Titleist Launches New 907 Drivers

With many new drivers coming out now, Titleist adds to the mix with their 907D1 and 907D2 models. These are seriously good clubs for seriously good players.

Bag DropI guess it’s official now. After writing about all the new drivers introduced in the past few weeks, it’s clear that a two-model strategy is now the industry norm. And that’s a very good thing.

While so many choices in head shape, lofts, and shafts can be confusing, in the end all those options mean you can find a driver that really is the best for you, your swing, and the courses you play.

The options Titleist now offers include their new high MOI (moment of inertia) 907D1 with its stretched out “triangle” clubhead and the more traditionally shaped 907D2. Both are 460cc and are “multi-material” designs using different metals, mostly titanium. Here’s the story…

Volume Eighty-Nine

This week we have PODS, grapes and bobcats, oh my!

Health Slocum’s last putt of the day lipped out in his attempt to force a playoff and Mark Calcavecchia walked off with a victory at the PODS Championship (after missing a short one of his own to even give Slocum a chance).

This week we have a recap of The PODS Championship, more commentary on the grooves controversy, wine making, and a playing partner you shouldn’t anger.

Memorable Quotes

Professionals have become known as much for what they say as the shots they hit. It’s sometimes as satisfying to contemplate their thoughts on the game as it is to watch them create magic with a golf club.

Trap Five LogoGolf has a rich oral history. Unfortunately all we can do with the Trap Five is scratch the surface of golf’s memorable quotes. Often players and famous personalities crystalize our collective thoughts on golf well.

For every group of weekend warriors there are usually a collection of witty golf-isms thrown around. “Does your husband play,” one will say when a put comes up short, “That’s Tiger-right” for a ball way in the woods, and “He’s hit a worm-burner” for anything hit thin. Yes, my partners are so funny.

Let’s check out some quotes actually worth remembering…

Reformulating a Formulated Formula

As discussed last week I would like to try to use the 40-30-20-10 Rule to predict the outcome of this week’s tournament…along with discussing some minor tweaks to the formula in order to accomplish this task.

The Numbers GameIt has come to this. In every sport it’s possible to find predictions, whether in the Las Vegas sports books or in your weekly fantasy league. But what if you could have a slight advantage over the rest of your league mates? What if you could predict the future?

Well, you’re looking in the wrong place! This article is basically just a proof of concept from my last article in that I am going to make some minor tweaks to the 40-30-20-10 Rule to see if they can predict the outcome of a tournament more effectively than The Golf Channel‘s WinZone.

Golf Talk [Episode 049]

Overheard in the press tent of a recent PGA Tour event: “Ernie would play Pine Meadow if you paid him enough.”

PodcastTiger Woods gets his very own PGA Tour event, the USGA proposes new groove regulations, Villegas and Boo Weekly choke away a chance at a Tour win, Ernie Els, switches to Callaway, and much, much more in this episode of Golf Talk.

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For this week’s Show Notes – links to articles we discuss in the show and additional information – just read on.

Bunker’s Dozen: February 2007

This month’s list features a new number one, a rehashed reality show, and a Pink Panther.

Thrash TalkThe month of February has come and gone, and it’s hard to believe it’s almost time for The Masters. This time next month, the PGA Tour’s first major championship will be in full swing, and the LPGA Tour’s first major championship will be in the books. The Super Bowl may be big for most people, but there is nothing bigger to me than PGA Tour majors.

As far as last month’s golf is concerned, there were some interesting occurrences. Henrik Stenson outlasted Tiger and Ernie overseas and followed that up by winning the first World Golf Championship event of the season. Charles Howell III picked up his first win in over four years, and Paula Creamer returned to the winner’s circle. Tiger’s PGA Tour win streak ended, and an old reality show debuted a new season.

All these things and more had a profound impact on this month’s Bunker’s Dozen. Without further ado, here is this month’s list. And if you have anything to add, please comment below or discuss it in the forum.

USGA Becoming Golf’s Repo Man?

Is the USGA’s new proposal really about grooves? I think that’s only part of the story.

Swing ThoughtsGreetings from semi-retirement, Sand Trappers. I couldn’t help but chime in with a quick thought or two about the USGA’s announcement (and concurrent R&A announcement) proposing a change in the rules regarding grooves on irons and wedges.

When I first read the proposed change last week, it seemed fairly reasonable. It would only affect the best players using urethane balls, which might increase the importance of driving accuracy without taking the air out of the ball or changing driver designs. But then I wondered if this proposal has a deeper meaning that isn’t so benign.

Dear USGA: Try My Equipment Rules Suggestions

In the spirit of the proposed equipment rule changes to grooves and adjustability, I offer up my own proposals for change. Hey, some may even make more sense.

Bag DropAs you may have gleaned from last week’s Bag Drop, I’m not particularly fond of the USGA’s recently proposed rules change on grooves. Still, as many have suggested, maybe it isn’t that big a deal.

So in an effort to calm down a little, I tried to follow the reasoning of the USGA as they researched, discussed, and promulgated these pithy proposals. I must report it was a prolonged contemplative exercise employing some Zen meditation, navel lint picking and omphaloskepsis, and a fair amount of gin.

Eventually it came to me that the grooves rule comes down to this: really good players are getting an unfair advantage from their equipment the rest of us aren’t. Following that premise, then, what else might we do to equipment to save the game from its very best players? Here are some ideas…

Volume Eighty-Eight

It’s a Monday finish on the PGA Tour (Mark Wilson wins). Also, Ernie Els a Callaway Boy now? John Daly injured by a camera’s click? What’s going on here???

Boo Weekly missed a three-foot putt on the final hole at The Honda Classic on Sunday to blow an opportunity to win his first PGA Tour event. The Golf Channel aired coverage this morning at 8:30, and by 9:00 it was obvious Boo wouldn’t redeem himself.

This week we have a recap of The Honda Classic, the greatest streak ever, and a story about a tennis pro turned golfer that is truly unbelievable.