Next Generation with Sean Foley DVD Review

Sean Foley caps a year in which his stock rose significantly with a new instructional DVD.

Sean Foley DVDSean Foley made a splash in 2010. Though he was known prior to this year as the coach of Sean O’Hair, Justin Rose, and Hunter Mahan (along with lesser knowns Stephen Ames and Parker McLachlin), Foley’s dim star became noticeable at dusk as rumors that Tiger Woods, dumped by his coach Hank Haney, was going to begin working with the 36-year old Canadian. When the arrangement became official around the time of the year’s final major, the Foley star became one of the brightest in the sky.

Capitalizing on his new-found fame (and helping charity – see comments), Sean Foley has put together a Blu-Ray/DVD instructional video that shares his understanding of the golf swing with the masses. Tiger’s already shown remarkable improvement, despite remaining winless in 2010, but with solid performances in the Ryder Cup, Australian Masters, and his own Chevron World Challenge. For about $50 USD including the $12.50 S&H charge, you too can learn from Sean Foley.

Hoping, Praying for Tiger to be Tiger

Whether rooting for him or against him, the game’s not the same without Woods at his best.

Thrash TalkThis time a year ago it was hard to fathom what laid ahead for Tiger Woods. Would his personal problems be a blip on the radar? Would he have renewed focus on his game? Would he even play in 2010? We got all those answers, and most of them were quite ugly. So rather than venture a guess at how he’ll return with a fresh start in 2011, I’ll just cling to the hopes that he’s back to being the Tiger Woods that we’ve grown to know, and love, and hate.

Five Stories From the World of Golf

Silly Season golf mixes with serious stories. Here are the top five.

Trap Five LogoEven though the season has been over for a while now, there is still a lot going on in golf. Q-School just wrapped up, and the PGA Tour has a bunch of new members. Tiger’s Chevron World Challenge provided one of the most exciting finishes of the year, and the pick of Rickie Fowler as PGA Tour Rookie of the Year has provided some controversy (in the form of “Why not Rory?”). Speaking of controversy, it has been almost a year since the groove rule kicked in for pros, and we’ll take a look back on just how well it worked.

The Sand Trap’s Holiday Gift Guide, Part Two

Didn’t see anything last week? Maybe this new list of gift ideas will help! Christmas is getting close, better not wait too late to get that perfect gift for your favorite golfer!!

Bag DropWe’re another week closer to Christmas day, which means seven fewer days to shop. It’s getting closer, but have you been able to scratch your favorite golfer off your list? If nothing really caught your eye last week, we’ve got another list of potential gift ideas that will definitely keep him or her smiling well after New Year’s has come and gone.

In case you didn’t catch last week’s Bag Drop, we’ll categorize a few items, broken down by price range, with $10 at the bottom end, up to $1000 at the top end. So let’s get started!

Tifosi Sunglasses Review

Tifosi is one of a few brands of value brand sunglasses. Let’s check out their latest products.

Tifosi Sunglasses HeldSo, you purchased the latest high street brand golf bag, perfectly matching your brand new $800 irons. Of course you did, after all, you wouldn’t want your clubs getting all damaged in some pencil bag. You purchased the latest driver from whomever, only setting you back another $400 or so, maybe more or you got it with a custom tour shaft that is suited perfectly to Tiger Woods, or your favorite golfer, but probably not you. It even came with a magnetic head cover, “state of the art” they say, and again, you don’t want your latest investment getting damaged do you? I bet you even have a nice travel bag for those two trips a year you make to keep your clubs from getting knocked about on the plane.

Volume Two Hundred Sixty

The Odd-Couple win the Shark Shootout

Hittin' the LinksHello golf fans and welcome to another volume of Hittin’ the Links. It looks a little cold out there for most of you. Even the weather at the Shark Shootout was less than desirable. I myself played golf in short sleeves this weekend. Move south people!

In this newest edition of HTL we begin with a look at GOLF: The Musical, then find out how Tiger is sharing the wealth, and check out the new morning show on Golf Channel. Also, we investigate the newest PGA Tour member to be compared to Tiger (for different reasons this time), look into the marketing of the new PGA Tour young guns, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!

Ouch! A Look Back at My Pathetic 2010 Predictions

Year in Review: Mickelson didn’t dominate, no solace on the course for Woods, Daly couldn’t shake the duldrums, and so much more.

Thrash TalkWhat’s the point of making predictions if you’re not going to own up to them after the fact? Especially when your predictions are as far off as mine?

But with 2010 wrapping up, it’s time to review the season’s highs and lows … and when it comes to my prognostications, it was pretty one-sided. How lousy? Let’s call it Tiger Wood ’10 bad.

There were a few gems mixed in, however, such as Dustin Johnson’s arrival. Before I get too excited, I also thought it would be the year of John Daly’s resurgence.

Ten Questions for 2011 #3: Which Golfers Need a Comeback Year?

These four golfers need to bounce back in a big way in 2011.

Thrash TalkThe 2010 golf season saw the rise of several golfers including Graeme McDowell, Matt Kuchar, and the Molinari brothers. These golfers have had success in the past, but they are all inside the top 20 in the Official World Golf Ranking after breakthrough 2010 seasons. On the other side of things, there are several golfers who fell out of the spotlight in a big way this past season. It’s something golf fans don’t always see because they are so focused on the golfers having success on a weekly basis.

I’ve put together a list of golfers who struggled to find their way in 2010 and will be looking to have a bounce back year in 2011. All but one are Major Championship winners, and three of the four were in the top 20 this time last year. In addition, the game of golf is a better place when these guys are playing well. Without further ado, here is the list.

The Sand Trap’s Holiday Gift Guide, Part One

Let us help you find the perfect gift for the obsessed golfer in your life

Bag DropHaving problems deciding what to get the golfer in your life for the upcoming holiday season? You might be thinking he or she has everything, making it tough to even come up with any good ideas. Well, you’re in luck, as over the next few weeks, we’ll give you a number of ideas and hopefully you’ll come away looking like a superstar.

We’ll be covering everything from the cheapest accessories, all the way up to some of the most expensive and extravagant gifts known to the golfing world, and we’ll break it all down by price. Also remember that sites such as TGW, Discount Golf World, and Golfsmith can be your best friend during this time of the year.