called the Pure Ball Striker,retails for $14.95,It will help with rear arm and hand function,giving you feed back as to your LAG POSITION.Utube = Free +Ball Striker = 14.95.much cheaper and this and some practice and your on the way.


  75. Why are low handicappers buying this at all? If you are a single digit hc, obviously you have already figured out how you swing the club best, through whatever means you found necessary.

    This is NOT meant to turn a 5 hc into a tour pro.

  76. This DVD was the “light bulb” moment for me, I always wondered why the club was built the way it was, I always considered what it would be like if the shaft was mounted through the middle of the clubhead rather than the side. Now I know why!

    I hacked my way round for three years, trying every swing under the sun.

    Thanks AJ Bonar.

  77. Why are low handicappers buying this at all? If you are a single digit hc, obviously you have already figured out how you swing the club best, through whatever means you found necessary.This is NOT meant to turn a 5 hc into a tour pro.

    LOL…Nice comment. For me, I’m consistently inconsistent. I’ll shoot in the low 90s one day and low 80s next. I think about my swing wayyyy too much and need something simple to think about.

  78. Worthless. It does not matter how square your clubface is upon contact if you have an outside-inside swing, which is what 90% of the slicers do. Go read the book “The Slot Swing” and fix your slice. AJ is a snake oil salesman…

  79. I didn’t buy the DVD, but applying the things I read here. I absolutely crushed the ball today. All I did was rotate the club to toe up on the take away. The longer the club, the better the ball flight. Took a few holes to dial in the feel and trust the little draw I haven’t seen in a while.

    If it holds up, I’m bringing back the 2 and 3 irons.

    I never was a long hitter even in my younger days. I just turned 55 and I was much longer with all clubs today. Lower boring ball flight. I LOVE IT.

    Rotating to toe up at belt high on the back swing causes me to make a powerful release of the club at impact. Prior to this move my divots were left and was hitting a week fade. Divots now are shallow and down the line. I’ve always had pretty good swing mechanics and tempo, but had lost the release.

    I’ll see if it holds up and let ya know.

  80. I’ve been back playing again for about the last five years after not having the time when the kids were young. I bought AJ’s video about three years ago and nothing really came of it. Tried many other things over the years and recently even tried Don Trahan’s Peak Performance Golf Swing. PPGS worked ok just too much to think about, I remembered AJ’s video and decided to watch it again, I don’t know why, but it just clicked this time! I’ve been striking the ball so much better, no more paralysis by analysis!! Wish I could find the short game bonus video. I think it’s worth it for the 15 hcp and above!

  81. There’s more to AJ than his “hit the little home run” tip. He offers an alternative approach to learning the game, an approach based on athletic intuition and natural, instinctive motion. This approach is different from the mechanical approach, which has one all tied up (in knots, usually) with needless complications of conscious thought about positions, angles, etc.. He also offers a lot of understanding of how the golf club works in hitting the golf ball. I’d suggest his DVDs as a preliminary to more traditional lessons. There is a LOT there for the money.

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