Goofiest Swings

Thankfully golf is as diverse as the people who play it. The following players show us that you don’t have to be an orthodox swinger to find success on the course.

Trap Five LogoWith swings only a mother could love, the following players have made our list of the five goofiest swings in golf. While none of these swings looks quite right, they share one thing in common: they are repeatable. The golfers who employ(ed) them can repeat the train-wreck time and again.

Some important things are illustrated by the following players:

  1. The game is about scoring, not aesthetics.
  2. A repeatable motion is vital to success.
  3. Golf is unique to each individual.
  4. An outside-in takeaway followed by an inside-out swing path is shared by most good players.

So have a look at professional golf’s wackiest swings and see if you agree with my take.

Testing the 40-30-20-10 Rule

My predecessor, Dave Koster, came up with a math formula which weighed some important stats. This week, I put his formula to the test.

The Numbers GameI am still somewhat new around here, but I know good numbers when I see them. No I’m not talking about how dominating Tiger Woods is in Official World Golf Ranking points or how Charles Howell III is leading the way in the FedEx Cup.

No, I’m talking about Dave Koster’s 40-30-20-10 Rule.