Tiger, Buick and all that Jazz

I’ve always found Tiger Woods array of sponsors a bit peculiar…

I’ve always found Tiger Woods‘ array of sponsors a bit peculiar. One the one hand, you have sexy companies like Nike and Tag Heuer shelling out mega cash to lock up the superstar for a few years. These seem a natural fit to me. Then you have American Express, Target, and everyone’s favorite carmaker Buick. BUICK?! Yes Buick. To me, this seems like such an odd pairing. Before they introduced the Rainier, does anyone really think Tiger would be caught dead carting Elin around Isleworth in a Buick Century?

Now, don’t get me wrong, Buicks are very nice American vehicles, but it just seems like a forced fit. Do I believe Tiger would use these products if Buick weren’t paying him a cool $40 million? Uhh, No. When I think of Tiger, I think Benz or Bimmer, not LeSabre for God’s sakes! Buick executives have recently announced that they want to “jazz up” the ads featuring Tiger. I’m sure that the fifty year-olds everywhere are doing cartwheels.

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