Is This the Beginning of the End?

Golf’s governing bodies have clamped down on technological advances in drivers. With every manufacturer pushing up against the newly established limits, does that mean we’ve reached the era of non-differentiation?

Bag DropI was struck by a recent posting on a golf forum. The poster claimed to have just tested six new drivers, all from different manufacturers, on the course. He hit dozens of drives before reaching an unsettling conclusion: All six drivers hit the ball the same distance. In the era of USGA performance limitations, have we already reached the point where there really isn’t much difference in drivers?

Volume Twenty

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Hittin' the LinksWhen I saw on my calendar that today is the first day of August, I remembered that I have a golf trip scheduled for the end of this month where my friends and I are playing 36-36-18 in 3 straight days in the heat and humidity of August. My first thought was “Shoot, I’m not going to make it.” When I scheduled this thing, I didn’t really think much past the friends, the gambling (poker at night), and the beer. Now, I’m worried that I’ll not be able to finish.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to survive this golf trip? Also, any good gambling games are welcomed as well. Please leave comments after this week’s links.